Best Way To Recover Deleted Files For Windows

How To Recover Deleted Files In Windows: It’s been always the matter of some silly mistakes which leads to deleting of our files on windows, that we realize just after losing them. Sometimes by our mistakes and sometimes the crashing of the hard drive or resetting windows to its old state. Whatever the reason, but you can recover your lost windows files easily by just simple steps. There are some good tools which can be used to recover your deleted windows files.

The best software among them so far is Disk Drill (formerly known as 7 Data Recovery), using it you can recover your deleted files for Windows 7, 8 and Windows 10. Below we have provided a brief guide on how can you use it to recover your files easily.

Whether it is a loss by the corrupt hard drive, by mistake partition deletion, mistakenly formatted drive or any other soft delete which you have done recently or just happened somehow. So, without going into the severity of the situation let’s check out the steps to recover deleted windows files.

How To Recover Deleted Files In Windows?

As said above by using Disk Drill we can recover the deleted files on windows easily, it also lets you recover the damaged windows files as well disappeared files back to your hard drive or any external drive which you wanted to use for saving the recovered data.

Recovering Deleted Files On Windows

Steps to recover the deleted files for windows using Disk Drill:

  1. First, download the Disk Drill for Windows from here.
  2. Now Install and run the Disk Drill software.
  3. Choose the drive which you want to recover.
  4. After choosing the drive, select the method of recovery [deep scan or normal scan].
  5. Now, wait for the completion of scan which usually depends on the size of drive and speed of the processor.
  6. Filter out the unnecessary files and select the files which you want to recover.
  7. Save them to your desired location and you are good to go.

Steps for installing and recovering with disk drill

Features of Disk Drill Windows Recovery

  • Deep Scan for old lost files.
  • Recover files from the damaged partition of Windows.
  • Recovery of files from crashed hard drive.
  • Almost All the files irrespective of the extensions or file types can be recovered.

So, retrieving deleted windows files are so easy whether it is about the recovery of photos, videos or any other important document you can recover them all by using Disk Drill for windows.

Note: You should try to not overwrite anything on the deleted drive for almost 100% recovery without any data loss, and dissconnect it or stop using the drive for better performance and recovery.

However, disk drill basic version can recover all soft-deleted files for windows, but for any deep screen and severe data loss or damaged drives, the pro version can do the task easily. Although the pro version is paid they have put a decent price of around 80$ for that.


So, that was about how you can recover the lost windows files easily without any data loss(depends on the condition of the drive). Although you can use disk drill for almost any kind of recovery like for recovering deleted files from SD Card or Internal memory as well. As we have personally used this software for our recovery and it always performed what we expected.


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