Why Kodi Is Not Working: Common Issue & Fixes

There can be many reasons which can initiate Kodi not working problem. In this guide, we are going to show what are the common problems and how to fix them for Kodi. These errors are common for FireStick, Android, iOS, Windows, Linux and on other Kodi devices.

Whether it’s buffering, Addon not working, build isn’t set up properly, repository installation problem there can be so many things which can cause these issue and you may have faced one or more from them. As Kodi has endless customizations and offerings for home media, lots of user wonder after these problems that why their Kodi isn’t working. We Know that’s annoying and a bit of frustration arises when it happens.

Kodi Not Working Common Reasons & Fixes

We know every problem has a solution as well, and when it comes to Kodi error, they can also be fixed easily with little tuning here and there. Although, if the problem is from the backend, with the addon server or streaming links, then maybe it is under maintenance and the best option is to wait for a while.

Other than that, we have discussed the most common Kodi error and their fixes in the below guide.

The Common Problems When Kodi Is’nt Working

These are some common Kodi errors which are reported by users many times on the forums and community.

Kodi Repositories Not Working

You may have known that Kodi repositories are the places where the add-ons are placed and hosted by individual servers. Most of the addon which people love watching through are the third-party add-ons, and they cannot be found on the official server of Kodi Add-ons. Sometimes the issue arises as Kodi repository not working, the most common reason for this is when the server is down and if there is maintenance is going on with the repository server.

There are so many repositories available for Kodi, some are well maintained by their developers and others get updates not so often. And the one which is not getting frequent updates, its a common thing for them of repository not working. The only thing which you can do is wait till the server is up next time and fetch the files at that time.

So how to fix the issue if you got to know that it’s not from the remote server. Well, you can try installing again or using a VPN and configuring it from a different location. Secondly, you can do it is try resetting the Kodi and installing the repository again.

Kodi Stopped Working Suddenly

Actually, this is the rarest thing when your Kodi is stopped working. But it can happen when you are blindly adding some add-ons and stopping the downloading or installation process in midway. What happens at that time is the files got corrupted and every time Kodi is refreshing the index it met with those files and stopped working.

The fix for Kodi stopped working is to check if you have any half downloaded or installed files, and eventually, the best for this is resetting the Kodi files.

Note: Never stop a download or installation process in midway, wait for the completion and remove later if you want to do it.

Kodi Build Or Addon Not Working

It is also a common issue when the builds which you have installed on your Kodi got some problems. When the Kodi build isn’t initializing properly, it can cause the problem with the add-ons as well. So first check if the build which you are using is loading properly.

After that check, if other add-ons are working properly. If the issue is with all of the add-ons, we would suggest resetting the Kodi.

If the problem is with one particular addon then try updating the addon or wait for a while before using. Basically, when you start streaming something, the addon fetches the streaming links after going through multiple sources. After that, it serves you the working links.

If all of the Kodi add-ons are not working and your Kodi build is loading fine, then the issue can be with your internet connection. Check your internet connection if it’s working properly. You can also use the VPN with Kodi which removes all the restrictions with accessing the files and common internet connection glitches.

Kodi Buffering Issue

That’s the most common issue which the Kodi users have reported. When Kodi is not working and buffering issue comes up, there are multiple reasons which can lead to this Kodi problem.

You can fix this Kodi problem by

  • Clearing the Kodi cache
  • Using a VPN
  • Configuring the Video cache size

If it happens then you can check this Kodi buffering issue guide for more detailed help.

Kodi Crashes Frequently

This problem isn’t on the wide scale, but if t happens with you then Updating the Kodi is the best option. Although, the most common reason for Kodi crash frequently is using an old version of Kodi.

One of the problems with Kodi as of now is that it not let’s update itself automatically. You have to update it manually every time when the new version comes.

You can check the version of Kodi which you are using by going to Kodi Settings then inside the settings window, check for system information and on the next screen, you will see the version of Kodi which you are using.

Check if you are using the latest version of Kodi and if you haven’t updated it yet. You can update it by going through these illustrations of Updating Kodi guide.


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