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Amazon firestick is the leading media streaming device as of now. The easy to use interface, a wide range of app support and an affordable way to turn devices into smart tv makes it a perfect streaming device. But at the same time, there are so many restrictions also which restricts the experience. That’s why you should use and install VPN on firestick.

By using a VPN with firestick, you will get restriction-free access to the content from all around the world. Another main thing which is of utmost concern is privacy. According to the reports nowadays devices are getting way more stuff/personal information. And they start capturing the data from the start. Although you can change some settings to control a little information. But you can’t fully protect your identity without a VPN.

Moreover, there are so many reasons to satisfy our conscious of using a good VPN service with our devices and firestick.

Why You Need A VPN For Firestick?

Whether it is the geo-restriction, ISP throttling or the privacy concerns. Using a VPN with firestick makes it so good to stream anything without getting worried about these things.

It is quite easy to install a VPN on firestick and start getting more restriction-free access. Below we have mentioned some top most reasons for using a VPN with Firestick.

Reasons for using a VPN with the firestick

No Geo-Restriction

It happens so many times that we want to watch some content which is not accessible in our country. Due to content distribution rights, popular apps like Netflix, Hulu, and Prime don’t provide global access to their content.

Being an awesome streaming device, firestick lacks here and makes us start finding a way to watch that on other platforms which again leads to disappointment after browsing for quite a long time. So to fix those things, a Firestick VPN comes to the rescue. Using a Firestick VPN we can watch anything from anywhere.


Another major concern which restricts us to watch anything is online surveillance from the ISP’s and governments. Apart from our viewing history, they access a lot more things. Nobody likes the stalkers, imagine someone is keeping an eye every time we start watching something. That’s so disgraceful and bad, using a VPN with firestick stops that scenario also and gives us perfect protection.

After using the Firestick VPN, the ISP’s can’t able to find about our usage. It makes us anonymous in front of the ISP’s and we can use and watch anything which we want. That’s another promising reason to install VPN on firestick.

ISP Throttling

As most of the times, we watch the content in HQ only, and our usage comes under the radar of ISP’s. Whether we watching it through Kodi or the firestick Apps. Our ISP’s then start monitoring the usage and after some time it throttles our speed.

Basically, when ISP’s detect that there is constant data consumption from a single IP, they throttle our bandwidth to balance the speed and load across the network.

If we use a VPN with firestick or Kodi, our ISP’s can’t recognize the IP’s and usage from one connection. So there is no risk of speed throttling if we install a VPN on firestick.

In recent years, people started using VPN’s and now more concerned about their privacy. According to the global survey index, the Asia Pacific region has the highest number of VPN users. Following the European and later the United States.

WorldWide VPN Stats

Things To Consider Before Buying A VPN For Firestick

The next thing comes is choosing the right VPN for Firestick. Although there are so many VPN service providers out there, when it comes choosing perfect protection, there are some things which should be considered.


Good encryption is a foremost thing which should be kept in mind while choosing a VPN for firestick or Kodi. Although every VPN service provider considers them best and promotes their encryption strength. But at the same time, we can’t go with anybody. The top VPNs for firestick are using the OpenVPN AES 256-bit encryption. Which is good, and you should look about this when choosing a VPN.


Some of the VPN’s encryption results in the less internet speed then which is allocated to us from ISP’s. That’s where the backend comes into action and the top VPN’s knows it better. So they implement the encryption in such a way that our internet speed doesn’t fluctuate and gives us a hassle-free streaming experience.

Also, as the VPN’s use different servers and data centers, sometimes we get more internet speed than our default speeds.

No Logs Policy

Another thing which you should look for when choosing a VPN for firestick is the No logs policy. This policy ensures us that whatever we are accessing or streaming is not going in the records of the ISP’s. A few years back the government accessed so many logs from the VPN providers to trace the big names from torrent uploaders.

Customer Support

A good VPN service should have a 24/7 support. Whenever you choose a VPN for firestick always look out the customer support they are providing. Although mostly a VPN which is well configured in starting don’t give any problems but still in case something happens all of sudden, the customer service should stand by at that time. So it will be good if you look out for support when using a VPN with a firestick.

So after all these considerations along with few others, I have listed the best VPN for firestick which you can go with.

Best VPN For Firestick

Well, I have used the four best Firestick VPN’s which I am going to list below. You can trust them all and can pick the one which suits your budget and usage.

1: IPVanish: Best Affordable VPN for Firestick

2: Express VPN: Best VPN For Firestick

3: Nord VPN: Good Firestick VPN

4: PureVPN: Best Well Balanced VPN For Firestick


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