Install Uranus Addon On Kodi – Updated Guide

Uranus Kodi Add-on is one of the best add-ons which does provide the quality sources of streaming links by filtering and organizing the searches through its unique algorithm. Quality over quantity is the preference which this add-on is been up to. If you are looking for steps on how to install Uranus Add-on On Kodi, then the below guide will surely help you out with the illustrations provided. As there are lots of add-ons which do provide free streaming for Movies, TV Shows, Music, and other video content. Although Uranus Add-on also does the same but with better streaming quality links than most of them.

Also, Uranus Kodi Addon is somewhat similar to Elysium, which is another popular add-on among the Kodi community. But all of them have there perks and cons as well. Installing the Uranus Kodi Add-on quite simple if you know the important details of it. So with the below guide, you will learn how to install Uranus Kodi Add-on and enjoy the free quality streaming.

Uranus Kodi Addon Updates 2019

As after the new developer took control of Uranus Addon, you can see the following changes

  • Switched scrapers over to Universal Scrapers
  • Replaced more lists
  • Updated TMDB
  • Updated Trakt

Note: Uranus Kodi is not live as of now and the developers are looking for a new home with some good updates.

Uranus Addon All Sections

The Updated sections of Uranus Kodi Addon are as following:

  • Movies (Categorized Section)
    • Popular
    • Now Playing
    • Genres
    • Years
    • Disney
    • Top Rated
    • Oscar
    • Upcoming
  • TV (All Sections)
    • Popular
    • Genres
    • On the air
    • Airing Today
    • Top Rated
    • Networks
  • Spotlight
  • TV Collections
    • Random playlists and categories
  • Movie Collections
    • Random playlists and categories
  • New TV
  • TV Catchup
  • Channels (All)
  • Tools (For configuring Uranus)
  • My Uranus (Special Section)
  • Trakt (Watch history log)
  • Search

You can enjoy these sections of Uranus Addon after installing it on Kodi.

Important Quick Details About URANUS Kodi Addon For 2019

Basic details of Uranus Addon For Kodi

URANUS Addon Source URL:

Repository Name: DnA Repo

Category: Video Addon

Although you can download it from the Blamo Repo as well, it is facing some frequent downtown. So we are going to install it from Griffin which is inside the DNA repo.

As you guys may be aware that you need to enable the install from unknown sources first, and later you can start with this guide for installing Uranus Addon straight to your Kodi. Also, there are two ways through which you can install the Uranus Kodi Addon. First, by downloading the source repo zip file and installing it on Kodi and later finishing with Uranus installation. And the second one is installing it directly through the Kodi addons browser. In the below guide we are going to use the second method which is much more reliable and there are minimal chances of facing any error.

How To Install The URANUS Kodi Addon Step By Step Guide For 2019

In order to install it, we are going to do it in two parts. Firstly we will add the source repository and following it we are going to finish it by installing it from the repository.

Basically, there are two ways by which we can install the Uranus Addon, the one by downloading the source files manually and placing them inside the Kodi directory. And the other way which is more stable is through fetching the source files from Kodi’s own addon browser.

Quick Installation Steps For Uranus Addon

  1. From Kodi Home Screen > Main Menu, navigate to SYSTEM > File Manager > Add Source > None
  2. Type the source address and select Done
  3. Highlight the box and type media source name like dna and then click OK
  4. Now, Go back to your home screen.
    • ON Kodi 17 Krypton or Leia: Select Add-ons > Add-on Browser 
    • ON Kodi 16 or earlier: Select SYSTEM > Add-Ons
  5. Select Install from Zip File > dna > and wait for finishing up the source repo installation
  6. Now, Select Install from Repository > Add-on Repository > Griffin Repo > Install.
  7. Also, from Install from Repository > Griffin repository > Video Add-ons > Uranus > Install
  8. Wait for Add-on installed successfully

These were the quick installation steps for Uranus Addon installation, but we would suggest going with the illustrated guide for an easy installation.

Add The Source Repo For URANUS Kodi Addon In 2019

In this part, we are going to fetch and install the source repository from Kodi Add-ons browser.

Note: Before starting out with the guide to make sure you have enabled the installation of apps from unknown sources.

  1. From the home screen, select the settings (gear icon)Go to Kodi System Settings
  2. Inside the System window, select the File ManagerSelect File Manager
  3. Inside the File Manager, scroll to the bottom and select the Add Source option.Click Add Source For Supremacy Repo Installation
  4. On the next screen, you will be prompted with the select source, you have to select None.
  5. Now type the exact source repo URL on the Media source location path.Type URANUS Kodi Addon Source Repo URL
  6. Note: you have to enter the exact path of the source repo or else it won’t be able to fetch files. Source Repo Address: (Case Sensitive)Check Uranus Kodi Addon Source Repo URL & Name
  7. Now check the source name and source URL of the Uranus Addon and select OK.From Main Menu Go To Kodi Addons
  8. Go back to the main screen and navigate to addons > then addons browser (dropbox like icon).Install From Zip For Supremacy Repo Installation
  9. Inside the addons browser, select install from Zip file to get the Uranus Addon Source Repo.Select Uranus Source zip file
  10. Select DNA from the directory and press OK.
    Select Source Zip Of Uranus Kodi
  11. Inside the DNA directory, select the zip file and press OK to install the source repo of Uranus Kodi Addon.Uranus Kodi Addon Source Repo Installed
  12. Wait for a while and you will be prompted with Addon installed successfully message.
  13. Now select the install from repository from add-ons browser.Now Select Install From Repository
  14. Inside the install from repository section, select the Team DNA repo and enter inside the repository.Select source repo for Uranus Kodi Addon
  15. Now inside the Team DNA repo, select the Add-on repository.Select the addons directory for uranus kodi addon
  16. You will find the Griffin repo inside the Addon Repository, select it.Install Uranus Kodi Source repo
  17. Now, select the Griffin Repo
    Select Griffin repo for finding uranus kodi addon
  18. Click on install, to install the Griffin Repo.Install The Source Repo For Uranus Kodi Addon
  19. Now inside the Griffin Repo, select the Video addonsSelect the uranus addon source repo inside the video addons
  20. Scroll to the bottom and select the URANUS inside the Video uranus kodi addon to install
  21. On the next screen, select install to add Uranus addon on Kodi.Click To Install Uranus Addon On Kodi
  22. After a few seconds, you will get the notification of Uranus Addon installed successfully.Uranus Kodi Addon Successfully Installed
  23. Now, open URANUS addon from the video add-ons section of Kodi and explore the sections.Explore the installed Uranus Kodi Addon

That is the way through which you can install the Uranus Addon on your Kodi hassle-free.

Uranus Kodi Addon Alternatives:

Winding Up

So that was the quick guide on how to install Uranus Addon On Kodi. It is one of the reputed add-ons inside the Kodi community which prefers quality over quantity. If you guys are having any trouble installing it, drop your error below and we will revert back with the solution. Also, be sure that you are using the VPN for all of your streaming to be safe from ISP’s tracking.

Enjoy Your Streaming With URANUS Addon On Kodi!!!

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