5 Free VPN For Kodi, To Unleash It [Updated]

Free VPN For Kodi: As the with Kodi, its add-ons are flooded in the market, giving some of the best features which are enough to make all the restriction fade and give the full freedom of your TV Experience. So if you also got the Kodi than it’s wise to use the VPN, however for starting you can go with these 5 Free VPN for Kodi.

Why choose VPN for Kodi?

As giving a complete freedom and getting the best out of your Kodi Experience, also attracts some unethical ways which, your ISP is monitoring for any issues regarding the copyright violation and they can ban your account from accessing the web. Hence it is wise to go with the VPN to secure your privacy and enjoy without the Headache of being watched by the authority. Apart from this, there are other reasons also to use VPN for Kodi like.

  • For Hiding Your Kodi Streaming Activities.
  • Getting a better speed for streaming.
  • Unblocking the Geo Restriction.
  • Access Blocked Kodi Addons

What all I can get by using VPN for Kodi?

You all may know that Kodi is the best media streaming Devices available right now in the market. However, getting all of it is a little tough so far as we have discussed it. So, In order to watch the most popular broadcasting channels using Kodi which includes iTV, BBC, Fox, 4oD, HBO, ESPN, and hundreds of other global channels you will need a Kodi VPN.

Although it is better to go for Paid VPN for many reasons as for now you can go with free Kodi VPN. You can check out these available free VPN for now.

5 Best Kodi VPN Free 2018.

1. TunnelBear VPN:

tunnelbear vpn for kodi free

TunnelBear is one of the best VPN among free VPN for kodi. It’s easy to use interface make it reliable among VPN users. Providing great security and anonymity while streaming with Kodi. Nevertheless, the lack of Global servers and somewhere low speed compared to what rivals are offering might turn off some users.

TunnelBear Pros
  • User-friendly and smooth interface.
  • Easy to configure.
TunnelBear Cons
  • Only 500 MB of data every month.
  • The insufficient number of servers worldwide

2. VPNBook:

VPNBook for kodi free vpn

You can use it without registering for an account.  However, VPNBook doesn’t offer an app for its configuration So, you have to configure it with OpenVPN Client manually. Which can be a little messy for some users. But its still a decent option for free VPN for Kodi.

VPNBook Pros:
  • No registration.
  • Decent speed and servers.

VPNBook Cons:

  • Hard to set up.

3. WindScribe VPN

Windscribe vpn for kodi free

WindScribe VPN for Kodi is a comparatively better choice among other free VPN for Kodi out there. Though, new in the market Windscribe has gained popularity among users by providing unlimited P2P user connections. But, having a limited number of the servers somewhere disappoints the users.

WindScribe Pros:
  • 10GB of data per month for the free.
  • Great security level while Streaming.
  • Servers are available worldwide.
  • Unlimited devices.
Windscribe Cons:
  • Limited download speed.
  • Limited number of servers.

4. Hide.Me VPN for Kodi

hideme vpn for kodi

Hide.Me is another nice option for Kodi. The substantial number of satisfied users makes it to the reliable VPN list. With Smooth and easy to configure, it makes the Kodi VPN task a lot easy. It also has good speed which can let you stream smoothly from most of the countries.

HIDE.ME Pros:  
  • Easy to set up.
  • Smooth Speed while streaming.
  • Good security.
  • Limited Servers.
  • Only 2GB Data
  • No OpenVPN Config with the free account.

5. Proton VPN for Kodi

proton vpn free kodi

Proton VPN is another decent free VPN for Kodi present in the market. However, P2P (peer-to-peer) is not supported for free users So YouTube streaming and other direct streaming services will work, but add-ons relying on P2P data won’t be able to work. but its no data cap makes users happy.

Proton VPN Pros:
  • No Data Cap
  • Nice security with no logs

Proton VPN Cons:

  • Less number of servers.
  • Low speed.
Wrapping it up for Free Kodi VPN.

After, looking from many other free VPN for Kodi out there we found these VPN’s can work out for users. We hope you get the idea about the free VPN’s out there for Kodi.

Also, Keep in mind that Free VPN Doesn’t make you entirely secure from Malware and Adwares out there. So its better to go with the Paid VPN after checking out these free VPN.

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