Fix Kodi Buffering Issue On FireStick

There can be multiple reasons which can cause Buffering issue on Kodi. In this guide, we are going to tell you why these issues occur and how to fix the buffering issue on Kodi. You can follow these illustrations to fix this Kodi buffering problem on any of the devices which have Kodi installed.

As Kodi is limitless when it comes to watching anything or fetching the content from the internet. However, any glitch or interruptions can be so annoying when enjoying the streaming. As said above there can be so many reasons which can cause these buffering problem on Kodi. Although the most common reason for this is a slow internet connection, there are other things like IP conflict, Cache, Hardware etc.

Update: You can follow the same steps to fix the Kodi buffering issue on the latest version of Kodi 18 Leia as well. Although Kodi 18 has some pre-optimized settings for dealing with Kodi Buffering issue.

Why Is My Kodi Keep Buffering?

When we start watching it and Kodi stuck on buffering, its the most annoying thing at that moment and we start looking for another source. But there comes this question that why my Kodi is Keep buffering. However, you are not alone with this Kodi problem. That’s the most common problem of Kodi and it can be solved as well.

Note: Before you jump straight to the answers we would recommend to check your internet speed. The minimum internet speed you need while streaming through Kodi without any buffering issue is 5MBPS. If you have lower than that change your plan and proceed to the above steps.

Reason For Kodi Buffering Issue

There are several things which can lead to this problem some of them are:

  • Slow Internet Connection
  • IP Conflict
  • Kodi Cache Issue
  • Device Hardware & Specs (Very Rare)

These are the reasons which cause the buffering issue on Kodi, solving them is also quite easy if you find the reason for your Kodi Buffering problem. Keep reading the guide and see what causes your Kodi buffering issue and how to fix it.

How To Fix Kodi Buffering Issue 2019?

In order to fix the buffering issue on your Kodi, you need to find out what causes it. When you know what is the particular issue for this, you can easily implement the below fixes and enjoy the seamless streaming on your Kodi.

So, here are the illustrated steps on how to rectify the buffering issue and solve it.

1. Kodi Buffering Due To Slow Internet Fix

Slower internet is the most common reason for buffering on Kodi. But first, you have to confirm it before upgrading and raising your internet bills. So many people keep wondering as what should be an idle speed to start streaming seamlessly on Kodi. Although there is not an exact figure for this, as for the different quality of the video, you need different speed. Likewise, for streaming a 720p Video, 5Mbps will work good and for streaming a 4K Video, you need to have a 25Mbps speed for seamless streaming.

In order to find, that is it your internet speed that is causing the buffering problem. You can go to to check the speed of your internet connection.

Nowadays in 2019, most of the users are preferring Wifi for their internet needs. But a hard-wired internet connection is still a reliable option for an uninterrupted internet connection.

Why we are saying that is because the latency which is mainly responsible for uninterrupted connection is almost 10X low on the wireless connection as compared to the wired ones.

Buffering Issue Fix With Less Internet Speed Connection 

If your speed isn’t more than 5mbps (ideal for 720p streaming), you need to upgrade your plan or if you have already a plan with enough speed than contact the support.

2. Kodi Buffering Problem Due To Cache (Fix)

Another reason which is responsible for buffering issue on Kodi is Caching. Caching is the way of storing some data which can be accessed quickly and it is stored inside the auxiliary memory. For example when you play videos online and see the video loaded progress and play progress are different, that loaded progress on seekbar is the caching which is stored on the server for quick access.

Same way you can change the caching size of your Kodi and set it on optimal settings. By default, it has been set up on some default values which can be changed easily. You can do that by simply following the steps below.

Fixing Kodi Buffer Issue By Optimizing Cache

Note: In order to do that you have to install the Ares Wizard. It is is a complete tune-up and maintaining addon for Kodi.

  1. Open Ares Wizard and select the Tweaks tab.Click On Tweaks Tab To Resolve Buffering Issue On Kodi
  2. On the next screen, select Next to continue.Read The Message And Click Next
  3. Now, Ares Wizard will give you the option to Generate Settings, select it.
  4. It will generate the optimal settings to fix the Kodi buffering issue.Now Click Generate Message For Kodi Buffering Problem
  5. After that, click on the Advanced Settings Wizard. To open the settings and configure them manually.Click On Advanced settings for Buffering Issue On Kodi
  6. Inside the advanced settings option, change the value of Video Cache Size.Check Settings And Apply For Kodi Buffering Issue Fix
  7. After changing the values, select Apply these settings. Now you will have the optimal settings on your Kodi and your Kodi won’t face buffering issue because of Cache.

3. IP Conflict (Or IP Issue)

Your current IP address can also be the reason for buffering issue on Kodi. As the governments are becoming stricter on copyright violations, and on their instructions, the ISP’s are throttling the speed when they got to know about these things. However, you can easily fix this Kodi buffering issue which is caused by an IP Conflict or ISP’s restriction by using a good VPN, which will help you in two ways. First it will protect your identity and secondly, it will solve your Kodi’s buffering problem and provide you with seamless streaming.


These were the issue and their fix of Buffering issue on Kodi. Apart from them, there are the minimum chances of hardware issues as that can be solved pretty much by the tuning the Caching settings through Ares Wizard. Although most of the time only issue which can cause the buffering problem is internet speed following by the Cache optimization. But using a good VPN can remove the IP restrictions and it is also capable of providing quality and seamless streaming.

We hope now you can easily rectify why your Kodi is stuck on buffering and how to fix Kodi buffer problem. Also if you have found out your own hack to solve the Buffering issue of Kodi then do let us know by dropping the message inside the comment section.

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