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It is the first time that we are seeing such a huge spike in the firestick apps. Even Amazon published some books on how to create firestick apps. And people from all around the world are jumping into the arena to showcase their creativity. Apart from the official firestick apps. The apps which are sitting on the best firestick apps list are third-party apps.

In this guide, I am going to show you the handpicked apps which will make your media streaming experience more awesome. Although there are hundreds of apps available for firestick and number is increasing day by day. But here I have picked a few of the best firestick apps which you gonna like for sure.

That’s true that whenever we have a lot of options available in front of us, it becomes really tough to choose the best among them, to take you out of that dilemma, go through this list of best firestick apps of 2019.

Whether you want to watch movies, TV shows, music videos or just want to stream live TV through your firestick, these apps are covering every section which we guys strive to watch in high quality and free as well.

After the launch of the firestick, people started looking out for the best firestick apps which can give them free on-demand quality access. Although as far as official apps concerned we had only a few apps like Netflix, prime which is having a paid subscription model. That’s when people started sideloading apps on their firestick to access the same without paying anything. The best firestick apps which are shown in this guide can be installed easily with the sideloading method as they are not available on the official Amazon App Store.

Best firestick apps in 2019

These best firestick apps have a pretty simple user interface which is the utmost thing for accessibility. Some of them are even getting frequent updates to keep their content fresh and increasing their database by finding and fetching more online sources.

Also, I would recommend using a good VPN service if you are planning them on daily basis, I personally feel that spending a few bucks on a good VPN service is actually totally worth if it can save your privacy and can give you a seamless streaming experience.

I have covered the best firestick apps for safety in the below section. You can check them out after going through the best firestick apps for movies and TV shows section.

Best firestick apps for movies and TV shows

Movies and TV shows are the major categories among us, and here are the picks for top firestick apps for movies and TV shows.

Kodi for firestick

Kodi has gained some serious traction from the past few years and the popularity is still on rising, in fact even after Google stopped showing Kodi its auto search dues to the massive. Copyright infringements, the searches for it haven’t faced any significant downfall.

Kodi is among the best firestick apps which you should have in order to experience a totally different and futuristic media entertainment.

Although Kodi is not available on the official Amazon App Store as of now, you can install it easily through the sideloading method on your firestick.

In fact, the surge in the Kodi add-ons has risen up so quickly that it has more add-ons then the streaming apps in the Amazon App Store.

Cinema APK

Cinema APK is also among the top firestick apps which are having pretty easy to use interface and a huge content database. You guys may have heard about the terrarium TV app which was the best firestick app and was kind of nightmare for the infringement controllers.

After the shutdown of terrarium TV, people started looking out for its alternative and cinema APK which was released a few days back from the shutdown of cinema APK started getting good traction.

You can watch free movies and TV shows through the cinema APK and it is one of the best entertainment apps for firestick.

In order to install it, you have to go with the sideloading way as it is also not available on the official store.

Cyberflix APK

After the cinema APK, the best firestick app to watch movies and TV shows is cyberflix. As I said above that after the shutdown of terrarium tv, the demand for its alternative was o. Serious note. That’s when the exact clone of terrarium TV came, the user interface of cyberflix is same as of terrarium TV and the content sources are more than that of the terrarium TV.

You can install it through the sideloading way. As far as the best free streaming app for firestick, cyberflix TV has a spot among the top five.

Cyberflix TV is also packed with some awesome feature like integration with premium services like Real-Debrid and premiumrize which gives a true boost to its quality database.

Titanium TV

After Cyberflix TV, the next replica which came after the shutdown of terrarium tv is Titanium TV. As far as the user interface and features concerned Titanium TV looks like the Terrarium TV developers came back with it.

You can watch unlimited on-demand content, Movies, TV shows, and other stuff for free with it. Also, it supports the real-debrid which you can integrate with it easily.

It is also not available on the official store, and you have to install it through the sideloading method only.

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