FileLinked Codes For Firestick

Filelinked is an android application that allows it’s users to download multiple files at the same time to their android devices. It can work on Android as well as Amazon Fire and Android TV operating systems. This app can let you install the most popular and recent apps or APKs instantly.

A user uploads files into a repository on Filelinked and then shares the Filelinked code of that particular repository with other users to let them access the files. The users can now download these files onto their systems or hardware boxes easily.

This is a very useful feature because, in normal scenarios, you need to download the APK of the app you want to install and place it onto a USB stick to install it on your system.

How to get Filelinked on your FireStick

Filelinked can be easily installed on your FireStick in a few moments. After getting Downloader app from the Amazon Appstore, launch it and open the following URL in the address bar:

Now you have to wait for Filelinked to be downloaded. Once it gets done, click Install to get it installed on your FireStick.

Using Filelinked is easy. Open it and enter a valid code. Now you can easily download the apps stored on that particular code’s repository.

Top Filelinked codes list

Following is the list of some particular codes that you can use to download amazing content on your Android TV box hardware using Filelinked. Simply type any of these codes in your Filelinked app to access its repository.

17779393, Pin 2222: This repository is presented by JO CAN which contains one of the largest lists of APKs in it. All the applications are Ad-free. Some Latino APKs are also available in this repository.

96031172, Pin 1234: There are several Terrarium TV clones inside this repository. Though the app went offline some time ago people are still tied to its name.

22222222, Pin 4754: This code gives you access to a complete APK store. It contains loads of popular APKs including Cinema HD, CyberFlix TV, Morph TV, MX player, Titanium TV, Cloud TV, BeeTV, Morpheus and many others.

67817931: This code contains a Terrarium TV alternative known as TeaTV. The code is the official TeaTV store repository.

35746417: This code lets you download an incredible Android TV APK called TVzion. This is the official code for the TVZion store.

85810914: This code lets you download and install all versions of the famous streaming player known as Kodi. Kodi is an awesome app that lets you watch tons of movies, TV series and various other categories through your FireStick.

12345678:This code lets you download the YouTube TV application. It also contains different Kodi wizard builds that you can install on your device.

74238464: This code is the home of various streaming as well as other applications that can be downloaded straight to your system.

47603928: This code contains some cool Android apps in its repository.

88897031: This one has ROMs and Emulators in it. Its name is My Emulator Zone. It also contains Retro Games.

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