How To Install Deathstar Kodi Addon

Deathstar Kodi addon has already made a place in popular Kodi addons. Easy to use interface, good quality streams, and other good features make it one of the must-have add-ons into your Kodi box. If you want to Install Deathstar Kodi addon, then just follow the below step by step guide through which you install it on your Kodi hassle-free.

After some time, you can see Deathstar Kodi Addon, a much improved, smart and stealthy along with awesome features. As the active developers behind it are building it into a massive one and trying to minimize the room for any bugs.

In fact, right now Deathstar Addon has the combined features of some of the best add-ons like WOW, DNA, Expose, One Click and some other. So, if you are looking for an easy way to install it on your Kodi then follow the illustrated step by step guide for the installation process of Deathstar Addon.

Deathstar Addon Combined Add-ons

It is packed with following add-ons, means you can stream all the contents which are available with these add-ons:

  • Cer3erus
  • OneNation – Essent1al
  • Nymeria
  • Team DNA – DNA, Devastation
  • Expose – Expose
  • Mr Bandicoots – Wumpa Fruit
  • ukodi1 – WOW,
  • EzZeRmAn – M.E.T.V.
  • Mainstreet
  • House of Blue
  • Click Bait – One Click

These 11 add-ons are combined inside the Deathstar Addon.

Sections Included In Deathstar Addon For Kodi

  • WOW (WOW Addon Special)
  • M.E.T.V
  • DNA (DNA Addon Content)
  • Devastation (Devastation Content)
  • House of Blue
  • Leviticus
  • Mysterious (Included Mystery Genre)
  • One Click (One click streaming)
  • EXPOSE (Expose Addon Content)
  • Wumpa Fruit
  • Discovery
  • My Trakt Movies (Trakt Logs)
  • My Trakt TV (Trakt TV Logs)
  • Deathstar Tools (To Configure The Settings)
  • Deathstar Search (For Searching Content)

Installation Details For Deathstar Kodi Addon

Quick Details Of Deathstar Addon For Kodi

Deathstar Source Name: UKodi1 Repository

Source URL:

As you guys may be aware that, you need to enable the apps from unknown sources first. Only then you can install the third party add-ons like Deathstar on your Kodi. And for those who got prior experience with these installations then below are the quick steps for Deathstar installation on Kodi.

Quick Steps For Deathstar Kodi Addon

  1. From Home Screen, click System  >> then File Manager >> and Add Source >> click <None> for third party URL access.
  2. Enter the source Repo URL >> then select OK >> name the media source ukodi1>> press OK.
  3. Again from Kodi menu >> click Addons >> Add-ons browser  >> click Install from Zip File.
  4. Now, Navigate to ukodi1 and click the
  5. Finally Select From Install from Repository >> click ukodi1 >> Select Video Add-ons >> click Death Star >> press Install.
  6. That’s all.

So above are the quick steps by which you can install the Deathstar Kodi addon easily. Now for a more in-depth guide with illustration, you can follow the below steps. For information sake, we are using the default screen on this guide, if you have changed your skin then it can be revert back easily. Or if you want to continue with that, that’s also fine.

Illustrated step by step guide for Deathstar Addon For Kodi

First and foremost, you have to enable the “app install from unknown sources” only then you can follow the rest of the guide. As it is disabled by default for security concerns and provided as default settings from developers. Now, let us jump on to the installation steps with illustrations.

We are breaking the installation process in two steps, first, we are going to add the source repository “Ukodi1” and then we will install the Deathstar from addon directory of the repository.

Add Source Repository For Deathstar Kodi Addon

  1. From Kodi, Krypton Home Screen Go To SettingsGo to Kodi System Settings
  2. Click On File Manager To Get Access Of DirectorySelect File Manager
  3. Click On Add Source To Add The Source Repo “Ukodi1” Where Deathstar Addon Is LocatedClick Add Source For Supremacy Repo Installation
  4. Select None As You Have To Enter The Third Party Source URLSelect None
  5. Enter The Source Repo URL Inside The Section. Source URL: Source Repo For DeathStar Kodi Addon
  6. Review The Source Repo URL And Name, And Save It By Clicking OK.Check Deathstar Repo URL And Name
  7. Now, Go Back To Add-ons Section From Home Screen.Goto Addons Section
  8. Select Install From Zip File To Install It.Select Install From Zip File
  9. On The Next Screen, Select The UKodi1 Repo Which You Added Above.Select Deathstar Repo Source
  10. From The Directory Select The Zip File.
  11. Note: The File Name Can Be Changed When You Add The Source As This Is Getting Frequent Updates.Select Deathstar Ukodi1 Zip File
  12. Now The Source Repo For Deathstar Addon Is Installed.Deathstar Kodi Repo Installed Successfully
  13. After That, Go Back To The Add-ons Browser Section And Select Install From Repository.Now Select Install From Repository
  14. Inside The Section Select The Ukodi1 Repo Inside Which You Will Get Deathstar Addon.Select Deathstar Kodi Addon
  15. After That Go To Video Add-ons Section And You Will Find Deathstar Inside It.Select Deathstar Addon From Video Addons
  16. Check Deathstar Kodi Addon On Next Screen And Click On Install Button To Install It.Click To Install Deathstar Addon On Kodi

Now You Have Successfully Installed The Deathstar Addon On Kodi. Explore The Latest News Section And More.

Latest News About DeathStar Kodi Addon Explore Deathstar Addon For Kodi

What is Deathstar Addon is capable of?

As we already told above that it is a massive addon which is combined by some of the top add-ons which are available for Kodi. There are so many development teams which do provide the development efforts and improvements for Kodi add-ons, just like that, Death Star Kodi Addon is made by the 11 of them.

Deathstar Development Teams

  • ukodi1 – WOW
  • Team DNA – DNA, Devastation
  • House of Blue
  • OneNation – Essent1al
  • Nymeria
  • Click Bait – One Click
  • Expose – Expose
  • EzZeRmAn – M.E.T.V.
  • Mr. Bandicoots – Wumpa Fruit
  • Cer3erus
  • Mainstreet

Which means there are multiple streams and additional features and sources which Death Star is capable of doing. Death star Kodi addon is capable of providing unlimited quality streams of the following contents.

  • Live TV 24×7
  • Movies
  • News
  • Sports
  • Music
  • Documentaries
  • And Much More which you gonna explore.
Wrapping It For DeathStar Addon With Kodi

If you are looking for an awesome all in one addon which is packed with rich features and quality streams sources. From 4K Music Videos to Movies, Documentaries and much more. Deathstar Kodi Addon is a must have Addon on your Kodi Library. Also, in case of any error while following the above tutorial, drop your message inside the comment section for a quick fix.

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