Ckay TV Firestick, FireTV & Android TV Installation

CKay TV is yet another great app for the firestick, firetv and Android TV. You can explore and install it on your firestick or Android TV with this quick guide.

Whether you want to watch some kids stuff, Sports, Movies, TV shows, Documentaries, Religion or any other content, it has sections for every mood. Apart from the wide range of sections, you can even stream Live TV channels from its Live TV section which has hundreds of channels.

As it is a third party application so you need to install it through the sideloading method. And for the sideloading method, you have downloaded the downloader first if you haven’t installed it yet. You can install the downloader from the official app store only.

To use Ckay TV hassle-free a mouse is required, and if you haven’t installed the Toggle Mouse yet, you can get it easily from this quick guide on Toggle Mouse installation.

The steps we are using here in this guide will help you to install it on multiple devices as all of them are having similar interface whether it is Nvidia Sheild, Firestick, Firetv, FireCube, or Android TV.

Features of Ckay TV Application

ckaytv APKCkay TV is a feature-rich application below are some highlights which you gonna have after installing it:

  • Huge database
  • Live TV Access
  • Free SD Quality Content
  • Mouse Support(Remote)
  • Organized content

Sections included In CKay TV

  • Movies,
  • Music,
  • TV Shows,
  • Religion,
  • Sports,
  • Kids,
  • And many more.

CKay TV is packed with good content for everybody.

How To Installation CKay TV On Firestick

It is quite easy to install the CKay TV on your Firestick, FireTV, or Android TV whether it is Nvidia Sheild or any other android supported box. But first, you have to do some configuration with your firestick or other devices.

As CKay TV is a third party application, you have to enable the third party app installation and need a sideloading app for downloading and installing it.

Another thing which is required is the mouse. Don’t worry you don’t need to plug wires or anything, you can do that with Mouse Toggle application.

Steps To Install CKay TV On Firestick

Follow the below steps carefully to install CKay TV hassle-free in the first try.

So start with granting the third party apps.

Steps to enable app installation from unknown sources.

  1. From the Home Screen, navigate to the settings.
  2. Select your device.
  3. Now, choose the developer option.
  4. Then click the app from unknown sources option.
  5. Check if it is enabled if it isn’t then Enable it by selecting enable and then Turn On option.

So now we are ready to install the third-party apps like CKay TV.

The second thing which is required before jumping straight to the CKay TV installation is a sideloading app. Downloader is a perfect app for sideloading apps on firestick so we will go with it.

So follow the below steps through which you can install the Downloader.

  1. From your Home screen, select the Search icon.
  2. Now inside the search field, type Downloader and press OK.
  3. You will get multiple options in front of you. Select Downloader.
  4. After that click on Download.

After successfully downloading the Downloader. Open it to proceed further.

Install The CKay TV App

  1. First, Open the Downloader from the Home screen of firestick.
  2. Allow permission for storing the downloaded files.
  3. Click ok on the Release notes screen.
  4. Now, Navigate to the browser in the downloader.
  5. Then, click Ok for the first time message about Javascript.
  6. After that, You have to enter the URL to download the CKay TV application.
  7. Wait for finishing off the CKay TV, then select install.
  8. Congratulations you have successfully got CKay TV on your firestick.
  9. Now navigate to the home screen and open the CKay TV from apps section.

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