Install Swift Streamz On Firestick And Android TV

Swift Streamz is an excellent IPTV application that is a must-to-install on your FireStick and Android Device. The app has 700+ channels form top regions from around the world that you can enjoy without paying a single penny.

Having 700+ channels on a single application for totally no cost is an excellent option as compared to regular cable subscription where you have to pay for a lesser collection of channels.

The channels on Swift Streamz are grouped into several categories like US TV, UK TV, Sports, Religious, Kids, Music, Movies. Having Swift Streamz on your FireStick or Android TV or Device will let you enjoy top-notch content in clear HD quality.

Before you install the Swift Streamz

Swift Streamz surely is a great option when it comes to streaming free HD content on your Android box or FireStick, but there is a thing that you need to take into consideration before installing the application on your device.

Swift Streamz is a third party application that allows you to watch most of the paid content around the world for free, which makes it kind of an illegal act which can get you into trouble. But there is no need to be worried as a great option called VPN is available that can ensure your security on the internet.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) encrypts your traffic and hides your original IP address by several advanced techniques and methods. In this way, your real identity on the internet will be hidden, and a fake identity and IP address will be provided to you to perform any risky activity online while being anonymous.

There are loads of free VPNs available on the internet. Download, install, and configure one of them to safely enjoy third-party applications on your device.

Installing Swift Streamz on Firestick and Android

Following is a simple process that can be followed to get Swift Streamz running on your FirsStick in a jiffy.

First of all, open Settings on your device. After it gets opened, select method. Now you need to navigate to developer options.

Once you get into developer options, enable ADB debugging. Now turn on. Allow apps from Unknown sources. Now by this process, you have permitted your device to install applications from unknown sources. This option must be enabled to install apps from third-party vendors.

Now, if you are installing Swift Streamz on FireStick, you need to download the APK of the application for the installation process to commence as FireStick supports .apk format.

To download something on FireStick, you need to have the Downloader application installed. You can find it in the store.

Open the downloader app and type and click the “download.” When the download is completed, click the “install” button to get it installed on your FireStick.

For installing Swift Streamz on your android device such as your smartphone, open  in your browser and click on download. Once it gets downloaded, install it by enabling the “unknown sources” option in the settings of your device.

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