Enable Apps From Unknown Sources On Firestick

You must enable apps from unknown sources on firestick in order to get access to all the features and experience from you firestick. Whether it’s the APK’s you want to install and use with your firestick or just wanted to use it for other APK’s to let you access more out of the Amazon firestick.

It is not so bad for default settings to set it to disable, obviously for anything which violates privacy or can be a threat for the configuration cannot be kept to enabled mode. Just like for any android phone whenever we wanted to use any mode APK or other APK apart from the play store we need to enable the apps installation from unknown sources, that is also similar to that.

Enable Apps From Unknown Sources:

So, for enabling the apps from unknown sources for your firestick, you need to follow the steps which are mentioned below. Also, for accessing the free streaming of movies and tv shows you need to keep it enabled for installing the addons which will let you watch the free streams from the online sources with your firestick.

Steps for enabling apps from unknown sources:

  1. From the home screen of your fire Stick, you need to navigate to Settings >> System >> Devices.
  2. Following that you will be welcomed with a dialog, just scroll it down and click on the Developer Options.
  3. There you will find the toggle button for App from unknown sources, Turn it On if it displays Off.
  4. That’s all, you have enabled the apps from unknown sources for your firestick.

So now you enabled it, you can use it to install the blocked apps or apps which will let you watch the live streaming as well as movies and tv shows by using the add-ons.

Protect Your Privacy Online.

Also now it is important to keep safe your identity as you may access the illegal content as well, or if you want to keep yourself safe from the marketing companies which can use your data and start stalking you with their promotions and other stuff.

To do that you need to block the Amazon collection of firestick data.

How To Block The Amazon Collection Of Firestick App Usage Data?

By default, the settings for tracking and collecting the firestick app usage data is enabled. We are not sure till what extent they collect your data as it really hard to guess as well. But whatever is collected and that is useful for selling things, they track that data and share them with their partner companies as well.

Also it so fast that it feels so irritated sometimes and seems like somebody is keeping an eye on us 24/7, as what we are watching, things in which we are interested and many more such kinds of things.

In order to turn that off and start protecting your privacy, you need to follow the below steps.

  1. In your firestick menu, go to settings.
  2. Select the applications from over there.
  3. There will be a Collect Usage Data section, turn that off and you are good to go.

Although, in order to keep yourself 100% safe you must use a highly reliable and safe VPN for streaming or using your device.

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