The 5 Best Roku Channels [TV Shows, Movies, Live Sports] 2021

An official release from Roku, The Roku Channel allows you to watch movies free of cost. Once you install your Roku device, you can begin to install channels easily. There are more than 5,000 apps and channels, and Roku media streamers offer access to the most complete range of online content that you may watch. But the overwhelming number of choices makes it very tough to locate the channels of your choice. Still, here are some of the best Roku live channels that you may watch.

  1. Cowboy Classic Channel

If you are a fan of the ‘cowboy’ genre of movies that were popular between 1929 and 1983, this is a channel you should not miss. It features cowboy flicks from the 1930s and ‘40s, a collection of spaghetti westerns, and many more. For those who like old western movies, the channel shows some of the best flicks starring names like Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, Lee Van Cleef, John Wayne, and more.

  1. Red Bull TV

This is a nice channel to watch Sports and Travel programs and get some enjoyable things to watch. There is an emphasis on adventure and extreme sports programs like surfing, snowboarding, motoring, and many more. There are programs from categories like Culture, Dance, Music, etc and you can get exposure to festivals and competitions from across the globe. Other than recorded events and travel, you may also access original series, live events, etc or watch recorded shows.

  1. Vimeo

Vimeo takes the bar higher than YouTube by showing not just news clips, movie trailers, and homemade videos but also uploads of much creative content from independent filmmakers, selected series, and carefully organized on-demand movies. The contents uploaded by users are shown in HD or even 4K and are free of ads. You do not have to pay anything for most types of Roku Live streaming content that are uploaded by users, although a fee is required for select series or on-demand movies.

  1. Boomerang

If you miss those wonderful cartoon programs that were shown on Saturday mornings, here is a chance to get back to childhood. Boomerang features more than 1,000 titles, which include Hanna-Barbera movies and TV shows, and Looney Tunes programs.

  1. Newsy

If you are tired of opinionated news, watch this for a change. It covers stories from across the globe in easily understandable, short videos that are posted all through the day in various categories such as Entertainment, Sports, Health, Tech, Politics, U.S News, Business, World, Live Stream, and Top Stories.


As of now, these are the best Roku channels that you can watch easily from your Roku. This list is regularly updated and more channels are going to take place after they go through the multiple parameters like popularity, accessibility, etc. If you have some of the best Roku channels inside your mind then do let us know by throwing the channel names inside the comment section.

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