How To Install & Configure Gaia Kodi Addon Easily

Learn how to install and explore the “Gaia Kodi Addon”, the brilliant addon with regular updates and awesome quality streaming hub. Whether you wanted to enjoy the HD movies, tv shows, documentaries, short movies or other stuff. Gaia Addon has room for everything with its quality streaming links which are refined pretty well with awesome stuff.

Gaia Kodi Addon is a pretty clean fork of the old Kodi addon “Bubbles”, which is a one-stop destination add-on for Movies, TV Shows and Documentary lovers. It fetches all the links and organizes them while keeping in mind the quality of the links. So if you also want to have this Addon on your Kodi library, then check out this illustrated guide on how you can install the Gaia Addon on your Kodi.

The Gaia Addon of Kodi is pretty well optimized for premium services like streaming high-quality torrents securely with using Orion, Real Debrid, OffCloud and other such types of services. But be sure you are using a good VPN for streaming the awesome stuff without worrying.

Update: Gaia Addon is working fine with the latest update of Kodi “Leia” as well as older versions.

Features Of Gaia Addon 2019

Gaia addon is feature packed addon, you can enjoy these features after installing Gaia addon on Kodi:

  • Fully Compatible with Real-Debrid and Premiumize
  • Easy Customization
  • Kodi Library Integration
  • Cached torrent support for returned links.
  • Integration with scrappers like Universal, Incursion and Placenta Scraper
  • Full Trakt support (for watch history logs)
  • Premium Usenet support
  • Audio and video quality settings and customization

How To Install Gaia Kodi Addon In 2019?

The installation process for Gaia Addon is divided into two parts, first, you have to fetch and install the source repository of Gaia Addon and later you can install it from the repo directory easily. Also, make sure you have enabled the app installation from unknown sources first which is disabled by default and recommended for installing any third party Add-ons.

Quick Installation Details For Gaia Addon For Kodi

Installation Details of Gaia Kodi Addon

Gaia Addon Source Repo:

Repository Name: Gaia Repo

Category: Movies, TV Shows, Documentaries, etc.

Latest Version Of Gaia Addon: v5.2.2

It is being updated regularly from its developers, and the new updates hold bug fixes and other new features, which are helping it to be a good and reliable Kodi addon among the Kodi lovers. Although there are two options by which you can install it, first, by downloading the Source Repo Zip file from the server manually and putting it inside Kodi directory and later installing the Gaia from the repository. And the Second one is by fetching it straight from the Kodi itself and downloading the latest files of the repository.

Overview Of The Installation Process Of Gaia Addon On Kodi

2019 Quick Installation Steps For Gaia Kodi Addon:

  1. Start The Kodi And Go To Home Screen
  2. From There, Click On System settings >> File Manager >> Add source >> and Click None.
  3. Now Enter The Name Of Source Repo:, click OK, name it Gaia Repo and click OK.
  4. Then, Navigate To Kodi Add-ons >> Add-ons browser addon browser >> Install from zip file >> Gaia.
  5. Click on the Gaia repo zip directory then select the Repo Source Zip File To Install It.
  6. Now, Select Install from repository >> gaia repo >> Video add-ons >> Gaia Addon 
  7. And Click On Install button.

So these were the quick steps for installing the Gaia Addon on your Kodi. Below is the full step by step illustrated guide which you should refer in order to clean install of the addon.

Add Source Repo For Gaia Kodi Addon

As said above that it is a two-part process, that is we will first install the Source Repo of Gaia addon and later will install the Gaia Itself from the video add-ons section.

  1. Select the settings from the home screen of Kodi.Go to Kodi System Settings
  2. Inside the system settings, select File Manager from the bottom of the section.Select File Manager
  3. Now scroll to the bottom and select Add Source.Click Add Source For Supremacy Repo Installation
  4. As Gaia Addon is a third party Kodi addon, you have to enter the source name and URL manually after selecting the None option.Select None
  5. Type the exact Source URL of the Gaia Kodi addon.
  6. Make sure you have entered the exact URL for establishing the connection with the server.
  7. The Source URL For Gaia Is: The Source URL Of Gaia Kodi Addon
  8. Now check the source name and URL for the source repo of Gaia addon.Check The Source Name & URL Of Gaia Addon
  9. Now go back and select the install from zip file from add-ons browser of Kodi.Install From Zip For Supremacy Repo Installation
  10. There you will see the Gaia name inside the Zip directory, select it.Select Gaia Addon From Repository
  11. Inside the Gaia repo, you will see the file, select it to install the source repo of Gaia addon.Select Gaia Addon Repo Zip File To Install
  12. Wait for a few seconds and you will get the notification of Source repo installed.From Main Menu Go To Kodi Addons
  13. Now, from the addons browser, select install from repository.Now Select Install From Repository
  14. You will see all of the repositories which are installed on your Kodi, scroll to Gaia repository 1 and select it.Select Gaia Repository 1 Of Gaia Addon
  15. Inside the Gaia repository 1, you have to go inside the Video add-ons to get Gaia Kodi addon.Select Video Addons For Gaia Addon Directory
  16. On the next screen, select “Gaia” and you will see the installation screen for the Gaia addon.Select Gaia Addon From Video Addons
  17. Now, click to install the Gaia Addon on Kodi.Click To Install Gaia Kodi Addon
  18. Wait for a while and you will see the notification saying “Gaia addon installed successfully”.Gaia Kodi Addon Installed Successfully
  19. After that you can open the Gaia addon from the addons section of your Kodi, it may ask you to configure itself for the first time.
  20. Configure The Installed Gaia Addon On Kodi
  21. Finish up the configuration for Gaia addon and proceed further.Gaia Addon Configured Start It
  22. Now open the Gaia addon from Kodi’s addon browser and start exploring it.Open The Gaia Addon From Addons Section

That’s all, now you are all set to enjoy the Gaia Kodi Addon. It supports a pretty wide range of premium services which you can integrate easily and can enjoy the huge on-demand quality database.

Frequently Questions About Gaia Kodi Addon 2019

Why Gaia Is Running Slow On My Kodi?

If Gaia Addon is not running smoothly, then there are only a few things which lead to this problem.

If you are using an old android box with low specs then it can take time to execute the scripts. As Gaia is packed with so many features which makes it a little complex on the backend, so it requires a minimum of 2GB RAM with the good internet connection.

Although Gaia gives you the option to configure it as per your needs.

Here is some configuration which you can use in case the Gaia is not working properly.

  • From Configuration, Disable the providers which you don’t require: Gaia → Tools → Settings → Providers.
  • Configure it for stopping once enough sources were found: Gaia → Tools → Settings → Scraping → Preemptive Termination.
  • You can also disable season pack searches for fast processing of the individual content: Gaia → Tools → Settings → Scraping → Season Packs.

How To Configure Gaia Kodi Addon?

Interface Settings:

  • It depends on your usage for third-party services like Real Debrid, Premiurize etc.
  • Rest the interface is quite simple and easily understandable

Scrapping Settings:

  • In this section you can configure the scrapping settings like bandwidth, sources, multiple fetches and more for a well-refined and quality scrapped results.

Providers Settings:

  • Over here you can change the settings for providers in Gaia Kodi addon, although the default settings are already set up at optimal level and if you don’t do anything over here would be a good thing.

Streaming Settings:

  • If you want to fetch all of the results then you can keep it set up at the default state.
  • To save some bandwidth and duplicate entries you can select the single streaming source.

Download Settings:

  • When you want to download the content which is streaming through Gaia Kodi addon, toggle the settings over here. If you want to use it for streaming only, you can keep it disabled.
Wrapping It Up:

So that was the illustrated guide on how you can install the Gaia Addon On Your Kodi. As it is a popular add-on with active developers behind it. So you don’t have to worry about the discontinuation of this quality addon of Kodi. You can now enjoy free streaming of Movies, Documentaries, TV Shows, Short Films and other content with good quality.

Also, note down that complex add-ons as Gaia works smoothly on new end Android boxes, means you can upgrade your box for a hassle-free streaming experience.

Important: Make sure your identity is safe from the ISP’s, and you can do that and become safe by using a good VPN service. Also, if you guys have faced any error and couldn’t be able to install it, drop the error message below. I hope you will enjoy the awesome streaming uninterrupted.

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