Sandman Kodi Build : All In One Build For Kodi

In this illustrated guide, we are going to install the Sandman Build For Kodi. You can follow these steps to install this Kodi build on all of your devices. Whether its Android, Mac, Amazon Firestick, Windows and other devices which have Kodi installed.

Sandman is now an old name among the Kodi community, it did provide some of the best add-ons as well as, now giving some good intuitive builds for Kodi. Inside the Sandman Build, there are so many different builds you can choose from like Vendetta, Hellboy, Vengeance etc.

With this guide, we have also provided the illustration also which will help you to install the build easily. Though the main build repo is “Sandman”, but you can also get it from Clown13 repo if you have that installed on your Kodi.

There are two ways through which you can install the Sandman build for Kodi. The one through which you have to download the file from the repo server and manually placing it inside the Kodi file manager. And installing the build from there. The other way is more stable and convenient, with this we are using the Kodi’s addon browser and to fetch the source repo, adding it inside the Kodi repositories, and eventually installing the Sandman Build through Sandman Wizard.

But before that here are some quick details about the Sandman Kodi Build.

Installation Information About Sandman Build For Kodi 18

Install Sandman Build On KodiSandman Build Quick Details

Source Repository:

Source Repo Name: Sandman & Clown13

Official Website For Registration:

Category: Kodi Program Addon

If you have prior familiarity with the installation of Kodi addons or Builds, you can use these details to install the Sandman Build on Kodi. Although, we would suggest you go through the illustrated guide, as it will help you to install hassle-free.  First and foremost thing you have to do is, enable the installation of apps from unknown sources from your Kodi system settings. And after that, you will be all set for the further process.

How To Install Sandman Build On Kodi In 2019

As per above-mentioned details, you can get the source repository of Sandman from the two Repos. But we are going to use the official repository of Sandman Build. After adding the source of the Sandman Build, we are going to install the Sandman Build Wizard. Through that only we can access all the build version available for Sandman and install them on our Kodi.

Quick Steps For Installing Sandman Kodi Build

You can follow the below quick steps to install Sandman on Kodi.

  • Launch Kodi
  • From Home Screen Navigate to Add-ons > Settings button  > Enable Unknown Sources. (Grant permission for third-party apps)
  • Now, go back to the home screen and select > Settings button  > File Manager  > Add Source.
  • Type the source repo URL inside the media source input box and select OK.
  • Now, Enter Sandman in the bottom box of media source > Click OK.
  • Again go back to Home Screen and select > Add-Ons > Add-on Browser 
  • Now, select Install from zip file > Sandman > Wait for Add-on installed notification.
  • After that, select Install from repository > Sandman Media Repo
  • Now inside the repo, select Program add-ons > Sandman Media Wizard > Install.
  • Wait for the completion of installation.
  • Sandman Media Wizard is now installed on Kodi.
  • Now, from the Home screen select  Add-ons > Program Add-ons > Sandman Media Wizard
  • Choose Your build > Install (Fresh install).
  • Your Sandman Media build will now start downloading.
  • Now, Wait for download > Force close > Power off if required.
  • Now, reboot – WAIT! It may take 5 mins or little more to fully update. Go grab a beer.
  • Congratulations, your Sandman Media Build is now installed and ready to use.

Although these were the quick installation steps, for a thorough illustrated guide check below.

Note: Before starting out, you need to register a free account on the official website of Sandman Build.

Quick Illustrated Guide For Installing Sandman Kodi Build

We are assuming that you have given the permission for third-party app installation. If you did not then enable it from the Kodi settings. After that, we are all set to start the installation process.

Add the source repo for Sandman Build On Kodi

  1. Go to Kodi settings from the Home Screen.Go to Kodi System Settings
  2. Now, select File Manager from the System window.Select File Manager
  3. Now on the next screen, scroll down to the bottom and select Add Source.Click Add Source For Supremacy Repo Installation
  4. As Sandman Build is a third party addon for Kodi, we have to enter the source details manually.Select None
  5. Now, enter the source URL inside the media location input box.
  6. Make sure you are typing the exact source URL: and select OK.Enter Source Repo For Sandman Build
  7. Now, type the name for the repo on the box below the URL. Check all the details and select OK.Check The Source Repo And Name
  8. Now, select the install from zip file.Install From Zip For Supremacy Repo Installation
  9. Select Sandman Inside the directory.Select Source Repo From Zip Directory
  10. Inside the source directory, select the file and select OK.Select Source Zip File Of Sandman Build
  11. Now, you will get a notification which says Sandman Media Repo addon installed.Sandman Build Source Repo Installed
  12. We are done adding the source repo on Kodi. Now, go to addons browser from the home screen.From Main Menu Go To Kodi Addons
  13. Inside the addons browser, select Install from the repository.Now Select Install From Repository
  14. Now, scroll down and select the Sandman Media Repo.Click On Sandman Media Repo
  15. Inside the repo, go to program add-ons by selecting it.Select Program Addon Inside Sandman Repo
  16. Inside the program add-ons, you will get the Sandman Media Wizard. Select it.Select Sandman Media Wizard
  17. Now, you will come up with the Sandman Media Wizard. Select install to install the Sandman Wizard on Kodi.Click To Install The Sandman Kodi Build
  18. Now, go to addons > program add-ons and open the Sandman Media Wizard.Open Sandman Build Wizard To Install
  19. Read the message and Dismiss it.Read The Message and Click Continue
  20. On the next screen, select Sandman Media Builds.Select Sandman Repo Media
  21. Now, you will get multiple builds on the screen, you can select any build which you want to install. We are installing Vengeance Build from Sandman Builds.Select Sandman Build Wizard From Repo
  22. After selecting it, Select a fresh install on the next screen.Click On Fresh Install For Installing The Sandman Build
  23. Click continue on the sandman wizard pop up.Click Continue To Reset Kodi Builds
  24. Configure the settings which you want inside your build.Configure The Settings To Install
  25. Select the settings and press Continue.Choose Settings Before Installing
  26. Now, on the next screen, select Ignore.Click Ignore And Continue The Process
  27. The Sandman Media Wizard will start downloading now.Installing Sandman Kodi Build
  28. After the completion of downloading, Sandman Media Wizard will start installing.
  29. Select Force close to starting the Kodi with the Sandman build.Force Close Kodi To Start With Sandman Kodi Build

Congratulations you have successfully installed the Sandman Build on Kodi.

As we have chosen the Vengeance Build on our illustrations, you can choose any from the list, the steps will be the same for all of them.

Wrapping Up For Sandman Kodi Build

As there are many available options through which you can install another Sandman Builds as well. We have demonstrated the Vengeance Build Of Sandman Kodi Build Installation only. If you want to try different Builds you can choose other builds and the rest of the procedure will be the same for all of them. Also builds takes the Interface and Design to whole another level. There are many more builds are on the way, and the developers are trying their creativity to provide more intuitive and lively Experience on Kodi.

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If you met with an error while following the above procedure, do let us know and we will revert back with the quick fix.

Enjoy your awesome Build and Streaming!!!

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