How To Install Poseidon Addon On Kodi

In this guide, we are going to demonstrate how you can install the Poseidon Addon On Kodi, as the interface for Kodi is the same for all of the devices which support Kodi. So you can follow these steps for all of the devices which have Kodi installed.

Poseidon Addon for Kodi is an awesome Kodi addon which is capable of providing popular streams by filtering out the from multiple sources. Whether you are looking for Movies, TV Shows, Latest Content, 4K or any other Video content, it holds multiple categories and fetches the links from multiple sources.

Installing Poseidon is inside the Kodil Repository and we are going to fetch it from the Source repo server through Kodi addon browser. The below illustrations can help you in downloading and installing the Poseidon Kodi addon. Make sure you have enabled the app from unknown sources option from your Kodi system settings. Only after that, you will be able to install the third party add-ons like Poseidon on your Kodi.

How To Install Poseidon Addon On Kodi?

In order to download and install the Poseidon Kodi addon, you have to grant permission for third-party app installation.

First, we are going to add the source repository of Poseidon Addon through add-ons browser. And then we will finish with installing the Poseidon Addon on Kodi. Although, there are two ways by which you can access the source repository. First by retrieving the repository from the server via the Kodi addons browser. And second by directly installing the repo by downloading from the server and placing it inside the directory.

Update: Poseidon has been renamed as Neptune Rising, though you can still follow the below guide to install it on Kodi. Also, Poseidon (Neptune Rising) Addon is fully compatible with the latest version of Kodi 18 Leia and you can still use it on older versions as well.

Poseidon Addon Sections

You can enjoy the following sections after installing Poseidon addon on Kodi. These are categorized section of Movies by.

  • Genres
  • Year Of Release
  • Oscar winners
  • In theaters
  • Great directors
  • Search 

Quick Details For Poseidon Addon Installation

Install Poseidon Addon For KodiPoseidon Kodi Addon Details:

Source Repository:

Repository Name: Kodil

Category: Multipurpose Video Addon

The Kodil Repository is also home for some of the top Kodi add-ons which are loved by Kodi community. In the below guide we are first adding the source repository and later will go inside the repository directory to get the Poseidon addon.

Note: Make sure you type the URL for server address of source repo exactly. Or else we won’t be able to make a connection between the server and our Kodi.

To enjoy the seamless streaming experience, we would suggest using the VPN always as the laws are getting stricter, you should protect your identity before accessing the Kodi.

Quick Steps To Install Poseidon Kodi Addon

You can follow these steps to install Poseidon Addon

  1. Click Kodi System settings > File Manager > Add Source > <None>.
  2. Now Type the source repo URL as, click OK.
  3. On the box below the media source URL, enter the name for media source as Kodil, and select OK.
  4. After that, Navigate to Kodi Add-ons > Add-ons browser addon browser > Install from zip file.
  5. Now, Go inside Kodil > and select to install the Poseidon Addon repo.
  6. Now go to Add-ons browser, click Install from repository > Kodil Repository > Select Video Add-ons.
  7. Scroll down until you find Poseidon, then click on the Install button for the Poseidon install to begin.
  8. Wait for a while and you will get the notification as Poseidon Addon installed successfully.

Although, you can install Poseidon on Kodi with these quick steps if you have prior experience of third-party Kodi installation. But for a smooth installation, we would suggest you go through the below-illustrated guide.

Illustrated Guide To Install Poseidon Addon On Kodi

For installing Poseidon or any third part addon on Kodi, it is splited in two parts. First by addin the source repository and in the later part installig the addon itself. Follow the below guide for a more insight.

Add the source repository.

  1. Select the setting icon from the Kodi Home Screen.Go to Kodi System Settings
  2. Now, select the file manager inside the system screen.Select File Manager
  3. After entering inside the File Manager, scroll down to the bottom and select Add Source from there.Click Add Source For Supremacy Repo Installation
  4. Now, you will see the option None, select it as Poseidon is a third party addon, we have to enter the source address manually.Select None
  5. Type the source URL of the Poseidon Addon exactly as shown.
  6. Source Repo URL:
  7. Now, type the name of the media source name inside the below box. Verify the details and select OK.Review Source URL ANd Name For Repo
  8. After that, go back to Home Screen of the Kodi and go to add-ons browser.From Main Menu Go To Kodi Addons
  9. Inside the addons browser, you will see the Install from the zip file, select it.Install From Zip For Supremacy Repo Installation
  10. Now, select the Kodil Repo inside the directory.Select The Source Repo For Poseidon To Enter
  11. After entering inside the directory, select file and press OK.Select the Kodil Zip File To Install On Kodi
  12. You will get the notification as Kodil addon installed on Kodi. After that select Install from the repository from the same add-ons browser.Now Select Install From Repository
  13. You will see inside Kodil repository inside the repo section after scrolling a bit, select it to enter inside the repository.Enter Inside the Kodil Repository
  14. Now, inside the repository, select Video Add-ons.
  15. Scroll a bit and you will get the Poseidon addon select it.Select Poseidon Addon To Install From Repo
  16. After selecting it, you will get the installation screen of Poseidon addon.
  17. Select install to install Poseidon Addon on Kodi.Click To Install Poseidon Kodi Addon

Wait for a while and you will get the notification on your right top corner of Kodi, saying Poseidon addon installed successfully.

Wrapping Up For Poseidon Kodi Addon

These were the illustrations, using which you can install the Poseidon addon on your Kodi. If you face any error while following the guide, do let us know by mentioning the error inside the comment section. And if you have already installed it, then enjoy and explore its massive library collection.

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