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See how you can access a lot more things by jailbreaking your firestick. There are only a few people who can take so much of restriction and didn’t want to get most out of their amazon firestick. So, If you want to experience endless things. Learn how to jailbreak firestick and check by yourself what are the real capabilities of the firestick.

Some things which you can do with unlocked firestick are:

  • Accessing free movies.
  • Free live TV shows.
  • Live streaming of IPTV channels.
  • Live free Sports Streaming.
  • And much more.

By using the below apps like Kodi, Showbox, FreeFlix HQ and some other you will read in the guide, you can access all paid things free and beside that much more which will change your TV watching experience.

One more thing to mention is that Jailbreaking your firestick or fire TV is quite easy and legal.

How To Jailbreak Firestick?

It is quite simple to jailbreak a firestick by just following this guide, but before proceeding let’s see some important things which you should keep in mind. As you may have got the idea that there are a hell lot of things which you can do with your jailbreak firestick, and it can get you in trouble as well if you are noting protecting your privacy and blindly doing stuff and streaming with a just plain connection between you and your ISP.

It is highly recommended to use a good VPN service in order to keep your self 100% safe and enjoy the streaming without worrying.

How to Jailbreak Amazon Fire Stick 2019

As you may know that the firestick by Amazon is so simple and user-friendly as well. Maybe they are well aware that the “less is more” quote has far better potential when you think of a wide user base.

At the same time, it is simple to crack and use all the awesome third-party add-ons. Below with this simple guide, you can learn about the jailbreaking of firestick.

By far the main purpose of jailbreaking the firestick is the access of Kodi. Through which people are accessing tons of quality and free streaming content. Whether it’s the movies, live 24/7 channels, news, music and much more.

Though all of these features which you can access for free makes a dent on the profit of production houses. That’s why the government came into action and is taking action against the users who are using these things massively.

ISP’s are tracking the data usage along with where the users are consuming it. So it’s a must to use the VPN for accessing all of this stuff.

How to unlock amazon firestick?

No doubt using a firestick without jailbreak is like, accessing computer or laptop without internet.

You can unlock your amazon firestick easily with the below guide, which will help you to unlock the firestick with step by step information. Unlocking the Amazon firestick takes the TV watching experience to a whole new level. Also, you don’t have to worry about any bricking problem while unlocking the Firestick as it is not like overclocking and other big stuff.

How To Jailbreak Firestick Easily

Although, there are multiple ways to do the jailbreak of Firestick we are showing the easiest of them all.

So below is the step by step guide to easily jailbreak your Amazon firestick.

Step 1: Connect The Power Cord & Start Your Smart TV

first, start your smart TV and connect the firestick with it.

Step 2: Launch The Firestick

Now, connect your amazon firestick and launch it.

Launch The Firestick With Smart TV

Step 3: Go To Settings

After that go to the firestick settings from the home screen.

Go to Settings

Step 4: Select Devices In Settings

In order to access the developer options, you have to go to devices in which you will find further options.

Select Devices

Step 5: Go To Developer Options

Now you have to access ADB debugging and enable the app from unknown sources settings. You will find these options inside the Developer Options Section.

Select Developer Options

Step 6: Enable the app for third-party application installation.

You have to enable the “install app from unknown sources”. Find the option and turn it on.

Turn On App From Unknown Sources

Step 7: Go To Main Screen

After that go back to Home Screen and click on the Search Option.

Select Search Now

Step 8: Install Downloader On Firestick

In the search bar, type “Downloader”, and install the first option.

Install Downloader For Kodi

Step 9: Open The Installed Downloader

After installing it, open it from there.

Open Downloader For Kodi

Step 10: Download Kodi Krypton 17.6

So now, you have to install the Kodi Krypton 17.6. From downloader, type the source URL where you will find the Kodi Krypton.


And wait for completion of the download.

Type URL for Kodi Installation

Step 11: Install Kodi Krypton 17.6 On Firestick

After the completion of the download, install it by selecting the “Install” Option.

Wait for the completion of installation.

Install Kodi Now On Firestick

Step 12: Open Kodi Krypton On Firestick

So now, you have successfully installed the Kodi Krypton on your firestick, further you can install the addons and repositories to access the limitless world of TV entertainment.

Kodi Installed Successfully

So that was one of the easiest ways in which you can jailbreak your firestick and install Kodi on it.

Though there are multiple ways which you can do it. But the straight way is this one only. So now enjoy your jailbreak firestick with Kodi add-ons and have a safe and happy streaming.

FAQ: Jailbreak Firestick

These are some common and frequently asked questions about Firestick Jailbreak.

Is It Safe To Jailbreak Firestick?

Yes, It is totally legal to jailbreak your firestick. Also keep in mind that just like you can do legal and illegal stuff with your computer, mobile or any other device. This is also true with firestick jailbreak also. Although the steps we have shown here are totally legal and you are installing a third party legal app on firestick. So there is no need to worry as far as you are not doing anything illegal with it.

Can I loose my firestick warranty after jailbreaking it?

No, You won’t loose the warranty of your firestick after jailbreaking it. You are installing the third party app on it and you can restore it to its default state at anytime.

What can I do with after jailbreaking firestick?

You can access content from all over the globe after jailbreaking your firestick. You can customize the skin, install addons, stream online content and can watch free movies and tv shows. We have some best Kodi addons list and Kodi builds to give you a headstart.

Is It okay to buy a pre-jailbroken firestick?

I would not suggest you to go with it. As the pre jailbroken firestick devices can be packed with malwares and can steal your privacy as well. So it is always better to jailbreak firestick manually.

Does Jailbreak Slow Down My Firestick?

As far as speed is concerned, the firestick application is lightweight and can hold multiple third party apps as well. So in short it won’t slow down your firestick.

How To Jailbreak Amazon Firestick TV and Cube?

As the software on all of the fire devices is same, so you can follow the above steps to jailbreak your firestick TV, firestick Cube and firestick.

Wrapping It Up

So this was the guide to jailbreak your firestick. You can easly follow the above steps and enjoy the free content from around the world through your firestick. In case you met with any kind of error while following the above guide, mention it inside the comments below and I will make sure to fix the issue. And if you have done it so far then do check out the addons section to start enjoying the seamless streaming.

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