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Flixanity Kodi Addon

Kodi is a great and fantastic software that can let its users stream premium HD content from significant categories, including TV series, movies, sports, games, religious content, and many others. Kodi is open-source software that can be efficiently run on almost any operating system environment from Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

As this new streaming application is supported by many operating systems, it needs to be the best one with excellent features to survive in the streaming market. Hence, since 2003, about 500 developers are continually working to make sure that Kodi is no less than any other software of its kind.

The software is perfect in its original built-in form but what makes it better are some cool add-ons that can be easily installed on it for better user experiences and to provide a wide range variety of content to be streamed.

A great add-on available in the add-on market of Kodi is Flixanity. Flixanity is a useful add-on from Stream hub repository that can play some unique movies and TV shows on your Kodi player. The most significant advantage and feature that makes it stand out is that it can play streams based on the resolution of the video. This feature is not found in most other add-ons of Kodi. The decision or quality of the video is usually known after the playback is started in case of other add-ons.

Hence, Flixanity is an excellent option for users with a slow internet connection. They can play videos with a lesser resolution for an uninterrupted playback session.

Before you install the add-on

Before installing the Flixanity, make sure to use a VPN because the add-on is presented by a third-party source. Third-party add-ons have been a target of copyright agencies recently. Hence, stay anonymous the whole time while using any third-party add-on.

The safest method that can let you install Flixanity and stream movies and TV serials using it is by enabling a VPN (Virtual Private Network). VPNs can encrypt your whole traffic and hide your exact Internet Protocol address with the help of numerous advanced techniques. There are scores of free and paid VPNs available in the market. It’s advised to install and configure one of them before proceeding with the installation process.

Installing Flixanity on your Kodi 

First, you need to download the Stream Hub repository file in .zip format from the internet. After successfully downloading it, open your Kodi.

You got to the Add-ons section available on the left side of the main interface of Kodi. Now choose “package installer” on the top left corner of the screen. Click on “Install from zip file.” Now navigate to the zip file that you have recently downloaded. Wait for the “Add-on enabled notification.”

Once you get notified, proceed to “Install from repository” option in the Add-ons section. Open “Stream Hub repo” and choose “Video add-ons.” Search for the Flixanity Kodi add-on. Once you find it, click install and for the notification.

Once you get the “Add-on enabled notification,” you are good to go.

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