How To Install Ukodi1 Kodi Build

In this guide, we are going to demonstrate how to install the Ukodi1 Build On Kodi using the Ukodi1 Wizard. This walkthrough is having step by step illustrations which will help you to install the Ukodi1 Build.

After installing Kodi, it is no doubt that it feels that there are a hell lot of things which we can customize and make it more lively and feature packed. Although we can only add the particular add-ons to enjoy the Movies, TV shows, Sports and other content. But what if we can change the User Interface of our Kodi which will not only give the new skin and interface but will be loaded with popular add-ons. That’s interesting and here comes the Kodi Builds.

The Ukodi1 is also one of the popular Kodi build which is pretty good with interface and customization. If you want to give your Kodi a new skin then we would suggest to give it a try and explore it by yourself.

How To Install The Ukodi1 Build On Kodi?

With the below-illustrated guide, you can easily install the Ukodi1 build on your Kodi. Also, you can revert it back as well if you want to try another build or the default Kodi skin. The first thing which needs to be done is grant the permission for installation of third-party add-ons by enable the app install from unknown sources.

Ukodi1 Build Installation Details

Install Ukodi1 Build On KodiSource Repository for Ukodi1:

Repository Name: Ukodi Wizard

Category: Kodi Build

First thing for starting the installation of the UKodi1 build is, we have to add the Ukodi Wizard through which we will install the build for Kodi. Although you can add the source by downloading the zip file separately sometimes it doesn’t work. That’s why we will retrieve the file directly from the server itself.

Note: Make sure you follow the steps and enter the URL carefully or else we won’t be able to fetch the files from repository server.

Steps To Install The Ukodi1 Build On Kodi

  1. Go to Kodi System Settings
  2. Select File Manager
  3. Click Add Source For Supremacy Repo Installation
  4. Select None
  5. Enter The Ukodi1 Build Repo URL
  6. Check The Source File Name For Ukodi1 Build Repo
  7. Select Ukodi1 Build From Zip Directory
  8. Select Repo For Ukodi1 Build
  9. Ukodi1 Build Wizard Installed
  10. Open Ukodi1 Build To Install On Kodi
  11. Select Ukodi1 Build For Kodi From Ukodi Wizard
  12. Select The Version Of Ukodi1 Build
  13. Click On Fresh Install To install the Ukodi1 Build On Kodi
  14. Check Message and dismiss to continue Ukodi1 Build Process
  15. Select Ignore and continue with Ukodi1 Build installation process
  16. Select Continue To Install The Ukodi1 Build On Kodi
  17. Select Force Close To Restart The Kodi With Ukodi1 Build
  18. Ukodi1 Build Installed On Kodi
Wrapping Up For Ukodi1 Kodi Build

So that was the quick illustrated guide on how you can install the Ukodi1 Build On Kodi and make the interface more lively along with preloaded addons. Now you can explore the new interface and for information sake, its easy to install the add-ons with this Kodi Build. Also always use a good VPN while streaming through Kodi to be safe from the ISP’s. Also, if you come up with some error when installing the UKodi1 Build feel free to drop the error in the comment section, we will revert back with the solution.

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