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As everybody knows that Kodi is an amazing software that can let its users watch premium content from major categories such as movies, TV shows, sports, etc. This open-source software can be run on almost any operating system environment from Windows to Mac and Android to iOS.

As this handy software can be installed on many devices, it needs to be the best one to survive in the market. Hence, since 2003, about 500 developers and over 200 translators have made sure that Kodi is no less than any other software of its kind.

Kodi is great in its original built-in form but what makes it better are some cool add-ons that can be conveniently installed on it to boost the user experience and to provide a wide range variety of content to be streamed.

A similar add-on Movierulz is something that a movie fan might be looking for. This add-on from Reasons repository lets you watch tons of Bollywood and Hollywood movies from the year 2016 to 2019. The movie categories are termed according to release year which makes it easy to navigate to your desired movie. Whether you’re a fan of Indian movies or English, this add-on, after being installed on your Kodi player, will serve you with some super cool content to have a good time.

MovieRulz Kodi Addon Prerequisite

Before installing the add-on, keep in mind that Movierulz is not an official add-on by Kodi. This add-on is presented by Reasons repository which, for sure, is a third-party source. Third-party add-ons for Kodi have been recently a target of copyright agencies. Hence, it is advised to stay safe the whole time while using any kind of third-party add-on.

The only safe method that can help you enjoy Movierulz on your Kodi is by installing a Virtual Private Network (VPN). These kinds of software encrypt your traffic and hide your original IP address by several advanced techniques. There are tons of free VPNs available in the market. Install and configure one of them to safely enjoy third-party add-ons.

How To Install Movierulz Kodi Addon

As Movierulz is a third-party add-on, it can be installed using the Reasons repo source. First, you want to make sure “apps from unknown sources” option is allowed in your Kodi settings. Enable it by going to Add-ons>Settings>Enable Unknown Sources

After that, you can install the add-on by going through a simple process. Add source to your system using the Add-Source option available in the File Manager section in the Settings of your player.

Once the source gets successfully added, you need to install the reasons repo by opening the package installer. By selecting “install from zip” you’ll get the name of the repo in the list from where you have to choose the source of the add-on you want to install. Simply click it and it will unzip the contents and install the repo.

After getting the repo installed, you can easily access its contents. Just look for Movierulz in the Reasons Repository and install it. You’ll get a notification when the add-on is ready to be used.


MovieRulz is a perfect Kodi addon for Bollywood, Tamil, Telugu Movie lovers. People outside India can watch all the regional movies in the best quality hassle-free. With the above steps you can install it on your Kodi and I am sure it will one of the best addition inside your Kodi addon library. If you face any kind of trouble while following the installation process, do mention it inside the comment section and we will get that sorted for you. Until then enjoy the new collection of movies which MovieRulz addon is packed with.

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