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Yoda Addon is one of the best Kodi add-ons for any reason, If you want to Download and Install Yodi Addon On Kodi then just follow this simple guide. After forking from the popular exodus and covenant, it is refined pretty well for giving a good simple and attractive UI. As everybody knows who is Yoda, so they kept his respect and made it really good for Kodi lovers. Here we will show about the download and how to install Yoda addon for your Kodi. One more fact is that it comes straight from the legendary repository Supremecy which has made a pretty good spot for the best quality Kodi addons.

With this guide, you will get to know, how to install Yoda addon from supremacy repo on Kodi. Following the guide, if you encounter some error then just drop it on the comment section and we will give the solution in no time.

Yoda Kodi addon is a great place for quality TV shows, movies, documentaries and much more. So just follow the guide and you will all about the installation process of Yoda addon on Kodi.

Yoda Addon Updates: 

The latest version of the Yoda Kodi addon is v1.2.0.

yoda addon 2019 updates


  • Modules Updates
  • Scrappers Fixed

The Backend modules for scrappers is version 1.0.48.

If you have an older version, update it by going to Yoda addon settings. It is fully compatible with the latest version of Kodi 18 Leia.

The last updates to the addon include:

  • Some scrapers Fixed
  • New API key

The changelog doesn’t say it specifically, but the cached compatibility for torrent links has been improved along with the support for premium services.

How To Install Yoda Addon On Kodi

Install Yoda Add-on For Kodi DetailsQuick Details About Installation For Yoda Addon For Kodi

Yoda Addon Repository Name: Supremacy

Yoda Addon Repository URL: http://supremacy.org.uk/zip/repo

Category: Video, Movies, TV Shows, Documentaries etc.

Yoda Addon Alternatives: Exodus, Covenant, Placenta, Gaia

Special Note: As the Supremacy Repo developer became the member of Illuminati Team, Now you can find the Yoda Addon On Illuminati Repository also.

Yoda Addon Sections

The sections which are included inside Yoda Kodi Addon are as follows:

  • Movies
  • TV Shows
  • Networks
  • Boxsets
  • New Movies
  • My Movies
  • My TV Shows
  • New Episodes
  • Documentaries
  • Channels
  • Tools
  • Search

You can enjoy these sections after installing Yoda on Kodi for Free.

Features Of Yoda Addon

Yoda is compatible with the following services:

  • Integration With Trakt
  • Support For Real Debrid
  • One Click Movie Section
  • Quality Streaming Links

Quick Steps For Installing Yoda Addon For Kodi

Although you should follow the brief step by step guide for Kodi addon installation, here are the quick steps we are going through in order to install it. Also, as it is a third party addon so you have to enable the app from unknown sources at first. Then you will be all set to install the Yoda addon straight to your Kodi.

Quick Steps For Yoda Addon Are:

  1. Firstly, From Your Home Screen, Go To Kodi System settings >> File Manager >> Add source >> None.
  2. Where You Need To Type Repo Name: http://supremacy.org.uk/zip/repo, click OK, name it supremacy repo and click OK.
  3. Then, Navigate To Kodi Add-ons >> Add-ons browser addon browser >> Install from zip file >> supremacy.
  4. Click on the repository.supremacy-X-X.zip directory then click the repository.supremacy-X.X.zip file to install Supremacy repo.
  5. Now, Select Install from repository >> supremacy >> Video add-ons >> Yoda 
  6. And Click On Install button.

So these were the quick steps for installing Yoda addon for Kodi, as you will get the idea what we are doing further. Without any further delay let us start the step by step guide for installing Yoda addon on Kodi.

Illustrated Step By Step Guide To Install Yoda Addon For Kodi

As mentioned above that Yoda is a third party addon, and in order to install the third-party add-ons, you need to Enable the app install from unknown sources from settings. After that, you will be all set to install any Repository and add-ons to your Kodi.

Add Installation Source For Supremacy Repository

In order to access the Yoda Addon, you need to first install the Supremacy Repository, inside that you will find the Yoda Addon. So, follow these steps to install the Yoda’s Supremacy Repository On Kodi.

  1. Go to the home screen of your Kodi, and press the Settings (Gear) Icon from over there.Go to Settings From Home Screen Of Kodi
  2. Now In Settings Dialog, look out for the file manager Icon (bottom section) and click on it for entering inside file manager.Open File Manager From Settings Dialog
  3. Now inside the file manager, Select Add Source from there, if you have added other sources, you will find it in the end while scrolling.Add Source on next window
  4. Then you have to put the exact address of the supremacy repository which is “http://supremacy.org.uk/zip/repo”. Click on “none” and enter the repo URL from your keyboard or remote.
  5. Note: It should be the exact address, it will fetch the supremacy repository from the entered URL. If you are putting the wrong URL it won’t be able to find anything, that’s why type it right.Add the repo by typing the exact URL
  6. After entering the exact URL for the Supremacy Repository, Type the name by which you want it to be identified. It can be anything of your choice.

As it is a repository you are adding, it would be good to name it as “Supremacy Repo”, so you will get to know in the future as well for installing other add-ons which are inside the “Supremacy Repo”.

Step 6: Following everything above, now hit “OK” and you have successfully added the Yoda’s Supremacy Repository.

Now Install The Supremacy Repository

After successfully adding the source for the repository, now you need to install the supremacy repository in order to access the Yoda Addon from it.

  1. Just go back to the Home Screen of your Kodi and find the Addons on the left sidebar section.Click on Addon from home screen
  2. After clicking and going inside the Add-ons section, click on the “Package Installer” or “Add-ons Browser”. It is on the top right corner of the Addons section and looks like the Dropbox icon.Goto Addons Manager From Top Right Section
  3. After that, on the next screen, click on the “Install From Zip File” inside Addons Browser Section.Click Install From Zip File
  4. On the new screen, you will find the directory, where you need to find the Repository name which we added with the above steps. In our case, it is “Supremacy Repo”Select the supremacy repo for yoda addon
  5. Now you will come up with another screen where the name of the Supremacy zip file will be like “repository.supremacy-2.6.zip’. Select it and click ok. 
  6. Note: As the Repository is updated regularly, the version number “numerical” may be changed while you are installing.Select the repo zip file
  7. Now after clicking “OK”, you will get a notification on your upper right screen which says Supremacy Addon Installed.Repo Installed
  8. After that click on “Install from repository”, you will find the Yoda addon inside that.Go to the repository
  9. Now, Open the supremacy repository from the list of all repositories over there.Select Supremacy Repo
  10. After entering into the Supremacy Repository, Click in the video add-ons as you will find the Yoda Addon inside it.Enter in to video addons
  11. Inside the Video Add-ons Section, all the addons will be alphabetically ordered and you have to find the Yoda Addon. Click On Yoda.Click On Yoda Addon For installing
  12. Now you will come with the Yoda Screen, From there just click on the Install button, and it will start installing the Yoda Addon For Kodi.Check The Yoda Addon
  13. Just after a few moments, you will be notified about the installation with a message on the top right corner which says “Yoda Add On Installed”.Yoda Addon Installed On Kodi
  14. Now you have successfully installed the Yoda Addon for Kodi, you can find it inside your addon section.Finally Yoda Add-on Installed On Kodi Successfully
FAQs: Yoda Addon For Kodi

These are the frequently asked questions about the Yoda kodi addon.

Why Yoda Addon is not working on my Kodi?

Although I haven’t faced any issue with Yoda, as it is one of the finest Kodi addon. But if you face any other problems as Yoda stuck on buffering etc. Then using a VPN with Kodi will solve the minor problems on your Kodi.

Yoda Is Not Installing On Kodi?

If you face any error while installing the Yoda addon. Make sure you have followed the steps correctly and have entered the working repository URL.

If it still persists, then wait for some time as the developers may be doing some updates.


So now you have successfully installed the Yoda Kodi Addon, just explore it and enjoy the free streaming of quality Videos, from Movies, TV shows, Documentaries, Music and much more. As you have seen it so simple to install the Yoda add-on for Kodi, there are many more add-ons which you should explore. If you are facing any error while the installation process, just drop down the message on comments below we will quickly give you the fix.

Enjoy your stream and be safe.

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