How To Install The Magic Dragon Kodi Addon

In this guide, I am going to show you how to install The Magic Dragon Addon On Kodi. As the Kodi interface is similar irrespective of the devices on which it is installed. So you can follow these steps to install The Magic Dragon Kodi Addon on all of your devices which are having Kodi.

The Magic Dragon Kodi Addon is a perfect addon whoever looking for a good and massive video content addon. Whether its music videos, TV shows, Documentaries or Movies it fits on all of the categories. Actually, The Magic Dragon Addon is a successor of an already popular Kodi Addon which later modified and refined pretty well. The Dogs Bullock Kodi Addon is a kind of parent addon for The Magic Dragon.

So, if you want to add this hot addon to your Kodi library then follow this guide which is having step by step illustrations on how you can install The Magic Dragon Addon Straight to your Kodi.

The Magic Dragon is pretty fast and supports many of premium services which can be used for streaming. Some of the main popular categories which it holds are like People Watching, 4K Movies, Catchup TV, Music and many more which you must explore to enjoy the maximum of your Kodi setup.

Magic Dragon 2019 Updates:

The Magic Dragon is updated to the version v1.30, updated for 2019

The Magic Dragon Addon is fully compatible with the latest version of Kodi “Leia”. You can install it on Kodi Leia from the guide below. It is working fine with the older version of Kodi as well.

In the latest updates, Magic Dragon Kodi has got one new section named as “Episode of the day”.

Note: Update Kodi to the latest version.

How To Install The Magic Dragon Kodi Addon

The Magic Dragon Addon is available on two repositories which are MaverickTV and Supremacy Repo, both are having some of the most popular Kodi addons. Also, there are two ways in which you can install it. First, you can download the Zip file of the source repository and storing it inside the Kodi directory, and then install The Magic Dragon Addon from the repository section. And the second method which is more reliable and stable is by retrieving it directly through Kodi Addons Browser.

Before we jump to the illustrations, below are some quick details of the installation process.

Sections Included In The Magic Dragon Kodi Addon

You can explore these section after installing The Magic Dragon On Kodi:

  • Movie Search
  • Real Debrid (For Integration With Real Debrid)
  • Pair to services – Openload, premiurize, etc
  • People Watching (Trending)
  • Kodi Channels (Kodi Youtube videos)
  • Movies – Organized Section
  • Music – Multiple Categories
  • New Cams/HDTS Releases (Latest Additions)
  • New Movie Releases
  • Documentary
  • Kids
  • Radio – FM and internet radio streaming
  • Sport – Live content, highlights, news, etc
  • Real Debrid Movies (Collection from Real Debrid)
  • 4K Movies
  • Catch Up TV (TV Show Catch Ups)
  • Episodes of the Day
  • TV/Entertainment – Miscellaneous content

The collection inside The Magic Dragon is huge, it is hard to not find what you are looking for.

Quick Details About The Magic Dragon Addon For Kodi

Major details of The Magic Dragon Kodi Addon

 Source Repository Names:

  • MaverickTV
  • Supremacy Repo
  • Diamond Repository – Latest
  • Ezzer-mac Repository – New

Repository Source URLs:

  • – Latest
  • – New

As there are two repositories by which you can install The Magic Dragon Kodi Addon but we are using the Supremacy Repo in our guide. In fact, the steps for both are the same. You just have to enter the name of the source Repo by which you want to install it.

Also, you have to enable the app installation from unknown sources, which is recommended before proceeding with further steps. This setting is disabled by default for security concerns.

Illustrated Step By Step Guide For The Magic Dragon Kodi Addon 2019

Basically, the installation process is a two-part process. In the first part, we will add the particular source repository on Kodi. And then we are going to find and install The Magic Dragon Kodi Addon. So, let’s begin with the first part.

Add Source Repo For The Magic Dragon Kodi Addon 2019 Updates

You can add any of the above mentioned two repositories, if you have already installed any of the above repositories, you can check The Magic Dragon inside the video addon section of the repo.

Installing The Magic Dragon Addon For Kodi With Supremacy Repo

In the first part of The Magic Dragon Installation, we are going to add the supremacy repo and later will install the addon itself from repo section of Kodi.

We have shown the steps for Supremacy Repo, You can install Magic Dragon Addon from the Diamond Wizard Repository as per the latest updates.

Add the Supremacy Repo first.

  1. Go to Settings from the home screen of Kodi.Go to Kodi System Settings
  2. After coming to system settings, select the File Manager.Select File Manager
  3. On the next screen, you have to scroll to the bottom and select for the Add Source.Click Add Source For Supremacy Repo Installation
  4. Now, as The Magic Dragon is a third-party Kodi addon, you have to select None and enter the name and URL for the media source.Select None
  5. Type the exact Source URL of the Supremacy repo.
  6. Note: Make sure you have entered the exact URL “”Enter Source Of Supremacy Repo Kodi
  7. After entering the source URL, enter the name for the media source, And select OK.Enter Name And Review The Supremacy Kodi Repo
  8. Now, go back to the home screen of Kodi and select the add-ons browser from the upper left corner of Kodi screen. The addons browser icon looks like the DropBox icon.From Main Menu Go To Kodi Addons
  9. Inside the Add-ons Browser, select install from Zip file.Install From Zip For Supremacy Repo Installation
  10. After selecting, you will see the directory list. Inside that select supremacy and select OK afterward.Select The Supremacy Repo
  11. Now, you have to select the Source Repo zip file. The version number may be changed at the time of your installation. Select it and press OK.Select Kodi Supremacy Repository Now
  12. It will add the source repository “supremacy” on Kodi.
  13. Now again from the addons browser, select install from repository.Now Select Install From Repository
  14. Inside the repository section of Kodi, scroll to the supremacy and enter inside it.Select Supremacy Repo Kodi
  15. Inside the Supremacy repo, you will see Video addon along with other options as well. Select Video Add-ons.
  16. Inside the Video addon section of the Supremacy repo, select The Magic Dragon by scrolling down.Select The Magic Dragon Addon For Kodi From Video Addons
  17. Now, you will see The Magic Dragon Installation screen.Click To Install The Magic Dragon Kodi Addon
  18. Wait for a while until you see The Magic Dragon Addon installed notification on the upper right screen of Kodi.The Magic Dragon Addon Installed Successfully on Kodi
  19. You can open The Magic Dragon Addon from the Add-ons section of Kodi.Open Installed The Magic Dragon Kodi Addon From Addons Section
  20. Explore the section of The Magic Dragon Addon.Browse The Magic Dragon Addon For Kodi
  21. Explore The Magic Dragon Kodi Addon

The Magic Dragon is a perfect addon which is packed with lots of features and quality streams. You can install it from two different repositories whichever you like. It is online from quite a long time and is getting traction on the best Kodi addons list.

The Magic Dragon Kodi Addon Error and Fixes

Although The Magic Dragon Addon is bug-free and its quite easy to install it. Still, if you face any kind of trouble while updating or installing the Magic Dragon on Kodi, I have provided multiple sources from which you can get it easily.

If the one source is throwing an error or is not able to fetch the source directory, you can jump to another source and it will be solved.

Wrapping It Up For The Magic Dragon Kodi Addon

So, I hope now you know how to install The Magic Dragon Kodi Addon On your Kodi. If you have installed it then explore this awesome Kodi addon or in case you encounter with an error, tell us by dropping into the below comment section. Also, be sure you are using a good VPN for your Kodi while streaming as by using VPN you will be safe and tension-free. And putting a small amount on good VPN is more than worth to enjoy the awesomeness of Kodi.

Enjoy Your Streaming!!!

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