What Is Kodi Box, How Can We Use It, Is It Legal?

Nowadays, When people want the full freedom for their TV boxes, also wanted to get rid of their cable bill. Then Kodi comes into the picture with its extensive features which, rarely can be missed out. People who don’t know about this Open Source Media Player are wondering questions like, What is Kodi box? How can we use it? Is it legal? and so on.

Here we will let you know all about Kodi box and how can you use it and take full control of your TV content.

All About Kodi Box How to

What Is Kodi?

Kodi was formerly known as XBMC (X-box Media Center), developed by a non-profit technology XBMC Foundation. It is an open source media player application available for multiple hardware platforms as well operating systems. Such as Android, Windows, iOS & Linux. Also can be called as multi-platform home-theater PC (HTPC) application. It is highly customizable as you can change its appearance as per your convenience.

What Kodi Can Do?

By using differently available plugins, you can stream media through it from Amazon Prime, Instant Video, Crackle, Pandora, Internet Radio, Spotify and youtube. Also, you can watch live streaming channels with Kodi Box. It supports almost all of the media format which you can watch on any connected devices in the network. As of its endless customisation there comes all kind of plugins, Some are legal while others are unethical of course.

Just because of those illegal add-ons of Kodi it got negative attention as well for violating the copyrights.

Kodi extensions include features such as television program guides, YouTube Videos, Hulu, Netflix, online movie trailer support,  and podcast streaming. It can also be used as a game launcher on any operating system.

What Is Kodi Box?

A Kodi box is the device that runs the Kodi software and plugs straight to your TV or monitor. Using the HDMI, Kodi Box and cord you can access most of the features as it comes with the Pre-Installed Apps Bundle.

Buying Fully Loaded Kodi Boxes can lend you in trouble.

Kodi can run on Google Nexus Player, Nvidia Shield, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV or any device that supports Android TV, Raspberry Pi.

Are These Kodi Boxes and Kodi Itself Legal?

Yes, Kodi and the Kodi boxes are totally legal, logically it’s the Device and Software which you are getting just like PC though what you do or use it for can make it illegal.

Also, there are fully loaded Kodi Boxes are also available on some Sites from which you can purchase which are illegal. As they will include both kinds of add-ons legal and illegal ones.

However as far as windows is safe so do these Kodi boxes.

The Kodi Scenario In US.

As Kodi needs the Internet connection, so there’s a watch on you from your ISP’s. Because your ISP do have the logs of what you doing, what you watching. Some people claim that they already got some infringement notice from their ISP’s.

It’s possibly heading towards the torrent way, means getting your connection shut off from your ISP if you ignore them for long.

Meanwhile, Europe has a different side on this.

As far as the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) concerns, you’re not breaking the law if you use Kodi boxes (or the Kodi desktop app) to stream copyrighted material.

Saying, the streamed content is temporary. And users are not violating anything.
Wrapping it up

If you are thinking of buying the Kodi Box or using Kodi, you can go ahead as far as you are not using it for piracy or we can say if you are avoiding the VPN. We hope now you got the fair idea about the Kodi Thing. So just buckle up for your all-new Home Theatre Experience and Enjoy.

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