Factory Reset Macbook For All Versions & Wipe Data

Factory Reset MacBook All Versions: There can be various reasons when you want to reset your MacBook, whether for experiencing the new feeling again, maybe having a feeling of some viruses or malware or for any other reason. If you want to factory reset your MacBook pro or resetting your MacBook Air, we have the complete guide which will surely help to accomplish the task. Though re-setting MacBook Air or MacBook Pro has some similar steps as well some differences. But you can do that with our below guide hassle-free.

First, we will talk about the factory reset of MacBook Pro and later follow with Factory Reset of MacBook Air Guide. So whatever the reason you have let us check out the steps for Factory Reseting MacBook Pro.


How To Factory Reset MacBook Pro?

Factory Reset For MacBook Pro is an easy task but a little time consuming no doubt, first and foremost thing while you want to restore your MacBook Pro to its default state is to make a backup. And after that, you can follow up the rest procedure for resetting your MacBook Pro. So first let’s check how to make the back up for your MacBook Pro.

Backup For MacBook Pro:

With TimeMachine you can easily backup your Mac to external storage before restoring it to old state

Steps For Backup:

  1. Connect a storage device to your mac (it should be formatted as Mac OS Extended)
  2. After Connecting the correct formatted device A prompt will come to ask if you want it to use with Time Machine.
  3. Sometimes it doesn’t ask in that case you can open the time machine manually by going to system preferences and the time machine.
  4. Choose the backup disk in the time machine and select if you want to encrypt the data.
  5. That’s all you have backed up your MacBook Pro with the time machine.

Now, Factory reset your MacBook Pro with these steps:

  1. Shutdown your MacBook Pro. Plug it to the AC adapter, and then boot it back again.
  2. Now, Press and hold “Command Key” and “R” keys at the same time till the apple logo flashes on the screen.
  3. Automatically you will be redirected to the alternate screen of Mac OS Utilities.
  4. After that, make sure your MacBook Pro is connected to the internet as apple server verifies somethings before proceeding further.
  5. Now Select OS X Recovery from the options.
  6. Following it, a prompt will ask you for reinstall Mac OS press yes and enter.
  7. Enter the credentials if it asks over there or you enter them later after reset process.
  8. Now, your hard drive will be formatted and your MacBook Pro will reach to the factory default settings.
  9. After the restart, enter the credentials of your apple id.
  10. That’s all you have done with the reset process of your MacBook Pro.


How to Factory Reset MacBook Air?

Factory Reset For MacBook Air is similar to MacBook Pro with some slight changes over the screen on which it asks for reinstallation.




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