Exposing to Social Media shifted to a necessity nowadays. Nearly all social media apps give you the option to connect with your followers and friends through live streams. Twitch is a site where the gaming community gathers to watch live streams of their favorite games. Sometimes thousands of people watch these streaming videos which are usually live-streamed for their viewers as well for the competitive gamers.

Hence, if you also want to be on the list of this streaming spree to show your skills to the gaming community, then you can follow up the guide to create your own streamings irrespective of your games.

Steps to Live Stream on Twitch

You can stream via your PC, Android, and Xbox devices. So check out the steps for whichever you want to do below.

Through PC:

For streaming from a PC, Twitch recommends these specifications:
CPU: Intel Core i5-4670 or AMD Equivalent,
OS: Windows 7 Home Premium

  1. First, you will need to visit the Twitch website and register for a Twitch account so that you can access the dashboard. Go to signup, fill up your credentials and you are good to go.
  2. Then, To start streaming, you will need to download a broadcasting software. Through that, you can quickly take your first step in streaming. Twitch does provide you with a dashboard and a chat room option to monitor the reactions of the viewers. You can choose from options like OBS (Open Broadcaster Software), GameShow and XSplit. Simply take any software and register for it, and follow up the instructions to start your streaming.
  3. Next, you will need to live stream your games and wait for the world to see it.
  4. A good internet connection will be required for your hassle-free streaming and to keep your viewers happy.
  5. You can further add on a webcam as it provides a heightened personal touch to the live stream.

With Xbox:

Things you need, Twitch recommends these specifications::
The Xbox One console,
The Xbox One Kinect camera,
A good internet connection

    1. First, Open up your account from official twitch website, which will be a best to do before starting.
    2. Then just go to your Xbox Live Gold Account and then download the Twitch app.
    3. Visit your Xbox Live Profile and set your presence to ‘Online’.
    4. Review the settings and be sure of the options “See if you are online” to “Everyone” and select “Allow” in the “Broadcast gameplay” option. You have to also set the “Allow” button for the “Share content made using Kinect” option in the Privacy and Online Safety section.
    5. Now move further, on to Preference option and select “Allow broadcasts and Game DVR uploads.”
    6. You can also turn on the chat option for the live stream from the Kinect section by selecting the “Kinect on” and “Use Kinect audio for chat” options.
    7. Now you are good to go with your live streaming from your Xbox One console.

    Through Android:

    Unfortunately streaming to Twitch from an Android device is much more complicated.

    For beginners, the Twitch app for mobile does not currently let you stream games from your phone to your Twitch account. Though it must be on the way, as its demand is growing day by day. Presently, the app does do allow you to stream “IRL” using your phone’s camera and microphone, therefore, if you want to use Twitch as a vlogging platform or simply want to watch your favorite twitch streamers, the Twitch app is a great option.

    But there’s a good option available.

    The most popular way for doing this is through, open source streaming software which is Open Broadcaster Software (OBS).

    You can Check out the guide here for streaming through your android device.

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