Insomniacs Kodi Build: Installation Steps

First of all, let us tell you about the Kodi builds. Kodi builds software or an app that helps you build Kodi and turn it into a stream. It is a streaming center that enables you to stream movies and TV sports from your android device or PC, or you can download the streams too.

Now let us guide you about how to build an insomniac on Kodi build because Kodi doesn’t allow to create third-party builds like insomniac make that is why we have to bypass it by installing its prerequisite. Let’s start

  1. Click Kodi settings on the home screen (the cog icon on Kodi)
  2. Click on the system settings that will show up after Kodi settings
  3. Now select Add-ons that are appearing on the left on the next window.
  4. On the right side of the window check whether the unknown sources are enabled or disabled (If disabled then will allow it)
  5. Click yes to confirm your intent to allow it to

By this following procedure, you allow Kodi to install the insomniac Kodi builds.


Let’s break down the installation in parts so that it gets more comfortable for you to understand

  • Part 1

Add the insomniac source to Kodi build

  • Part2

Install insomniacs build wizard on Kodi

  • Part3

Install the desired insomniacs build on Kodi

Adding the source means we will supply Kodi the source of the URL from which it will fetch the insomniacs wizard.

  1. Click settings on the home screen after launching the Kodi app
  2. Click on file manager that will appear on the next window
  3. Now click on add source
  4. You will see a new window. Now you have to select <none>
  5. Now a new window will appear asking for the URL, or the path enter the following URL in the empty field on the top:
  6. You will then return to the window, and you will have to name the path or source that you have just entered. You can choose any name that you want, e.g., insomniac.

Wizards often have the utility tools with various maintenance options. However, these days they are primarily used for the installation of builds on Kodi. Now we will first have to install the insomniacs wizard.

  1. Go to the home screen of Kodi and click on Add-ons that is appearing on the left sidebar.
  2. Now you will have to locate the open box icon on the top left corner and open it.
  3. On the next window, click on option Install from zip file.
  4. Now find the source name you added earlier
  5. Click on the zip file named <Click me to install>
  6. Wait for the installation once it is done you will be notified with a notification
  7. Three popups will appear after the installation. They are developer notes you can read them if you want to or click on dismiss. On the second pop up you will be asked to enable any setting that you want. You can also leave without checking up on any. Once you are done, click on continue. On the third popup click on ignore.

Now, let’s use the insomniac wizard to install the builds. This wizard hosts 4 Kodi builds.

  • Passion led us here
  • Black and gold build

Let us guide you more by using the black and gold build.

  1. Click on add-ons on the home screen of Kodi
  2. Click program add-ons on the next window and click the Insomniacs-wizard icon when you see it.
  3. Click builds tab on the next window
  4. Click the insomniacs – Black and gold build.
  5. Click the install button on the right
  6. Wait for the installation it will take some minutes as it will first download the data and then install it. Click on ok after the installation to force close Kodi.

By this procedure, you can successfully install Kodi and insomniac build wizard in it.

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