How To Mirror iPhone/iPad on Apple TV

If you have a video or presentation on your iPhone or iPad and want it to show it to everyone present in the room on a bigger display, you can mirror the screens. Here are the directions for you to mirror iPhone / iPad Apple TV.

Mirroring your iPhone / iPad can be so useful when you want to enjoy your phone content on a big screen such as your apple tv.

How to Mirror iPad on Apple TV?

  • Power on your Apple TV.
  • Wake the TV by pressing on any button on the TV remote.
  • Get access to the Multitasking Bar on your iPad.
  • Quickly press on the home button for 2 times. On the screen bottom, you can find a strip of icons that display all the apps that are open.
  • Swipe the bar to the right from the left. It will show a strip including the AirPlay icon and controls for the music, brightness, and volume of your iPad.
  • Click on the AirPlay Icon. It will show a list of devices that are paired to your network and AirPlay-enabled, including your AppleTV and your iPad.
  • Pick the “AppleTV” option from the list. In case your network has many Apple TVs, choose one that you would want to mirror the display of your iPad.
  • Type in the password (in case there is one) for the chosen Apple TV.
  • Slide the “Mirroring” switch and get it to “On”.
  • This will mirror your iPad to your Apple TV.

How to Mirror iPhone on Apple TV?

  • If you wish to see your entire iPhone screen on Apple TV, Screen Mirroring is what you should use. When your screen is on your Apple TV, go on interacting normally with your iOS device. This will put the smaller screen directly onto the bigger one.
  • Swipe your Control Center and open it up. Choose the ‘Screen Mirroring’ option.
  • Select your Apple TV.
  • Begin Screen Mirroring from iPhone to Apple TV.
  • You can again interact normally with your iPhone, and view all those interactions on your own Apple TV. This is how to do iPhone Apple TV Mirror.
  • Open up the Control Center once mirroring is complete. You can find the Screen Mirroring icon displaying the Apple TV option. Tap on that option and choose “Stop Mirroring”.

Features of Mirroring iPhone / iPad on Apple TV

  • You can put your small iPhone or iPad screen onto the big Apple TV screen, and enjoy content more clearly.
  • You can get a larger view of your games or apps.
  • You can play a home or Whatsapp video on Apple TV.


With the help of above steps, you can mirror your iPhone / iPad directly on your apple tv for some exciting experience whether you wanted to play your videos, wanted to see your photos or just wanted to give a try to your games on a big screen. It is useful as it doesn’t require much effort and you are ready to go by following some simple steps.

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