Best Kodi Boxes For Streaming

Kodi is unstoppable, thanks to its open source model through which people from across the globe are contributing. Developers are showing their creativity and taking the home media entertainment to a whole new level. Here we have gathered the Best Kodi boxes. Kodi is just an open source software which is capable of running of almost all of the media devices. Like Amazon FireStick, Android TV, Mac, Windows, Linux etc.

In fact, any smart tv can be updated to unleash the power and run Kodi on it. You need the Kodi boxes to make it work which are worth every penny. If you want to enjoy Kodi on your smart tv, then we have gathered the Top Best Kodi Boxes of 2019.

What are Kodi Boxes?

It feels so good that where technology took the home media entertainment. Imagine plugging a small device into the HDMI port of your smart tv to enjoy the content from across the world without any restriction. That’s what a Kodi Box is.

There are hundreds of Kodi add-ons available online. You can choose any add-on to install on your Kodi through the Kodi box. And can control and stream the content easily with your remote. Although there are so many Kodi boxes available online. No doubt it becomes a little difficult to choose the best among them so that we don’t regret buying any trash. That’s why we have gathered these Kodi boxes which are the best among their section.

As the requirement to run Kodi are pretty basic, you just need a Dual Core Processor, 1 GB RAM and a 3D capable GPU hardware. That is why there are plenty of Kodi boxes available online.

But there are few things which you should consider before going to purchase the best Kodi Box for yourself.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Kodi Box

These are the factors which you should keep in mind while going to get a Kodi Box.


Although the minimum requirement to run Kodi on any Box is 1GB, we would suggest going for at least 2GB (1.5GB also fine). The perks for having a good RAM size is that you won’t run on the most common Kodi problem i.e Buffering issue. If you have a good RAM size you can use the Ares Wizard and configure your settings to stay away from the buffering issue.


The next thing which you should look for is whether the Box is letting you install an app through sideloading. There are plenty of applications which you may try after getting the Kodi Box. Like Cinema APK, FreeFlix etc.

So a good Kodi box should restrict the installation of apps through sideloading.

After considering these factors along with the Sound Support, Remote Accessibility, Storage and Value for money. We have picked these Best Kodi Boxes which are worth buying.

Best Kodi Boxes

Our best pick which is Nvidia Sheild is by far the best Kodi Box device available as of now. The little concern is that it is a little expensive but worth every penny. Also, you can go for the less expensive Kodi boxes also which are doing great and people are loving them.

Nvidia Shield (The Best Kodi Box)

Best Kodi Box

The Nvidia Shield is the best streaming device which is available as of now. Streaming 4K Quality content on it is so smooth which makes it worth after experiencing it. It gives the true feel of the quality of home media entertainment. It is expensive, having a high processor and true 4K support, and is on the top list of the best Kodi boxes.

Mi Box

Xiaomi Kodi Box

It is the most affordable yet satisfactory Kodi Box from Xiaomi. Having quad-core processor and a good 2GB of ram to stream through Kodi without any trouble. You can install Kodi directly from the Play store on Mi Box. Mi Box does support true Dolby sound and 4K HDR having an inbuild *GB of internal storage. All in all, it is worth going for as best Affordable yet good Kodi box.

Beelink GT1

Beelink Kodi Box

Beelink GT1 is also among the best and reliable Kodi boxes. Having 3GB RAM and support for HDR 10 as well as 4K makes it one of the best android box to run Kodi on. It also supports the external media storage. The price is slightly high then the Mi Box but with the specs it has, we can say it as the top Kodi box at an affordable price.

Reasons You Should Buy The Best Kodi Boxes
  • No Monthly Bills
  • Upgrade Your SmartTV
  • Affordable
  • Stream Anything
  • Access Content From Across The World
Wrapping Up The Boxes For Kodi

The Kodi Boxes has changed over the past few years. And we would suggest getting one which has more than 2GB of RAM. So you won’t face any buffering issue and the future updates of Kodi. Apart from these Kodi Boxes, there are a lot of boxes which are coming from China. After going through the reviews, complaints and hardware quality, they don’t seem to be a good choice to go with.

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