7 Best Sites Like Rabb.it To Watch With Friends

As online streaming of tv channels and shows on hype, Sites like Rabb.it (rabbit) are coming and making online videos watching experience more smooth and hassle-free along with good features which makes it more exciting to watch online movies or shows with your loved ones. Websites like Rabb.it provides a personal online space to enjoy web media with family and friends from anywhere around the world.

We have collected some good site which is similar to rabb.it, along with their apps and a brief idea on what they provide to their user. If you have enjoyed the “rabb.it” you will like these similar sites also. So let us check them out one by one and see what they are capable of.

Best Sites like Rabb.it (Rabbit)


Synaptop movie sharing site

Synaptop is a good alternative site like Rabb.it, which don’t only let you enjoy the movies together from multiple devices but you can enjoy reading books, playing games, listening music and watching TV shows also. So if you are bored doing all these things alone you can use Synaptop and can get much richer experience with your loved ones. It is one of the oldest and best services like Rabb.it which you can use for free. You just have to create an account following with your personal space and invite your friends to enjoy.

You can use it on multiple devices from iOS, Android, Linux to your Windows and Mac as well. It is pretty fast and features rich currently used by thousands of people.

Quick Feature Overview: 

  • Real-time collaboration With friends.
  • Free to use.
  • Live Video and text chats.
  • Live Gaming with friends.
  • Opening and managing files.
  • Multiple Device Support.


Watch2gether Site

Watch2Gether as the name says it, for shopping on Amazon, Watching movies with friends or any video from the top video sites like youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion etc. It is one of the best alternatives for Rabbit where you can do the stuff together and enjoy the online presence with your loved ones. Presently used by over 12 Million monthly users across the world. It’s easy to sync and use features are pretty fast and hassle-free.


  • Webcam Support
  • Chat While Watching Or Shopping
  • Talk To Freinds Together
  • Fast And Easy To Use


Mycircle TV

While most of the features are same as the watch2gether site. Additionally, it lets you upload videos to its my cloud section to watch with friends and loved ones online for free. It is also quite popular and used by over thousands of user on daily basis. Pretty easy to share the Room links with friends or your social community.


  • Upload Videos
  • Watch Or Listen Media From Youtube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Dailymotion.
  • Easy To Use Interface


Smulchat Site Like Rabbit

Another good website and alternative to Rabbit. Simulchat has some really good features like online filesharing, playing chess with friends, Watching movies and Videos with loved ones. Pretty easy to use and if you are first time user, it provides a decent walkthrough to get you started with it. Although it is not that popular as some of the above website but still a decent alternative for Rabbit.


  • Play Chess With Freinds
  • Share Files
  • Draw Together
  • Watch Videos


TogetherTube Similar to Rabbit Site

TogetherTube is also popular and can be said as a pretty good alternative to sites like Rabbit. Quite easy and good features with fast streaming of synced videos make it a good place to watch videos and do other stuff online with friends and family. Together tube does have a quite good user base and manages around 2million viewers per month.


  • Easy To Use
  • Online Voting
  • Chat
  • Online DJ


Rabbit Like Site SyncVideo

SyncVideo Is more popular than TogetherTube with a good amount of daily and monthly users. Its interface is so simple which lets you create room and share with friends pretty fast. Used by almost 3 million users across the globe. SyncVideo even provides a browser extension for easily accessing all the features and make things hassle-free.


  • Browser Plugin Extension
  • Play Any Format of Videos
  • Easy Interface For Fast Accessing Free Of Cost


TogtherTV Good Sharing Site

Although it is not that popular like any of the above it does have some impressive features which make it another good site like Rabbit. One of the main thing which makes it unique from all of the above is its software application. Through that, you can use it faster than any browser to do all the stuff which the above sites are capable of doing.


  • Software For PC
  • Audio Chat & Texting Together
  • Fast & Hassle-Free
  • Free To Access All The Features

So, guys, these were the best alternative we have found for Sites like Rabbit, by which you can enjoy the stuff together with friends and loved ones from anywhere on the globe. We do keep the list updated and fresh and try to improve it. If you guys found some other good similar site or service like Rabbit than do share in the comment section.



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  1. Do any of these let me stream my netflix/amazon prime videos with friends/loved ones? That’s really what I’m looking for and so far haven’t been able to find anything.


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