Best IPTV Players For Android In 2019

Best IPTV Players For Android

IPTV players with Android make the streaming task a more hassle-free and convenient. IPTV  players let you stream hundreds of channels directly with internet across multiple devices with the same account. In this guide, you will get to know about the best IPTV players for Android and their features.

There are plenty of IPTV players apps are available for Android and the number is increasing day by day. With keeping in mind the need to take control of your media viewing experience, IPTV’s are gaining serious momentum. The main thing which they do provide is you can use your same IPTV subscribed account on multiple devices.

Best IPTV Players For Android: Latest 2019

Here is the list of top IPTV players for Android in 2019.

  • GSE Smart IPTV
  • Lazy IPTV
  • IPTV Smarters Pro
  • Perfect Player IPTV
  • Smart IPTV Players
  • Kodi
  • IPTV

Now let’s discuss what are the different features of these android IPTV players.


GSE Smart IPTV is one of the best IPTV for android. With its easy to use user-interface and wide range of supported media formats along with the ability to cast videos on your TV is what users are loving about it. The GSE Smart IPTV supports 5 different live video formats and around 45 media formats to wide up the viewing experience.

Features of GSE Smart IPTV for Android

  • Automatic stream connection stability.
  • Parental control.
  • Easy to use UI and Multiple themes.
  • Dynamic language switching.
  • Support for Chromecast.


Lazy IPTV is one of the lightest and equipped with minimal user interface IPTV player. The app is not preloaded with unnecessary features and channels, you need to enter the M3U URL and it will start streaming channels on your android. You can watch the TV series, Movies, Web series and much more directly with Lazy IPTV.

Features of Lazy IPTV

  • M3U Playlist support.
  • Supports Internet Radio Playback.
  • Parental control is available.
  • Supports HTTP/HTTPS, UDP, and Youtube streaming links.

IPTV Smarters IPTV

IPTV Smarters IPTV is available on official android play store and you can download it on all of your android devices like Android TV, mobile, tablets, etc. It is getting regular updates and you can stream hundreds of live channels on your Android or firestick directly through IPTV Smarters IPTV.

Features Of IPTV Smarters IPTV

  • M3U playlist support.
  • Parental Control.
  • Subtitle Support.
  • Third party media player support.
  • Powerfull IPTV player.

Perfect Player IPTV

Perfect player IPTV is different from all of the above-mentioned IPTV players, it provides you more like setup box feel. You can stream all of the media content through it. Although it doesn’t come preloaded with channels list, so you need to provide the URL and it will fetch and stream directly on your android device.

Features Of Perfect Players IPTV

  • It manages local files along with streaming.
  • Supports perfect cast IPTV.
  • Support for M3U, XSPF playlist formats.
  • Support for various media files.
  • Easy to use / parental control.

Smart IPTV Player for Android

It is also a good and decent IPTV player for android. Although its also not comes preloaded with the channels list you can easily fetch all the channels by providing the M3U playlist URL. Pretty easy to use interface and some other handy features make it among the top Smart IPTV players for android.

Features Of Smart IPTV Player

  • Powerful video player.
  • Load locally saved M3U playlists on the Internet.
  • Share the streaming links to friends.
  • Sync your account across multiple devices.
Final Thoughts On Best IPTV Players For Android

As said earlier, the marketplace is flooding with the IPTV players for android as well as other os oriented devices. Above mentioned android IPTV players are some of the reliable IPTV players on which you can trust for good streaming experience.

Thanks for reading, in case you have found any other IPTV player or you want to share something. Then do leave your comments inside the comment box.

Enjoy your streaming!!!

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