Best Kodi Adult Addons

Kodi is an excellent option for streaming HD quality online, whether it is movies, TV shows, or even adult content. There are tons of add-ons available for Kodi that can open new possibilities for Kodi that they never expected.

As adult content is one of the tops searched content over the internet, Kodi has succeeded in providing its users top-notch add-ons to stream HD quality adult content for users aging over 18 years.

Hundreds of developers have created numerous adult add-ons that can be installed on Kodi to view both soft and explicit adult content. Some of the add-ons are low in quality while others having better quality don’t offer much substance. Here we have compiled a list of the five best adult add-ons with loads of premium quality adult content.

Before you install any add-on

Privacy and security are what matters most to any person. Hence, it is advised to remain anonymous while using any third party adult add-on to stay safe online.

For this purpose, install a reputed paid VPN before proceeding to the installation of the following add-ons.

 Best 18+ add-ons for Kodi

Ultimate Whitecream

If you are looking for porn tubes or live porn cam streams, Ultimate Whitecream is the add-on you should go for. The add-on has a diverse collection of top quality porn videos from numerous adult websites.

The add-on is mostly popular among Kodi users due to its vast collection of adult videos. While watching videos, UWC blocks any ads that try to pop-up on the screen, which can serve as a plus point along with its endless libraries.

Ultimate Whitecream can be installed through the Kodi Bae Repository.


XXX-O-DUS is the adult version of the renowned Kodi add-on Exodus which is mostly famous for TV shows and movies. XXX-O-DUS came in the market when a lot of adult add-ons got shutdown.

The add-on provides dozens of videos from various external porn sites including RedTube, xVideos, and several others. Video quality is HD, and no buffering issues have been encountered so far.

The add-on can be obtained through the KNE repository.


VideoDevil, the adult version of SportsDevil one of the most common adult Kodi add-ons. This add-on presents videos from sites like YouPorn, Tube8, xhamster, etc. The videos are arranged in various categories according to which they can be accessed.

Each of the websites this add-on feature has thousands of adult videos that you can stream for absolutely no cost. Another great feature of this add-on is the search option, which makes it easy to search for any particular video by its name.

The add-on can be installed using the xbmc Adult repository.


Empflix is another great Kodi add-on which has about 70 different porn categories including MILF, lesbian, Interracial, etc.  Each group has excellent quality videos, which immediately start playing when the name of the category is clicked.

The only downside of this add-on is that it does not have a search option facility. Empflix can be downloaded through the xbmc Adult repository.

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