5 Best Nintendo 3DS Emulator For Android

Nintendo 3ds has gained much popularity then it’s predecessors, and it is right in the league of most popular Handheld gaming console like PSP and Gameboy. And when Nintendo 3ds emulator for Android came in the market it becomes really cool to take all of Nintendo 3ds games within your android phone.

By using Nintendo 3ds emulator on android you can easily play your Nintendo games with android phone or tablets. By seeing the popularity of these Nintendo emulators, there are so many developers out there who developed their application with different and easy to use User interface. That’s where it takes a little time and find out which will be best suited for your android. Below you can read their features and download Nintendo 3ds emulator for your android phone or tablet.

So let’s go through these Nintendo 3ds emulators one by one and check out what they are capable of, and how effectively they perform.

5 Best Nintendo 3ds Emulator For Android

Although there are still not that great Nintendo emulators out there for Android, still we have some good options you can go with. So, let’s check out these Nintendo 3ds Emulators for android. We hope you will get one which will be best suited for your android device.

1. EmuBox Nintendo Emulator 

[appbox googleplay com.emulator.box.aio]

Among the top newly released Nintendo 3ds Emulators, Emubox is one of the best free emulators which is not restricted to only for Nintendo but it lets you play games from others also. With good material design and some good features, it lets you play all of the games without any issues. Except when you use too many cheats it lags sometimes but all in all, it’s one of the best Nintendo 3ds emulators on Android.

Quick Look On Features:

  • Compatible with almost all of the old ROM’s.
  • Material Design.
  • Let you play with external gaming controllers as well.
  • Save/Load game states.
  • Tweak as per requirements.

2. DraStic DS Emulator For Android

[appbox googleplay com.dsemu.drastic]

Although DraStic DS comes with a little price, its features and speed make it among the top Paid Nintendo 3ds Emulators for Android. It is one of the oldest Nintendo emulators on android and is quite packed with features which you will surely love.

Quick Look On Features:

  • Enhance 3d graphics 2 times.
  • Inbuilt database of cheats.
  • Synchronize save games on google drive.
  • Save / Resume Progress.
  • Control Emulation Speed.

3. NDS Emulators For Nintendo – Android

[appbox googleplay com.cpu.free.dsemulatorv6]

Used by more than 1 million Android users, NDS is the best among the free Nintendo 3ds Emulator for Android. Having some cool features which are available for paid Nintendo emulators makes it really cool among all the emulators out there. Though ads are a bit annoying as all of the games nowadays are preferring freemium model so does it.

Quick Look On Features:

  • Save and Load game status.
  • Compatible with External Controller.
  • Customizable Screen.
  • Regular Updates.

4. RetroArch (Android Nintendo)

[appbox googleplay com.retroarch]

RetroArch Nintendo Emulator is one of the oldest and packed with cool features. It is free as well as doesn’t show ads to users. As it is open source so there are so many developers out there who are trying to make it even better, faster and more user-friendly. It has a huge user base and the developers are keeping it updated regularly.

Quick Look On Features:

  • No Ads.
  • Save Load Files.
  • Good User Interface.
  • Multiple language support.

5. Retro NDS

[appbox googleplay com.retronds.free]

Retro NDS is newest among them all and has good speed and decent features. Although it’s free, the ads are sometimes really annoying. Also, it is not that feature rich like above emulators. With some decent features and normal User interface, you enjoy your Nintendo 3ds games on android.


So these were the best picks among the top Nintendo 3ds Emulators for android. You can check them and can enjoy your Nintendo games on your android phone or tablets. we will keep a look at the updates and new Nintendo 3ds Emulators in the market.

If you guys have found other good Nintendo emulators or have some suggestions regarding the Best Nintendo android emulators, share them below on the comment section.


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