Install Mouse Toggle On Firestick

Mouse toggle is a perfect application for firestick and android tv to control the supported addons hassle-free. In this guide, I have demonstrated the steps to install the Mouse Toggle on firestick.

Most of the times, the good addons and firestick apps requires a remote in order to work smoothly and access all the features. In that case, Mouse Toggle becomes a perfect utility which works complete the needs of a mouse.

Mouse toggle coverts your remote into the mouse. You just have to double tap the play button on your remote and a pointer will come on the screen which you can use to navigate effortlessly. As some of the most popular firestick apps like Cinema, MediaBox etc are not specifically designed for a firestick and using the Toggle mouse you can use and control these apps easily.

Also, the good android box means which are not stocked ones don’t require this as they have the pointer option on their remote by default.

How To Install Mouse Toggle On Firestick

Mouse Toggle FirestickIn order to install the Mouse Toggle on firestick, first, you have to give the permission for third-party app installation. follow the below steps to start with the process.

Prerequisite for installing the Mouse Toggle on firestick.

Step 1 – Turn on Apps from Unknown Sources

Step 2 – Enable ADB Debugging

Step 3 – Install Downloader

Step 4 – Enable JavaScript within the Download Settings tab

After completing the above steps, open the downloader and follow as mentioned below.

  1. Start Downloader.
  2. Go to the URL insertion field.
  3. Enter the URL for downloading Mouse Toggle.
  4. After completion of the download, select install.
  5. That’s all now you have got the Mouse toggle on your firestick.

Note: Check if the mouse toggle is working properly after installation. If it doesn’t then go back to the system settings and turn off the ADB option and turn it on again. Then it will configure the Mouse toggle with the firestick.

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