How To Install SuperRepo On Kodi

SuperRepo Kodi is giant among all of the Kodi repositories we have, with a massive list of add-ons of more than 2400 it is pretty much one stop to find the stuff which you are looking for. From awesome addons to beautiful Kodi skins it is having the stuff for everyone. You can Install Superrepo on your Kodi pretty easily with the below step by step illustrated guide.

SuperRepo for Kodi is by far the largest one place for Kodi stuff, because of this, there are so many repositories which do follow it for the awesome stuff it has. Also, you can install the Superrepo Kodi in two ways. First, you can directly download the zip file and install it from the Kodi addons section or you can do it straight from the Kodi by providing the Source URL which holds the Superrepo. We would suggest the later one, as it lets you download the latest version directly from the Source.

How To Install The SuperRepo On Kodi?

As said above there are two ways you can install Superrepo on your Kodi, and for of the ways you have to enable the installation of apps from unknown sources. Though we will discuss both the methods below, the step by step illustrations is for the more stable way.

SuperRepo Kodi Add-ons Section List

As said above, SuperRepo Kodi holds an impressive number of add-ons from various categories. With respect to facts, it includes 25 picture add-ons,180 music add-ons, and 430 program add-ons through which you can access and stream all of the content for free. Here is the list of best Superrepo add-ons that includes:

  • Specto Fork
  • Encyclopaedia Metallum
  • SkyNet
  • LazyTV
  • DramaGo
  • FilmOn

SuperRepo Kodi Updates: SuperRepo Is Working Fine On Latest Kodi Version Leia As Well As Older Versions.

Quick Installation Details For SuperRepo Repository For Kodi

Installation Details For SuperRepo Kodi Repository

SuperRepo Source URL:

Repository Name: SuperRepo

Category: Repository

If you are an experienced user and know how to download and install any repo and addon on Kodi. These above-mentioned details will be enough for installing the Superrepo On Kodi. But we would suggest going through the more in-depth illustration for an easy and hassle-free installation.

Step By Step Guide To Install SuperRepo On Kodi

In order to install SuperRepo on Kodi, you have to first enable the apps from unknown sources option from Kodi System Settings. After that, we will fetch the source repo files of SuperRepo Kodi repo from the server and later install it from the repository section.

Add The Source Of SuperRepo Kodi Repository

  1. First, from Kodi’s home screen, go to settings by clicking on the Clog Gear icon.Go to Kodi System Settings
  2. Inside the system section of Kodi, you will find the File Manager, Select it and go inside.Select File Manager
  3. On the next screen, you will come up with multiple files. At the bottom of the screen, scroll to Add Source.Add Source For Superrepo
  4. Now, as we are adding the source repository for SuperRepo addon from the third-party server, you need to enter the select None.Select None
  5. After that, Kodi will ask you, the path of the media source. There you have to enter the exact source URL of SuperRepo Server.
  6. Note: Type exactly the source repo address “” or else the connection between Kodi and server won’t be established.Type Source URL For SuperRepo Kodi
  7. Then on the next screen, you have to put the name of media source, you can type anything here but we would suggest entering the “SuperRepo”.Enter The Name Of Superrepo Source
  8. After typing the source name and URL of the SuperRepo, you have to go back to add-ons section from the home screen of Kodi.From Main Menu Go To Kodi Addons
  9. Inside the Addon browser, select “Install From Zip File. To get inside the directory of source repository”Install From Zip For Supremacy Repo Installation
  10. Inside the Zip Directory, select super repo and after that select OK.Select Zip File Of SuperRepo Kodi Repository
  11. Now after entering inside the source repo zip directory, select the version of you Kodi and go inside the directory by selecting OK.
  12. You will come up with the SuperRepo Zip file. Select it and press OK.Select Superrepo Zip File For Kodi
  13. After selecting the SuperRepo Zip file, it will be installed on your Kodi automatically. You will get a notification of SuperRepo Addon installed successfully on your top right corner of Kodi screen.
  14. Now, we have installed the SuperRepo repository on Kodi successfully. You can access it through your Kodi’s repository section.Select And Install SuperRepo On Kodi

After you have successfully installed SuperRepo Kodi repository. You can see the various category section and explore them by yourself.

SuperRepo Category Section

These are all the sections which are included inside the SuperRepo Kodi Repository.

  • Third party Repositories
  • SuperRepo All
  • Skins
  • Subtitles
  • Video
  • Anime
  • Audiobooks
  • Comedy
  • Comics
  • Documentary
  • Downloads
  • Audio
  • Pictures
  • Services
  • Food
  • Podcasts
  • Radio
  • Religion
  • Space
  • Sports
  • Technology
  • Trailers
  • Programs
  • Scrapers
  • Screensavers
  • Gaming
  • Misc
  • Movies
  • Music
  • New and Weather
  • TV-Shows

As you can see there is a lot of content which you can access through SuperRepo Repository.

SuperRepo Language Support Section

SuperRepo is among the repositories which do have multilingual support. The various languages which you can access from SuperRepo are Dutch, English, French, Hebrew, Polish, German, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish. Which means it does have stuff from these languages as well and you can install the addons which are specific to your language.

Winding Up For SuperRepo

That was the illustrated guide on SuperRepo Addon Installation on Kodi. You can explore the wide range of sections after installing SuperRepo on Kodi. Also, as it gets frequent updates as well from the active team of developers. So decide by yourself after exploring it a bit, whether you can give it a place inside your Kodi addons library.

In case, you encounter some error while installing the SuperRepo On Kodi, drop your error inside the comment section and we will provide you a quick fix.

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