MediaBox HD Firestick, FireTV & Android TV

Media Box is one of the finest apps to watch on-demand content on your Firestick or Android TV. In this guide, you will get to know after feature, latest updates and how to install it on your Firestick, FireTV, or Android TV.

Although there are so many apps through which you can access the on-demand content, most of them are junk. Still, there are a few great apps like Media Box HD, Ckay, Cinema etc which has a huge database and pretty easy to use interface. Media Box is one of those apps which is getting constant updates and developers behind it are keeping the content library fresh.

Also among the few things which people liked about the Media Box HD is that it is a leading app which had a great content lineup of the Pure HD links with good health. Media Box HD is a free app but you can donate a small amount to developers and can get extra access to some premium content as well.

Like any other third party app, for installing Media Box also we have to go with the sideloading way. As the default configuration of firestick and Android devices are set up to not allow the third-party apps, so in order to install them, we need to grant the permissions for installation of third-party apps.

Mediabox HD Section

These are the sections inside the different tabs of the MediaBox HD App:

  • Main Screen
    • Discover
    • Movies
    • TV Shows
    • Search

Inside the Discover Tab, there are multiple sections which include:

  • Discover Tab
    • Full HD
    • Blue-ray 3D
    • TV Shows Calendar
    • Just Pick a Movie for Me
    • Best Horror Series on Netflix
    • IMDb Top 250 Movies
    • Netflix Best TV Series

Inside these sections, you can see Full HD and Blue-ray 3D, only VIP members can access these sections. To become a VIP member, there is a donate option inside the app through which you can donate and can become the VIP member.

How To Install MediaBox HD APK?

MediaBox HD APK

As said above you have to do some configuring before proceeding to the installation process.

So after enabling the third party application installation, you can download the MediaBox HD from sideloading into the Firestick and Android TV. There are few sideloading apps like Downloader and ES explorer. In our guide, we going with the downloader.

The sideloading method is nothing but a third-party app installation way after giving the permission of files access to the app which we use for sideloading.

Prerequisite for MediaBox HD APK

So these are the two things which you have to configure on your Firestick or Android TV.

  • Grant Permission For Third Party App Installation
  • Install the Downloader Application On Your Device.

#1: Grant permission for third-party apps

  1. From the Home Screen, navigate to the settings.
  2. Select your device.
  3. Now, choose the developer option.
  4. Then click the app from unknown sources option.
  5. Check if it is enabled if it isn’t then Enable it by selecting enable and then Turn On option.

After that, you have to download the sideloading app.

#2: Download the Downloader

  1. From your Home screen, select the Search icon.
  2. Now inside the search field, type Downloader and press OK.
  3. You will get multiple options in front of you. Select Downloader.
  4. After that click on Download.

After configuring these things, we are ready to install the MediaBox HD App on our device.

How To Install The MediaBox HD App

  1. Open the Downloader app from the home screen of your firestick.
  2. Now inside the downloader app, check if you can see the URL field. If not then go to the browser option inside it.
  3. Inside the URL field enter the URL for the MediaBox HD App. And press ok.
  4. Then, the download will start, after completion of the download. Select Install.
  5. After a few seconds you will get the successfully installed message, now you can choose to open it directly or from the App section.

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