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Mobdro is a quite popular streaming application through which users can watch live TV, live broadcasts or stream intriguing videos. There are a lot of genres available in the application such as Channels, News, Movies, Shows, Sports, Gaming, Tech and more

The main reason due to which this app is widely liked by millions of users around the globe is that it’s free! Yes, you can enjoy loads of premium content, on-demand videos, and hundreds of channels from all over the internet free of charge.

Now the real question is that who can enjoy this super cool app? Well, here comes the major drawback. Mobdro is only supported by Android at the moment. Unfortunately, iOS, Windows and Mac users cannot install this app on their devices. Indeed, you cannot install the app directly on your Windows PC or Mac OS but there are several ways to get Mobdro running on such devices i.e. you can run it by using Bluestacks. Sadly, there is still no way to get it running on your iPhone or iPad.

Jailbreaking iPhone or iPad to install Mobdro

Jailbreaking indeed opens a lot of new possibilities and amazing apps that you can never enjoy without jailbreaking your iPhone or iPad. But, in the case of Mobdro, the answer is still a big NO.

Why? Because even if you jailbreak your device, still there is no IPA of Mobdro available anywhere which indicates that you cannot install it on your device. Hence, if you’re planning to get your iPhone or iPad jailbroken just to install Mobdro, drop the idea.

In case you still want those free movies and other stuff…

Well, it’s a fact that Mobdro cannot be enjoyed by iPhone or iPad users but there is no need to be worried. There are various other awesome apps like Mobdro available that you can conveniently install on your iOS device with a simple tap.

But first, you should consider installing a good VPN on your device. Why? Because apps like Mobdro and its alternatives let you enjoy copyrighted content free of charge which can get you in trouble. With a VPN running, you do not need to worry because your real IP address will be securely hidden on the World Wide Web.

Top alternatives to Mobdro for iPhone / iPad:


Kodi is so far the best alternative to Mobdro. The reason is that Kodi lets you watch almost anything available on the internet. It’s an open-source app that can install tons of add-ons. There is also a Mobdro add-on available for Kodi through which you can enjoy Mobdro content on your iOS device through Kodi.

Terrarium TV

Terrarium TV is another top alternative to Mobdro. There are numerous genres available in the app that iOS, as well as Android users, can enjoy. This app is must-to-install for movies and TV series lovers.

Show Box

This application is termed as the best alternative to Mobdro on iOS by the official Mobdro website. It lets you choose either to download or watch live content and can be conveniently installed on your iPhone or iPad.

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