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You may have heard about the Real-Debrid, in this guide, you will get to know about its functioning, set-up and how to use it on Kodi. These steps will be applicable to all of the devices which are compatible with Kodi and have Kodi installed.

Real Debrid is not an addon, it is basically a tool which lets you stream High-quality content through Kodi. The quality sources which Real Debrid has, can’t be found anywhere else. It truly enhances the power of an addon which is compatible with Real-Debrid.

Almost all of the popular add-ons are compatible with Real-Debrid, you can easily integrate it on them with this illustrated guide and can use it on your Kodi. Although you may find plenty of Kodi addons which tells about having the high-quality sources. But there is a difference when they say they having 720P quality content, usually, it means that low-quality 720P. That’s where Real-Debrid comes into action and provides the high-quality 720p as well as 1080p.

In the guide, you will get to know more about Real-Debrid and guide on setting it up with Kodi addons.

What Is Real-Debrid?

The Really Debrid company promotes itself as the multi hoster with unrestricted download speed. It means that it lets you access its database which is full of high-quality content. Talking about its functioning, it basically enhances your content list from any supported addon by adding its own streaming links. So in order to use it, you need to have installed any of the add-ons which are compatible with Real-Debrid and luckily there are lots of good add-ons which do support Real-Debrid.

To take your Kodi streaming experience to another level, Real-Debrid is the service which is truly bang of bucks. In the guide below, you will get to know about setting up Real-Debrid with Kodi addons. But before starting, you need a Real Debrid account.

How To Get Real Debrid Account?

After creating a Real-Debrid account, you can integrate it into the supported add-ons. Below are the steps on how to set up a Real Debrid account.

Steps For Signing Up On Real-Debrid

Step 1: First, visit the official site of Real-Debrid and click on the Sign-Up button from the top right corner of the website.

Step 2: On the next screen, enter your username, email and other details in the form. After creating an account, verify your account by clicking on the link which you got inside your mail.

Step 3: After verifying your Real-Debrid Account, log in by pressing the login button from the official website.

Note: You can access the free account from 6 AM to 12 PM only. For full use, you need to have a subscription.

Important: The premium plans are now upgraded and offer a lot more than before with the same price. You can check the premium offers of Real Debrid before getting a subscription package.

Now lets come to the main thing, how to set up Real-Debrid on Kodi.

How To Setup Real Debrid With Kodi?

Setting Up Real Debrid On Kodi is quite easy and can be done quickly by following the below steps. Make sure you follow the steps carefully.

Step 1: Open Kodi Settings from the home screen.

Step 2: Now, select system settings.

Step 3: Inside the System Settings section, if you see Basic on the bottom of the left-hand side, click on it to change the options for advanced.

Step 4: Now, select the addons tab, and click on Manage Dependencies.

Step 5: After that on the next screen, scroll until you find the URL Resolver, select it to open.

Step 6: After selecting URL Resolver, you will see the option of Configure on the bottom panel. Select it.

Step 7: Now, inside the URL Resolver settings, click on Universal Resolver.

Step 8: Scroll down and select Priority from the Real Debrid Section.

Step 9: You will get the option to change it, now enter the value “90” inside the priority box and click Done.

Step 10: Now press OK to save the priority settings. Make sure you have saved it or else it will revert back to its default value.

Step 11: Now again open the configure section, and select ReAuthorize My Account inside the Real Debrid section.

Note: We would suggest opening your Real Debrid account on the browser before authorization starts. As you need to manually enter the authorization code within 120 seconds.

Link To Open For Authorization:

Step 12: After selecting the Reauthorize My account, you will get the authorization code. Enter it on your Real Debrid account by following the above link.

You will get only 120 seconds to enter the code.

After successfully entering the code, you will get a notification on the top right corner of Kodi screen “Real Debrid Resolver Authorized”

How To Use Real Debrid On Kodi?

Basically, after you authorize your Real Debrid account with the above steps, the addons which are compatible with Real Debrid will automatically start working with Real Debrid by fetching the additional source links. You can check it by going inside any suitable addon and selecting a Movie or TV show.

However, if you want to cross verify or it is not enabled for addons, you can follow the below steps to configure it on add-ons individually.

Step 1: Open up any Real Debrid Compatible addon.

Step 2: Select Tools option inside the addon.

Step 3: Inside tools, select providers.

Step 4: Now you will see the Real Debrid Provider inside the provider tab of the addon.

Step 5: Enable it by turning on and selecting OK.

Final Thoughts

So now you can enjoy Real Debrid on Kodi, the above setup and integration steps will work perfectly on all of the Kodi devices. In case you face any trouble while setting Real Debrid with Kodi, you can drop the message in the comment box and we will revert back quickly.

Important: Most of the users think that as Real Debrid is providing content from its servers and that won’t violate any policy. But its false as Real Debrid clearly stated inside its policy that it can give your details for any legal inquiry.

So we would suggest to use a good VPN while streaming through Real-Debrid or simply from Kodi. It will keep you safe and also provide you restricted content from multiple locations.

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