Putlocker New Website [Latest]

Amongst the net users who love to watch online Stuff like Movies and TV Shows, Putlocker used to be a big name. It’s a very old site and effective site, which is streaming for years. However, following the site was banned a few years ago, many spam websites were born with the name of Putlocker. Which engages users to watch their ads and spam links for their pitty earnings.

People started thinking that Putlocker is gone forever but thankfully, The Putlocker team came up again a few months ago and also better than before, Streaming Full HD Movies and TV shows daily.

This safe, secured and fast New Putlocker Website is back with a similar UI. And as the site says “No annoying advertising or registration, no broken links. Bigger movie database than Netflix and Netu.” It is indeed true.

You can check its features and some cool stuff below.


Putlocker New Website [Latest]

New Putlocker Site – https://1putlocker.io 2019

1Putlocker.io gives a very easy yet powerful and very smooth-to-use interface. In fact, the homepage is a google for TV-Shows and Movies, where you have to just enter the movie title, keyword, star name, and the website will show all the movies related from their huge database that also with lightspeed.

Also if you are confused, and want to explore, browse by yourself, you can do that also as Putlocker gives this option with a big green button which lets you switch to explore Interface, hence makes your task easy to find a good pick.

Browse Putlocker

Putlocker Features
Freely available to watch all movies and tv-shows online in HD resolution on your PC, Smartphone or TV.
No annoying advertising or registration, no broken links.
Bigger movie database than Netflix and netu.

1Putlocker.io Movie Categories

1putlocker.io provides you a smart way to navigate to categories and other stuff. It provides an IMDB inspired dialog box for movies by Genres such as Action, Drama, Horror, Romance, Fantasy, Science-Fiction, etc., by Year, Top IMDB Ratings, Latest and directly jump to TV-Series Section to watch your much-awaited TV Show.

You can also read important movie news and request new movies using the options provided at the top menu itself. Its Request feature is amazing because you can practically request any movie that you can’t find on 1putlocker.io or any other movies or movie torrent website online and within few days, the 1Putlocker team will upload the movie here for you to watch for free. Seems great?

Top Menu PutLocker

How To Watch Movie on 1Putlocker.io In 2019?

It is easy, straight-forward and clutter free. You just click the movie thumbnail and it will redirect you to the player from where you can start watching the movie no bothers, no ads/surveys, and no extra steps!

Its embedded movie player having rich features to play/pause a movie, increase/decrease volume, full screen, getting subtitles, etc. Besides, you can click on “Turn off Lights” to black out the whole screen without the movie player to watch the movie great.

How To watch On Putlocker

All the relevant details such as Movie Poster, Title, Trailer Link, Plot, Release Year, Genre, IMDB Ratings, Star Cast, Director, etc. are provided below the movie player too. Thus, if you missed certain details, you can read it here while your movie is loading. Below its section, 1Putlocker.io has put similar movies that you will also like if you liked watching the selected movie.

You can rate the movie, add reactions and comment about the movie or read other comments, appreciate or provide feedback about the movie.

Wrapping it Up For Putlocker.

1Putlocker.io is one of the best Putlocker replicas I have found since the main site was removed from the internet. So, if you having a hard time to watch stuff online then this New Putlocker site can be your trusted source of new movies and TV shows daily.

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