How To Uninstall Apps From Mac – Different Ways (Updated)

Uninstalling apps on mac is a bit tricky you can say, though that’s not true for all of the installed programs or if you have administrator privileges. Moreover, if you are looking the way for how to uninstall apps from mac, you can refer the guide below which have covered the uninstall apps on mac process thoroughly with various methods. Also, you will get to know about removing mac apps specifically some stubborn apps as well.

It’s quite similar for different versions of MacBook to remove apps from them, We have covered that as well for ease of doing with specific MacBook versions. No doubt, windows users have upper hand over here as windows do provide a decent way of uninstalling the apps for its users.

The General way for uninstalling most of the mac apps is simple as following the below steps:

  1. Open the finder window.
  2. Click on the applications from the sidebar.
  3. Right click on the specific app for opening the dialog panel.
  4. Click on move to trash and you are good to go.

By the above method, most of the application will lend in recycle bin and you can empty the trash bin by right-clicking on the trash bin icon and it will remove the apps from your mac.

Some applications may ask for privilege access by asking the password for your account.

What about leftover files?

You can remove the leftover files using the appcleaner application. By opening and looking for your specific app and pressing remove button from over there.

But obviously, it doesn’t happen with all the apps on mac as they are installed with some different installer packages. That’s where it becomes difficult for uninstalling apps on Mac.

For other apps which don’t have uninstallers with them, or are hard to find in the library we can take help of some 3rd party applications like Apptrap and above-mentioned App cleaner for mac. So, let’s check out the steps from each of these applications for removing apps from mac.

AppCleaner For Mac

It’s a simple and free application for mac. You have to choose which version suits with your machine, after checking out the compatible version just install and open the Appcleaner application. It works pretty decently and shows all the files associated with your specific application which you want to remove.

Mac appcleaner

After installing and opening the Application just look out for the mac app which you want to remove. Or you can drag the mac app for uninstalling in the dialog window.

Appcleaner Mac Steps

When you found your application or just finished dragging you can then see all the associated files with it along with their directories. Now, select the associated files of your apps which you want to remove and press delete.

Following with emptying trash bin step.

Another Simple way of removing apps from mac is with the AppTrap application.

AppTrap For Mac

It works similar to app cleaner in the backend, but it makes it little is as it integrates itself with some permissions and whenever you want to remove an application from mac just drag to the trash bin and all the associated files will go along with it in the trash bin.

removing mac apps with apptrap application

After installing the app trap on your mac, just open it up and it will ask for some specific permissions. After that just click on “start the application”.

Apptrap steps for removing mac apps

It will ask whenever you drag an application to the trash bin for moving all associated files of the mac app. Just click on “move files” if you want to remove them or leave for your normal files which you don’t want to remove.


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