Install FreeFlix HQ FireStick

FreeFlix HQ is an awesome app with a perfect interface that lets you stream thousands of movies, TV Shows, Anime etc. In this guide, you will all the three ways by which you can Install FreeFlix HQ on FireStick.

The main thing about FreeFlix HQ is its interface which blends with your TV irrespective of the screen size. Other than that, you can control it completely with remote also. These all things make FreeFlix HQ one of the best content streaming app for FireStick, AndroidTV and other media devices.

Apart from its huge video content database, it even lets you stream the latest movies as well as newly aired TV episodes. So, FreeFlix HQ is a must have application. If you didn’t installed FreeFlix as of now, you can install it easily with the below guide.

Basically, you can install FreeFlix HQ on firestick by three ways, one with ES Explorer, Second through Downloader, and third with Apps2Fire app. We have shown all the ways below and have provided the illustrations for the most reliable way as well.

How To Install FreeFlix HQ On FireStick/FireTV

As said above there are three ways for installing FreeFlix HQ on FireStick or FireTV. All of them are pretty easy. So without any ado lets jump to the installation process.

Install FreeFlix HQ On FireStick With ES Explorer

If you have ES Explorer installed on FireStick, these are the steps for installing FreeFlix using ES Explorer:

  1. Open ES Explorer, Go to Menu
  2. Navigate to Tools -> Download Manager
  3. Now, Click on + New from the bottom menu.
  4. Enter the path, and click ‘OK’.
  5. Enter Name, Type Freeflix.
  6. Select Download Now
  7. Wait for download completion
  8. When the download is complete, open it to install on your Amazon Fire TV.
  9. FreeFlix HQ installed On FireStick
  10. Launch Freeflix HQ

You can use this method if you have ES Explorer installed on your FireStick.

Install FreeFlix HQ On FireStick Using Apps2Fire

In order to install FreeFlix HQ using Apps2Fire you have to install the FreeFlix HQ on your Android first, later you can install the FreeFlix HQ by transferring it to FireStick.

  1. Launch Google PlayStore From Your Android Device
  2. Find Apps2Fire App And Install It On Your Android
  1. From Your Fire TV Navigate To Settings > System > Developer Options
  2. Now, Enable ‘Allow apps from unknown sources.’ and ‘ADB debugging’.
  3. After That Go To Settings > System > About > Network (Note Your IP Address)
  4. Open Apps2Fire App On Android Device And Select Setup
  5. Enter The IP Address (Notes On 3rd Step)
  6. Now, Navigate To Local Apps And Select FreeFlix HQ App
  7. Select It And Install
  8. You, Will, Get Notification Once FreeFlix HQ Installed On Your FireStick / FireTV

That’s the second way by which you can install FreeFlix HQ On Your FireStick/FireTV.

Now, the more illustrated way by which you can install FreeFlix HQ easily is by downloader option. Check the below steps if you want to install it in this way.

Install FreeFlix HQ Using Downloader On FireTV/FireStick

You may have heard about the Downloader inside your FireStick/TV, It is used for downloading apps directly on your Fire Device hasslefree.

In order to start the installation process, you have to enable a few options if you haven’t done them previously.

You can install Downloader on your FireStick/TV easily by following the below steps.

  1. From your FireTV/Stick, Navigate To Settings > System > Developer Options
  2. Inside it, Turn on ‘Allow apps from unknown sources’ Option
  3. Now, go to search from your FireStick/TV main menu
  4. Enter the name for the application “Downloader”
  5. Now select the first option “Downloader” from the list and install it
  6. After installation Finished, Start the Downloader

After successfully downloading the downloader option, you can proceed for the further process.

Steps To Install FreeFlix HQ On FireStick/TV

Inside the Downloader, you have to enable a few options first.

First, Open the downloader and from the main screen of it, go to Settings and Enable Javascript.

You will be prompted with a message, you have to Select Yes.

Second, Navigate to Browser option from the left sidebar menu of Downloader.

Third, Inside the browser Address bar, Select it and delete the official URL and type the Source URL for FreeFlix HQ and then Hit the GO Button.

Fourth, You will see a webpage and download option for FreeFlix HQ Application, Click on FreeFlix HQ APK to download it.

Fifth, After the downloading finished, open the application and click on Next

Sixth, Now on the next screen, Select Install and proceed further.

Seventh, After the Installation of FreeFlix HQ, is finished, you will see two option, Done and Open. There select Open to Open the FreeFlix HQ Directly.

You will be prompted again for a message if you wish to delete the downloaded FreeFlix HQ APK, just press delete it, and confirm the deletion.

Lastly, You have successfully installed the FreeFlix HQ on your FireStick/TV, you can open it from the apps section and can place it to the Home Screen as well.

Final Thoughts

As FreeFlix HQ is an awesome streaming app with a huge database of Movies, TV Shows and other Video Content. You can give it a try by yourself and see if it can take place inside your favorite applications.

The things which you can face after installing FreeFlix HQ on FireStick/TV is sometimes you will see the links from dead servers as well. You can bypass it easily after choosing a good server and later can enjoy the streaming through it.

Important: The most important things which you should remember using FreeFlix HQ or any other app on your FireStick/TV is to use a good VPN. It will give you the access to all of the servers as well as protection for your identity.

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