How To Install Youtube On Roku Easily

A streaming device, Roku allows you to watch the media content of your choice on TV with the help of the internet. It hosts a dedicated Channel store for downloading and getting access to famous services such as YouTube – the favorite streaming service for many to watch films, cartoons, sports videos, TV shows and more. You can install YouTube to enjoy all types of media content on the bigger screen that TV offers. Go through some useful tips on how to set up YouTube on your Roku device.

How Can You Install YouTube on Roku?

YouTube is available officially on the Roku Channel Store. Thus, you can download it and watch the YouTube videos of your choice on Roku connected TV. Here is how Youtube Roku installation is possible.

  • Launch Roku and go to the Channel store.
  • Proceed to the search menu. Look for YouTube.
  • You can find YouTube and associated apps being displayed on the screen. Open up the YouTube app and install YouTube by clicking on ‘Add Channel’.
  • Once set up, go to the home screen and launch the YouTube Channel.

How to Use Roku Mobile app to install YouTube?

You can use the Roku Mobile app on your iOS or Android mobile to add Youtube on Roku.

  • Download the Roku Mobile app and install it for Android devices from Google Play Store and for iPhone from the Apple Store.
  • Launch the Roku Mobile app. Type in the login info that you have used for installing the Roku device.
  • Go to the Channels menu. Search the YouTube app and locate it.
  • Click on ‘Add Channel’.
  • Next, launch your Roku app. The YouTube app will show up automatically on your home screen.

Steps for Activating YouTube on Roku

Once you install YouTube, you can watch videos after activating your YouTube account. Follow these steps to set up and activate YouTube Channel on Roku and use Youtube on Roku.

  • Launch the YouTube app.
  • Press on ‘Sign In’. The screen would display an activation code.
  • Next, use your PC / mobile browser – that you used for logging in with your Google account info – to visit
  • Type in the code shown on the television screen.
  • Confirm the process by typing your Google account password in.
  • You can now view all types of YouTube videos on TV with no hassle.


Youtube is no doubt is the biggest place for the videos, With the help of the above steps, you can easily get it on your Roku. In case you met with any kind of error or if you wish to share the experience or your tricks on Youtube and Roku duo, Mention them in the comment section below.

Enjoy your streaming!!!

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