Fix Olpair Openload TVadme Vidupme Kodi Pair

It is most often that when we use popular Kodi add-ons like Exodus Redux, Gaia, Yoda,  Uranus, Neptune Rising etc which do support the premium services and the Kodi pair error comes while streaming.  Although it is a temporary error which is present from quite a long time, still it didn’t get any permanent fix by default.

Basically, all the addons fetch extra streaming links from popular services like, openload (Olpair), etc. They ask you to pair on the official websites and later you can use the streaming links which are good then the other basic streaming links. In this guide, I have covered the fixes which occur while pairing with these services.

Why Olpair,,, Error comes in Kodi?

The pair error in Kodi is not a typical error, it’s kind of a gateway entry warning. Basically the online streaming services like Olpair,, and do have a big collection of quality movies. At the same time, due to the heavy traffic, not all the users are real which counts. So to save the resources and provide good streaming these services have made a gateway which makes sure that all the traffic is coming from the real sources.

That’s why these services need to authenticate their users before giving access to the library. I have mentioned two methods through which you can solve the Kodi Olpair, Vidup, Tvad pair errors.

The reason behind millions of access requests from these services is because they are having well-organized content categories from all genres not limiting to movies and tv shows. And there are so many people out there who want to access these streams from automated ways. That’s where these services come up with the human verification method.

Method One: IP address pairing with Olpair, Vidup, TVad &

This is a simple yet quick method through which you can fix the error and pair up your Kodi with these services. In this method, we are going to pair up the IP address which we are using with Kodi. Once you finish pairing up, you won’t see the pair error on all of the devices which are connected with that particular IP.

Note: The pairing will last for 4 Hours only, after that you need to pair up again.

Let’s check out how to pair up the IP address.

Step 1: When you come up with the pair error, you will get a notification popup which tells you to pair up.

Step 2: Now, open up the browser from your phone or another device which is connected with the same IP. Goto “”. And select the captcha checkbox for verifying the human presence.

Step 3: After verifying the captcha, you will see the pair option on the same screen. Select pair.

Step 4: It will automatically pair up the IP address. You will get the message on the screen with the IP address which has been paired successfully.

Through this way, you can fix the pair error quickly and get back to your streams in no time. Although it will last only for 4 Hours, means you can see one full movie in HD quality before accessing the quality database again.

This is the one way through which you can successfully pair up with olpair and other streaming services.

The other way through which you can do the same is by turning off the verification manually.

Method 2: Turning off Hosters Captchas In Kodi

You can turn off the Hosters with captchas from the Kodi settings which will also work to fix up the pairing issue. Although this way is not the idle one and you can miss some quality streams from these services but it is quite effective sometimes.

As there is not any way to turn off the captchas for all of the addons, so you should go with the specific add-ons which you are planning to use to stream from.

The steps for turning off hosters with captchas are the same for all of the addons which supports the openload like services. I have demonstrated the way on the exodus, you can do the same in a similar manner.

Step 1: Choose the addon, in my case, I am choosing Exodus.

Step 2: Select Tools after scrolling down through options.

Step 3: Now open the Settings: Playback from the list.

Step 4: On the next screen, make sure you are on the Playback tab. You will get the toggle option for Hosters with captcha settings. Turn it off.

After successfully disabling the hosters with captchas. You will see the updated list of streams. You can choose the links to streams with out getting the pair error.

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