Top Best Kodi Addons (April 2019)

The Internet is flooding with New & Top Kodi Addon, although most of them are not working well as expected. So here we have the list and steps for best Kodi addons as well as top working Kodi add-ons which you going to like and these will take your watching experience to a whole new level. As with the open source, power developers are creating best Kodi addons every day. The most important thing to keep in mind is, they are updating every day and with different features. So it is good to keep yourself updated with these best Kodi TV add-ons. One more thing you should know is that when a Kodi fulfill the most of expectations for Kodi lovers, they get attention from Anti Piracy Zealots who tell themselves as the guardian of the so-called intellectual rights of the big producers.

Which one do you think has done pretty good and is the best Kodi addon in 2019?

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Best Working Kodi Add-ons 2019 Updated List:

Also in order to get the best of these Kodi add-ons you should keep yourself safe as well, for enjoying the experience smoothly without any worries. And for that, you can always trust some of the best reliable and secured VPN’s which will protect you from getting in trouble. You should always stream anonymously while using these awesome Kodi add-ons in 2019, as they provide you a lot more things for enjoying and the bare minimum amount spent on good VPN is worth in any sense.


Exodus Add On For Kodi

Kodi Addon Exodus Details:

Repository Name: KodiBae ( In Lazy Kodi Repo)

Repository  URL:

Category: HD Movies & TV Shows Streaming (Free)

One of the most popular Kodi addon for streaming HD movies for free. Although the developer has stopped working at the end of 2017, the new update is working fine and can be installed easily. Exodus’s developer named as Lambda has done a great job by making Exodus which can stream online Movies and TV shows for free. Also after it’s initial release there have been so many alternatives came in the market which are also good. The new update is really good at scrapping the best working links for streaming through Kodi. This Addon is still in working condition and one of the best Kodi addons in 2019 you can go with.

Movie Theater Butter

Movie Theater Butter Kodi Addon

Installation Details: Movie Theater Butter

Repository Name: Diamond Wizard

Repository URL:

Category: Movies & TV Shows

It won’t be wrong if we tell that Movie Theater Butter is a great alternative for Exodus add-on. Also with clean and easy to browse interface gives it a little better priority for the good alternatives of Exodus. It is simple to install and use, you have to look for the movie or show title from the list and with its “One Click Play” feature it will automatically start streaming the best quality by going through your connection speed and TV resolution.

So it will save your time looking for the best servers which are compatible with your 4k TV and internet connection. When your providing you low bandwidth or in case you using a more restricted bandwidth, it will automatically get you the best match for streaming. No doubt it is still among the list of best Kodi addons.

Monster Munch

Monster Much Addon

Installation Details For Monster Munch:

Repository Name: StepToes

Repository URL:

Category: TV Shows & Movies

Another Good Kodi Addon for streaming Movies and TV shows from a wide range of categories and a good number of streams. It is also a great choice and one of the working and best Kodi addon as of now for Movies and TV shows. You just have to put the name of Video from Movie or TV show and it will get the best result by filtering all the available videos and giving a list of best match with respect to the quality and the available number of streams. Following that it will later allow you to choose the stream as well. And if you want to give that task to monster munch, it will do that as well by analyzing the best available option.

The feature of One Click Play is pretty good and in most of the cases, you don’t need to change default stream and video quality.


Yoda Add-on For Kodi

Installation Details For Yoda Kodi Add-on:

Repository Name: Supremacy Repository

Repository URL:

Category: Movies, TV shows, Documentaries

Yoda is another popular add-on which is used and loved by thousands of Kodi lovers. Actually, it’s an exodus fork but with the improved list of Videos from Movies, TV shows to documentaries and more. Its developer tried to eliminate the issues and make it much more powerful than Exodus Kodi addon. All in all its one of the best Kodi Addon in 2019 in working state and a great alternative for Exodus as well. You will surely like it after using it for a while.


Uranus Kodi Addon For The BoxInstallation Details For URANUS Addon:

Repository Name: Griffin (Inside Balmo Repo Source)

Repository URL:

Category: TV Shows, Movies & Other Videos

Uranus is good working Kodi add-on which prefers quality over quantity. As by quality means, it will provide you with fewer sources as compare to above addons but all of them will of good quality and lets you stream the video content.

It is the fork of another good addon named Elysium Kodi Addon. Which if you heard, was a copied from Zen addon. So, after forking and updating from these good addons, it comes in the list of well refined & best Kodi add-on. If you have a good internet connection and a secured VPN, you are going to love this add-on.

Live 24/7 

Kodi Addon For Live StreamingInstallation Details For Live 24/7 Addon:

Repository Name: Digital Repository

Repository URL:

Category: Live Broadcasting, & Sports

If you are looking for a good live broadcasting add-on, which obviously you want to add to your Kodi Box. Then Live 24/7 is a best working Kodi addon for live streaming, replays for your football, baseball or another sport which you like. It has so many options and one of the best feature-rich Kodi add-on available as of now in the Kodi space, with top categories of the Random section, you can choose it while you don’t have the mood for particular content.


Corona Kodi Working Addon

Installation Details For Corona Kodi Addon:

Repository Name: Sandman Repository

Repository URL:

Category: Movies, TV Shows & Channels

While talking about the refined Kodi addon, Corona is also couching in the add-on category of forked and refined Kodi addon. It provides you with multiple options for your TV shows, channels, Movies, and other video content from its pretty good sources of the working links. It was forked and improved from the popular Kodi addon the Esylium. Although there is a balanced ratio for quality and quantity sources of streaming inside it, you can get good content if you are not able to find that on the above mentioned best Kodi addons.


At The Flix Addon For Kodi Box

Installation Details For At The Flix Addon:

Repository Name: MaverickTV

Repository URL:

Category: Movies, TV Shows, Live TV, Sports etc.

Perfect all in Kodi in working state, At the flix, has so many categories of content from, Live Sports, TV Channels, Movies, Shows, Jukebox, Music and much more. I suggest you must explore it and know by yourself, what else it can provide for your taste. Among the list of most Contented Addon for Kodi, At the Flix has definitely found a good spot over there. You can install it from the MaverickTV repository which is pretty easy and quickly get you started with this add-on. It is also retaining its spot among the top Kodi addons


Mobdro Streaming Addon For Kodi

Installation Details About Mobdro Kodi Addon:

Repository Name: Mr. Free World Repository

Repository URL:

Category: Channels, Music, Shows, News, Sports etc.

Another great addon for multiple categories which are from Music, News, Sports, TV shows and few more. Basically, it was an APK for android which later modified and can be used on the Kodi box for live IPTV channels for free. So it is also a must-have Kodi addon for streaming live channels through your Kodi box.

The simple interface and good category list covering all the Video as well Audio content makes it one of the best Kodi addon which you can get for your Kodi Box.


SkyNet Addon For Kodi Box

Installation Steps For SkyNet Kodi Addon:

Repository Name: MaverickTV

Repository URL:

Category: Movies, Sports, Music, 4K UHD etc.

Skynet is one of the best Kodi Addon as of now, it can do a hell lot of things and one of the feature rich addon present right now. It has the combined potential of some of the popular Kodi add-ons like Supremacy, Joker Sports, Magic Dragon, and Maverick TV. Means by installing this addon you are able to play all the content which can be explored by all of these mentioned Kodi add-ons. It is also one of the best addon for Kodi box.

New Best Kodi Addons 2019

These are the new addition to best Kodi addons list after using them for quite some time and seeing their track/version history.

New Latest Kodi Addons 2019

These are the selected add-ons under the 2019’s new working and best Kodi addons list. You gonna see hell lot of content which these holds in a pretty organized way. Explore them and see how many of them got a place inside your Best Kodi addons library.

There are hundreds of Kodi add-ons which do let us stream content through multiple genres from Movies to TV shows, Live TV etc. In this guide, we have curated the best movie addons for Kodi. There are various top Kodi movie addons which are having the top spots for quite a long time.

In spite of those movie addons. There are still various New add-ons coming with the simple user interface, well-organized category, and more quality streaming sources. The old ones are updating their algorithm along with sources. And the new ones are filling up the voids by providing the features and new sources.

We are frequently updating this Best Movie addon list. Additionally, on weekly basis, we put up the top best 7 Movie add-ons as well.

There are various factors which we keep in mind when putting up the top Kodi addons for movies, likewise, the streaming source quality, update frequency, content quality, database, and the features as well.

What You Think, Which Is The Best Movie Addon For Kodi According To You?

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Best Movie Addons For Kodi

Best Movie Addons For Kodi

These are our top picks of best Kodi Movie addons.

You can find the Best Kodi addons for Movies below.

These are the updated and working addons which can be installed easily from their specific source repositories.

Note: Although there are other sections also included in these addons but the major sections are packed with quality Movies and TV shows.

Gaia Kodi Addon 

Install Gaia Addon on Kodi Guide

Gaia is an on-demand Kodi addon for Movies. Although it has a huge collection of Movies, still you can enjoy TV shows from it. It fetches the streaming links from the torrent sites and orders them by the quality. You can install it easily from the official Gaia Addon Repo that is Gaia is feature rich and lets you integrate the premium services like Off-cloud, premiumize, Real Debrid etc.

Although Gaia is a little complex when it comes to backend but it is still one of the best Kodi addon for movies.

5th Feb Update: Gaia Is Working Fine With The Latest Release Of Kodi 18.

Install Gaia Kodi Addon For Movies

Exodus Kodi Addon:  Movies 

Install Exodus On Kodi

Exodus is ruling the top 10 spots for best movie addons for Kodi from a long time. It is a fork of the popular Kodi addon Genesis. The developers behind the Exodus are quite good when it comes to the updates and quality streaming links. If you want to add another awesome movie addon for Kodi then Exodus will be a great choice to go with.

5th Feb Update: Exodus Is Upgraded To Exodus 8.0. There are a few things which have been added with fresh streaming links.

Install Exodus Kodi Addon For Movies

Genesis Reborn

Install genesis Reborn Addon Kodi

Genesis Reborn is also among the top Kodi Movie addons through which you can watch the quality on-demand content for free. After a downtime a few days back, it is perfectly working with the latest version of Kodi 18 Leia along with the older varients. You can easily add it inside your addons library.

5th Feb Update: Genesis Addon Has Been Shutdown And Currently You Can’t Use It.

Get Genesis Reborn Kodi Addon

Placenta Kodi Addon

Install Placenta Addon On Kodi

When it comes to features and quality streaming, Placenta is one of the reliable source and the best Kodi movie addon. It does support the premium services and if you want to go without them, still it has a huge database of quality streams. If you are looking for the best movie addon for Kodi, then Placenta with some others in the list are worth placing inside your library.

Get Placenta Kodi Addon

The Magic Dragon

Loved by thousands of user among the Kodi community, The Magic Dragon is performing pretty good. You can enjoy hundreds of great quality movies and tv shows through it. The updates are regular and it is fully compatible with the latest version of Kodi 18 Leia as well as Kodi 17 Krypton. You can easily install it on your Kodi with the below guide.

Magic Dragon has been updated and is fully compatible with Kodi 18 Leia.

Get The Magic Dragon Kodi Addon

Tsunami OG

Install Tsunami OG Addon On Kodi

Although Tsunami OG is not targetting the latest movies only this addon has hell lot of quality and awesome stuff inside it. Few people in the community are calling it even the Stoner’s Addon. In fact, the content which it has organized is unique and really appreciatable. No doubt it has gained its spot among the top movies addon for Kodi.

Get Tsunami OG Kodi Addon

Eclipse Kodi Addon

Eclipse was available from a long time but the recent updates it got raised its spot among the top quality movie addons for Kodi. It is always better to put some additional sources inside your Kodi library, and Eclipse is worth giving a try. Pretty good and organized database along with multiple sections can be enjoyed through it.

Get Eclipse Kodi Addon

Reaper Kodi Addon

Reaper is new yet an efficient Kodi movie addon, the good quality streams and quite a decent database for movies and tv shows can be enjoyed with it. It is also worth giving a try and can be labeled as a good movie addon for Kodi.

You can install Reaper Kodi Addon by following the below quick guide.

Get Reaper Kodi Addon

These are the best Kodi movie add-ons which we found pretty reliable with good quality streams. If you have a suggestion or you found some new or better addon for movies, then do let us know by dropping the message in the comment section.

In this guide, we have gathered the best music addons for Kodi which are specifically designed for Streaming Music on Kodi from sources which are available online.

Best Sports Addons For Kodi

In this guide, we have gathered the top Premium service based and free and Best Sports Addon For Kodi. With these add-ons, you can stream your favorite Sports Live on Kodi. From Football to MMA, NFL, NBA, and all other sports events can be streamed for free directly through your Kodi.

Some of them are premium Kodi add-ons, it doesn’t mean you have pay to download these add-ons but you have to buy their plans and after that, you can stream in HD quality. As you all know that Kodi is so versatile and it has upgraded the whole experience of watching TV and controlling your Home media entertainment. Enjoying your Sports is also a fabulous experience with these best Sports addons of Kodi.

Even, installing these best Kodi Sports addons is pretty easy and can be done within minutes. Some of these add-ons are not limited to stream only sports events but can be used to watch live tv through Kodi.

Vote For Your Best Kodi Sports Addon

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Top 10 Best Sports Add-ons For Kodi

The main concern for the Live Sports Kodi add-ons which are free is the interruption in Live Feed. That’s why we have added some premium add-ons as well which lets you stream seamlessly. You just have to pay a few bucks for their subscription. In fact, there are some free and best sports addon for Kodi as well which can be used for free streaming.


Install DAZN Sports Addon For KodiDazn Kodi Addon Details:

Source Repository Name: KodiNerds

Category: Kodi Sports Addon

Download Source Repository

DAZN addon is one of the best sports add-ons for Kodi which can be used to stream NFL, NHL, motorsports, cycling, tennis, and other sports as well. You can download the repository file from above link. In order to use it, you have to buy a subscription plan and then you can enjoy the streaming on your Kodi. Though it is a premium add-on, yet it is among the top sports addon for Kodi. 

FlimOn Simple

FilmOn Simple Kodi Sports Addon InstallationFilmOn Simple Kodi Add-on Details

Source Repository:

Source Repo Name: Fusion

Category: Live TV Addon

The major channels which FilmOn Simple covers are from US, UK & Canada. You can get it easily from the Fusion repo of TV add-ons. It is among the finest and best Kodi sports addon which lets you stream Live channels from Sports, News, Movies etc.

Fox Sports GO

Install Fox Sports Go Kodi AddonFox Sports Go Add-on Details

Source Repo Name: Official Kodi Repo

Activation Link:

Category: Premium Sports Streaming

Fox Sports GO can be installed from the official repo directories inside the Kodi itself. It is also one of the complete sports add-ons for Kodi. You have to buy the subscription plan for using the Fox Sports Go addon on your Kodi.

Quantum Sports

Quantum Kodi AddonQuantum Sports Addon Details

Source Repo Name: X-Odi

Source Repo URL:

Quantum is one of the best sports addons for Kodi as of now. Getting frequent updates, multiple source streams and wide section makes it among the top Kodi sports addon. Give it a try by yourself and let us see if it can be a perfect fit inside your best Kodi sports addon list.

Install Quantum Sports Addon On Kodi


Install Pluto TV Kodi AddonPluto TV Add-on Details

Source Repository Name: Lunatixz

Source Repo Github: Visit

Category: Free Live TV Addon

Pluto is the top choice and a popular add-on among the sports add-ons of Kodi. It lets you stream hundreds of channels varying from News, Sports, Movies and other genres. It gets frequent updates and keeps it streaming source fresh to provide the quality streaming. You can use it to stream sports channels from your Kodi. We suggest to explore it by yourself and see whether you have added another awesome addon inside your best sports Kodi addon list.

PS Vue

Get PS Vue Sports Addon For KodiPS Vue Add-on Details

Source Repo Name: Eraknaphobia

Github Source Repo: Download

Category: Live TV Channel Addon

PS Vue is also a good Kodi sports addon for streaming your favorite sports on Kodi. Although it is a premium addon which lets you stream the paid channels after subscribing to its plans, it also lets you stream some free channels as well.

Rising Tides

Get Rising Tides Kodi Addon For SportsRising Tides Add-on Details

Source Repo Name: Mullafabz

Source Repo URL:

Category: Free Live TV Addon

When talking about free live tv sports addon for Kodi, Rising Tides has gained good popularity and it can be a good addition to your Kodi library. If you wanted to stream Live TV channels on your Kodi then it can be a perfect choice. From a wide range of channels, you can easily stream sports channels also directly through your Kodi.

Install Rising Tides Live Sports Addon

SVT Play

SVT Play Live TV Addon For Sports On KodiSVT Play Add-on Details

Source Repo Name: Nilzen

Github Source Repo: Download

Category: Free Live TV Addon

SVT Play has lots of channels from Sweden and you can watch all of them for free on your Kodi all of its sections and features made its place inside the best sports addon for Kodi. This can be a perfect source for watching Sports channels without paying anything for the subscription. However, in order to access it from outside Sweden, you need a VPN to stream all of its channels. It also got some traction recently among the best sports addon for Kodi.


Install USTVnow Kodi Sports Addon InstallUSTV Now Kodi Add-on Details

Source Repo Name: Fusion

Source Repo URL:

Category: Premium Sports Addon

Although you can stream some free channels as well in order to access premium channels like ESPN, you need subscribe to the monthly plan. Anyone can subscribe to the monthly plan of 29$ and can get access to 21 premium channels. It is also in the list of best sports addon for Kodi inside the premium section.

Xumo TV

Xumo TV Kodi Addon For Sports Streaming On KodiXumo TV Kodi Addon Details:

Source Repo Name: Lunatixz

Source Repo File: Download

Category: Free IPTV Addon

Xumo is also a good sports addon through which you can enjoy the streaming of sports channels for free without paying anything. It has live channels as well as some on-demand content to stream through Kodi. It is free and one of the best sports addon for Kodi among the list.

Sportsnet Now

Sportsnet Now Kodi Sports Addon Guide Sportsnet Now Kodi Addon Details:

Source Repo Name: Kodi Repo

Github Source Repo File: Download

Category: Premium Sports Addon

Though Sportsnet Now, you can stream lots of sports channels from your Kodi. It has a subscription plan of 25$ monthly which lets you stream premium channels. It is a nice premium addon and you can install it easily and start streaming. Inside the premium best sports addon of Kodi, it is inside the top 5 list.

Wrapping Up For Best Kodi Sports Addons

So these were the top working best sports addon for Kodi. You can install them easily and start enjoying your favorite sports channels quickly. If you guys have any suggestions or if you face any error while installing them on your Kodi, you can drop the message/query on the comments below and we will revert back quickly.

Best Music Addons For Kodi

Best Music Addons For KodiAs there are so many add-ons for Kodi which are targetting Movies and TV shows, there are few addons by which you can enjoy the Music on Kodi. Installing them is same as installing Video add-ons on your Kodi. Means you just have to add the source repositories of these best Music addons and after that, you can install them on your Kodi.

Also, the list of best Music add-ons for Kodi is not that large like TV shows and Movies, but still there are good Kodi Music add-ons and more are coming, as developers are not leaving any page unturned for making home entertainment awesome. So below are our picks of best Music Add-ons for Kodi which you can add in your Kodi library and enjoy streaming music through Kodi.

What do you think is the best music addon for Kodi? Vote for your favorite one.

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Top 7 Best Music Add-ons For Kodi

Although its pretty easy to install and stream HD quality music through these add-ons, but always make sure you are using a good VPN while streaming through Kodi.

Ravers Unite Addon For Kodi

Ravers Unite

Ravers Unite Add-on Details

Source Repo Name: Loki

Source Repo URL:

Jamzz Music Addon Of Kodi

Jamzz Music Addon

Jamzz Add-on Details

Source Repo Name: Blamo Repository

Source Repo URL:

Slamming Music Addon For Kodi


Slamming Music Addon Details:

Repository Source Name: Ukodi

Repository Source URL:

JukeBox Hero Addon For Kodi Music


JukeBox Kodi Details

Source Repo Name: Super Repo

Source Repo URL:

Thunder Struck Kodi Music Addon

Thunder Struck

Thunder Struck Addon Details:

Source Repo Name: Swipers Den

Source Repo URL:

Youtube Music Addon For Kodi

Youtube Music

Addon Details

Source Repo Name: Kodi Israel

Source Repo URL:

Beatz By Stream Army Addon For Kodi Music

Beatz Music Addon

Beatz Kodi Details:

Source Repo Name: Stream Army

Source Repo URL:

Wrapping Up

So these were our picks for best Music Addon for Kodi. We are updating this list of 7 top music add-ons regularly as some of them are not getting frequent updates. But rest of them are working fine as of now. It’s quite simple to install these add-ons on your Kodi. And as Kodi interface is the same for all of the devices, so these steps will work on Linux, Android, Windows, Mac, Amazon Firestick.

Also, keep in mind that governments are becoming stricter on copyright violations so nowadays it is a prerequisite to use a good VPN with your Kodi. Which will help you in protecting your identity and will provide you good hassle-free streaming.

Stay Away From Trouble, Protect Yourself While Streaming

Get a VPN to stay safe from your Internet Service Provider, Government, and Hackers. Internet users are becoming aware of Identity theft and preferring VPN’s to save their privacy. Stop restricting yourself and explore the endless online space and these best Kodi addons of 2019.  

WorldWide Stats

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