How To Reset Kodi On Firestick And Other Media Devices

Kodi is an ultimate media streaming tool, with its massive addon collection and limitless customizations. There comes some time when you stuck with some glitches or found your Kodi packed with some unwanted add-ons. After seeing that sometimes the only option which becomes suitable, is resetting the Kodi.

With this step by step illustrated guide, you are going to find out, how to Reset Kodi, Backup Kodi Data, Restore Kodi Backup and Uninstalling the Kodi from your Amazon firestick. Although you can uninstall the unwanted add-ons from your Kodi, sometimes to make Kodi faster and stream effortlessly, the only option left is resetting Kodi to its factory/default settings.

The illustration in the guide will help you to Reset Kodi, Uninstall, Restore, Backup Kodi Data. So if you also stuck with some bugs or not getting the streaming experience which was expected, then this guide will help you fix that.

Also always use a good VPN for streaming through Kodi, for a safe, protected and hassle-free experience. You may know that Kodi provides you to enjoy lots of quality stuff for free. And spending a few bucks on VPN services has so many benefits.

How To Reset Kodi On Firestick?

The first and foremost things which you should do before resetting Kodi to its factory default is taking a backup of your Kodi settings and data. As resetting it will reset all of your Kodi Skins, System Settings add-ons, Builds, and other important stuff as well.

The best way to backup and reset Kodi is through using “Ares Wizard”.

Ares Wizard is a complete maintenance add-on for Kodi if you don’t have Ares Wizard installed on your Kodi you can install the Ares Wizard easily. Apart from Backup, Restore, And Optimizing Kodi, it helps in solving the buffering issue as well.

So, before proceeding to reset Kodi, you can backup your Kodi data using the below guide.

First Part, Backup Your Kodi Data

If you have customized your Kodi skins, Add-ons, Builds or any other setting, you can take backup of that data easily with below illustrations using Ares Wizard.

Before continuing further we would suggest taking note of things which you want for backup. Although none of the Kodi addons is capable of taking backup of each and every setting, you can backup most of the data by Ares Wizard.

Open Ares Wizard For Backup Of Kodi On Firestick

Click On The Backup Tab Inside The Ares Wizard

Select The Destination FOr Backup Of Kodi Data

Click On Backup Tab Inside Ares Wizard

Select The Location Of Backup To Reset Kodi Firestick

Select The Location For Backup And Press OK Before Resetting Kodi On Firesticki

Create folder for storing the backup of Kodi

After Creating, Select the Folder for Backup

Press Refresh For Backup Data Kodi Status

Select Backup Options After Refreshing Kodi

Wait For The Completion Of Kodi Data

Click Yes For Skipping Unwanted Files On Kodi

Second Part, Reset Your Kodi On FireStick

There are two ways by which you can reset your Kodi on FireStick, one through uninstalling the Kodi On FireStick and installing it again, the other way is by clearing the data from Manage applications option inside the FireStick.

We are going to reset the Kodi Firestick with both ways, follow the illustrations for resetting Kodi.

Make sure you have backed up data with the above method, before going for further steps on firestick Kodi reset.

Method 1: Resetting Kodi With Clear Data Option

In this way, we are not going to uninstall Kodi but will use the application settings to clear the data and reset Kodi on Firestick.


Select Settings From Firestick Home Screen

Navigate To Applications For Firestick Kodi Reset Option

Click On Managed Application For Kodi Reset Option On Firestick

Select Kodi On Firestick Applications Confirm To Reset Kodi On FirestickClick To Clear Data And Reset Kodi On Firestick

Kodi Resetted Successfully On Amazon Firestick

Now we have finished resetting Kodi on FireStick, all the add-ons and settings have been removed completely and you can restore the backup of your data.

In the next part, we are going to see, how to remove Kodi from FireStick.

Method 2: Kodi Reset On FireStick By Uninstalling

Although, the above method can clear all the data and reset the Kodi on its default state, in some cases uninstalling and installing Kodi again is the ultimate way to reset Kodi on FireStick. You can follow the below illustrations to uninstall Kodi on FireStick.

Open Kodi Inside Managed Application For Uninstalling Kodi On Amazon FireStick

Click Uninstall To Remove The Kodi From FirestickConfirm Uninstall Of Kodi On Firestick

Now, all the data of Kodi and Kodi itself is removed from the Firestick.

Which means Kodi uninstalled successfully on FireStick, Now you have to install it again in order to use Kodi on your FireStick.

Part Three, Restoring Kodi Data On FireStick

Now after installing the Kodi again on your FireStick, you have to install the Ares Wizard again in order to restore the data for your Kodi.

For restoring the data which you saved previously, you can follow the below illustrations which will help you to restore the backup easily.

Select Backup File To Restore The Backup on Firestick Kodi

Select Restore Tab Inside The Ares Wizard For Kodi Firestick Restore DataSelect Backup File To Restore Kodi On Firestick

Select The Backup File WHich You want to restore On Kodi


Click refresh inside the restore tab

Select Restore Backup To Restore The Kodi Data Check Options Before moving further

Restore Completed For Kodi Backup

Click Ok For Restarting The Kodi With Backed Up Data


This was the complete guide on Kodi reset on firestick, Backup of Kodi, Restoring the Kodi data and Removing Kodi from FireStick. If you guys face any issue while follwoing the above guide, drop your message on comments  and we will revert back quickly.

Also keep in mind that always use a good VPN for a safe and seamless streaming experience.

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