8 Best Live TV Addons For Kodi (Updates)

In this guide, you will get to know about the Best Live TV Kodi Add-ons. You can use these add-ons on all Kodi devices whether it is Amazon Firestick, Android, Linux, Mac, Windows etc.

After Kodi came in the scene, the whole scenario for home entertainment media has changed and raised on a whole new level. Whether its watching TV Shows, Movies, Sports or Live TV On Kodi. Everything has changed so fast, just because of the open source of Kodi, the developers are letting their creativity flow and making it easier to control your Home media by yourself.

So, we have curated the list of best Kodi Live TV Add-ons through which you can watch live channels directly from your Kodi. As the cable bills are rising and even not letting us take control of the channels which we wanted, so it is a bit annoying. That’s why people are preferring Kodi which lets you take control of full Home media entertainment.

As there are lots of add-ons are coming every day, each one of providing something unique and has different sources fetched from all over the internet. Therefore we would suggest giving these Live TV Kodi Addons a try and they will surely find a place inside your Kodi Library for watching Live TV On Kodi.

To watch Live TV on Kodi, you need to have the addons which are capable of providing quality streaming links, as the government is getting stricter which results in blocking the sources of less updated Live TV Kodi addons. But there are some Live TV Add-ons which are being updated frequently and refreshing their source links by the algorithm.

What Are Kodi Live TV Addons?

As Kodi is open source, the developers from all around the world are developing add-ons which are able to provide the quality stuff with good features. And Live Kodi Add-ons are one category of them, these will let you stream almost all of the Live Channels on your Kodi with their active streaming sources. Although it’s just a matter of time before the less updated live add-ons become laggy and start giving errors. But still, there are some Kodi Addons which lets you stream Live Channels on your Kodi.

Below we have gathered the Best Updated Live TV Add-ons for Kodi, which you will like and must try them by yourself.

8 Best Live TV Kodi Add-ons

These are the Top 8 verified Live TV Kodi add-ons, which are working pretty well as of now. We are updating this list frequently for the Top Live Add-ons which works smoothly. Along with that, you can check how to watch live TV on Kodi by installing them on your Kodi.

Chronos Live TV

Chronos Live TV Kodi AddonChronos Live Kodi Addon Details:

Source Repo URL: http://www.skydarks.com/skydarks/

Repository Name: SkyDarks

Category: Live Channels Addon

Having its home inside the Skydarks Repository, which also provided some good add-ons for Movies as well. The Chronos live TV add-on for Kodi is working perfectly and providing hundreds of channels from Sports, News, Adult, Cartoon, Movies and many more. Moreover, this Kodi Live TV addon is not restricted to providing Live Channels only, but it has some on-demand content search as well. You can install Chronos on your Kodi pretty easily and start streaming Live channels quickly.

Install Chronos Live Kodi Addon

cCloud TV

cCloud Addon For Kodi Live ChannelscCloud TV Kodi Details

Source Repository Name: 

Source Repo URL:

Category: Live Channel Streaming

cCloud is a cloud streaming add-on for Live Channels from multiple categories on Kodi. You can easily install on your Kodi and start enjoying the Live Streaming of hundreds of channels. Also having a team of active developers keeps it refreshed for fresh streaming sources. The Majority of channels it holds are from USA and UK Live TV channels. Moreover, you can also enjoy the Live channels from around the world with its International Section. All in all, it is one of the best Live TV channels Addon For Kodi.

Install cCloud TV Addon On Kodi


Resistance Live TV Kodi AddonResistance Kodi Addon Details:

Source Repo URL: http://resistance.es/info/

Repository Name: Resistance

Category: Live TV Addon

At first, it seems like it is made for Spanish audience but when you start exploring it, you are going to find lots of international channels which you can start streaming hassle-free. It also has a wide range of categories and you can stream Live channels from Sports, Music, Movies, News and other categories. It is among the Live TV Kodi add-ons which should be given a try and explore by yourself. Installation is also simple, you can fetch the source repo from the above URL and later start installing it on Kodi.

IPTV Bonanza

Kodi Live Iptv Bonanza AddonIPTV Bonanza Kodi Details

Source Repository Name: http://kdil.co/repo/

Source Repo URL: Kodil & Maniac

Category: Live IPTV

One of the best Live TV add-on for Kodi, IPTV bonanza is truly a bonanza of Live Channels. It has hundreds of live channels from around the world which can be streamed directly to through Kodi with one click. Although it does not have organized categories which makes it a bit difficult in finding channels. But after trying for a while you will get to know where your Channels are and can be easy. There are two repositories from where you can get IPTV Bonanza addon on your Kodi. It can be fetched from any of these sources and later you will find the file inside the repo section.

Ultra IPTV

Ultra IPTV Kodi Addon For TV ChannelsUltra IPTV Add-on Details

Repository Name: Cazlo

Source Repo URL: http://cazlo.com/repo

Category: Live IPTV

From Sports, Movies, News, Adult, Tv Shows and many more category of Live channels are inside the Ulta IPTV Kodi addon. Although pretty similar to IPTV Bonanza, it also doesn’t have the categories in an organized way which is a bit annoying. But you can find almost all the channels inside this Live TV Add-on for Kodi. The source repository Cazlo is home for this addon and you can install it pretty easily from there.

Sports Devil

Install SportsDevil Addon On KodiSports Devil Kodi Details:

Source Repo Name: Kodil

Source Repo URL: http://kdil.co/repo/

Category: Sports & Other Live Channels

It is also one of the best working Live TV add-ons for Kodi. Sports Devil is not only limited to sports Live channels, but you can stream the Live channels from Multiple categories. It is getting frequent updates and is popular among the Kodi community. The source repository for Sports Devil is Kodil from where you can retrieve the Source Zip file of repo and install the addon easily.

Install Sports Devil Addon On Kodi


Install Mobdro Addon For KodiMobdro Kodi Details:

Repo Source Name: Kodil

Source Repository URL: http://kdil.co/repo/

Category: On-demand & Live Channels

Although Mobdro Kodi addon is an on-demand addon for Kodi, it does have the category of Channels where you can stream Live channels from around the world. It is also one of the most popular add-ons for Kodi and is placed inside the Kodil repository. The live streaming channels which can be watched are in a wide range from Sports, Music, Movies, TV Shows and much more. Moreover, installing Mobdro on Kodi is pretty easy and you can do it within 2 minutes.

 Install Mobdro Kodi Addon


Selfless Kodi Addon For TV ChannelsSelfless Kodi Add-on Details

Source Repo Name: Bliss TV

Source Repo URL: http://bliss-tv.com/blisstv/

Category: Live TV

Selfless is among the top Live Kodi Add-ons for Kodi.  Provided by bliss tv repo, it holds multiple categories from almost all of the world. You could watch 24×7 Sports, News, Music, Movies, TV Shows and other categories channels for free. It also getting regular updates from the developer team and is one of the most reliable sources of Kodi Live TV Streaming.

Final Thoughts

These are the best live tv addons for Kodi, you can enjoy streaming from thousands of channels using these add-ons on Kodi. Installing these add-ons are pretty easy, explore the Channels after getting these Live TV Kodi add-ons and decide by your self whether these are worth placing on your Kodi Library.

Important: We would strongly recommend using a good VPN service while streaming through Kodi. It will ensure you a safe and unrestricted streaming experience.

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