Download & Install Monster Munch Kodi Addon

Monster Munch Addon is among the top add-ons which are currently active by their developers and giving regular updates. If you want to install Monster Munch addon for Kodi, then this guide is for you. Over here you will learn how to download and install Monster Munch Kodi addon straight to your Kodi. Monster Munch is a pretty good add-on in the Video addon categories. With it, you can access TV shows, Movies, Documentaries, Music and much more.

Monster Munch Kodi Addon is also one of those add-ons which do respect the quality over quantity. By providing only quality links from across the internet and with other best thing, analyzing the internet speed along with the TV resolution, it comes up with the best option for the streamed content.

All these things make it really cool addon, which you should install on your Kodi. With the below guide we have provided detailed steps for the installation process of Monster Munch. If you want to install Monster Munch Addon on your Kodi hassle-free, the below step by step illustrations will make the task a lot easier.

Update: Monster Munch Addon Is Fully Compatible With Latest Kodi Version “Leia” along with older versions.

How To Install Monster Munch On Kodi?

Quick installation details for Monster Munch Kodi Addon

Monster Munch Repository Name: Steptoes

Repository URL:

Category: Video Content, Movies, TV Shows, Music etc.

Sections Included In Monster Munch Addon

You can enjoy the following sections after installing Monster Munch on Kodi:

  1. Movies (New & Popular)
  2. TV Shows (Old & Latest)
  3. Music
  4. Sports (Football, NBA, NFL etc)
  5. Fitness
  6. Chill Out (Classic Section)
  7. Documentaries
  8. Cartoons (Anime Fan Stuff)

Prerequisite For Installation Of Monster Munch Kodi Addon

Although if you have any previous experience for installing the third party addon to your Kodi, you should have known about the “Enable the app from unknown sources” option. Which is mandatory to begin installation for Monster Munch or any other third party Kodi addon. So first you should Enable the app from unknown sources option from the settings of your Kodi.

Monster Munch Kodi Addon Installation Guide

Basically installing the monster munch addon for Kodi is done by two parts, firstly adding the repository source and installing the repository, after it we can find and install the Monster Munch addon on the Kodi. For making it much easier, we have the illustrated guide for the whole installation process. In the below images we have completed the process with the default Kodi Krypton 17 or Kodi Leia screen which is Estuary. So without further delay let us go through the installation process for monster munch addon.

Quick Steps To Install Monster Munch On Kodi Leia & Older

  • From Home Screen > Add-ons > Settings button settings > Enable Unknown Sources.
  • Go Back To Home screen > Settings button settings > File Manager > Add Source.
  • Enter in the Source Section
  • Enter STEPTOE in the source repo name section> Click OK.
  • Again from Home screen > Add-Ons > Add-on Browser addon browser
  • Now, Install from zip file > STEPTOE >
  • Wait for Add-on enabled notification.
  • After that, Select Install from repository > Steptoes Repo > (Video) add-ons > Monster Munch > Install.
  • Wait for Monster Munch Installed Notification
  • Congratulations, your Monster Munch Add-on is now installed and ready to use.

Steps For Installing Monster Munch Kodi Addon

As said above we have to add the source repository first, following that we will get the awesome Monster Munch Kodi addon and will install it. You can find the monster munch addon inside the StepToes repository.

First, Add The Source Repository For Monster Munch Addon

The first thing we have to do is adding the source of the monster munch repository, we can do it simply by entering the exact source URL of the Steptoes repository, which holds the Monster Munch addon.

Follow below steps to add the source repo and further process.

  1. From the Home Screen of your Kodi Screen, click on settings (the gear icon)Add Installation Sources For Monster Munch
  2. Now click on the add source for entering the address of your source repoAdd Source Repo Monster Munch Addon
  3. On the next screen, enter the source of your repository which is mentioned above. Just like below “”
  4. Note: Be sure to put the exact path of the repository. Otherwise, you won’t be able to access the source repository.Enter Source Path Name
  5. After entering the repo address, Name it anything which you remember. Like, in this case, we have entered the “Step Toes”.Enter Path of source repo
  6. Check  Monster Munch source repo and name, then select OK.Confirm The Monster Munch Addon Repo
  7. After that go back to settings again, and enter the file manager. Then you have to select “Install from zip file” like we have selected the “Step Toes”.Select Repo For Installing Monster Munch
  8. Go inside the directory by clicking OK, then select the steptoes repository file name “repository.steptoes-2,”, Following that, now click on the OK button.Select Source Repo
  9. After a few moments, you will be prompted with a message on the top right section of the screen, which says “step toes repo installed” Repo Installed For Monster Munch Addon

So we have completed the first step for installing the Monster Munch Kodi Addon. We have added the source where we are going to find the Monster Munch Addon. If you have come this far then you have almost done with more than half of the installation process. Further, we will look for the repository section directory where we will install it.

  1. Now for installing the Monster Munch Addon for Kodi, you have to go back to your addon section. And click on install from repository.Start Install Monster Munch Addon For Kodi
  2. On the next screen, you will be inside the directory of the source repo “Steptoes”. Click on the “StepToes Repo”.Go Inside Source Repo
  3. Inside the Steptoes directory, you will find all the add-ons which are inside that repository. There you have to select the Monster Munch Addon. Obviously, we are installing it only so go and select the Monster Munch.Select The Monster Munch Addon For Kodi
  4. After clicking on the Monster Munch you will come up with the Monster Munch Install screen, from here you can install it easily.
  5. Finally, click on the install button complete the installation process for Monster Munch.Install Monster Munch From The Repo


So, now you Know, how to install monster munch on Kodi. if you come with an error while following this guide, try for a few times and if still the error comes then write it to the comment section below. And for those who successfully installed monster munch, explore it and enjoy the streaming with your new awesome addon.

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