10 Best Android Emulators For Windows

As the android market growing, so do creativity whether Playing New Awesome Games With Keyboard or using your favorite apps with Mouse. Android Emulators will always be there for linking your android awesomeness with PC. So if you also wanted to use android on your PC, moreover looking for best android emulators for windows than here’s the pick for best emulators of android with windows.

Most of the android users are using these emulators on windows for various things, likewise, developers who wanted to test their apps, designers for working with their favorite apps, gamers for playing android games on Widescreen. Maybe you just want to have it. In any case, Its possible as some old and new emulators are as easy as like Plug ‘n’ Play kinds, Just install, open and use.

What is Android Emulator?

An Android emulator is an AVD (Android Virtual Machine), which represents a specific android device on your PC. You can use various Versions along with that. You can Use Android emulator as a platform, where you can run your Android apps or games.

As the time advances they are becoming fast, not like a few years ago as they were laggy and slow back then.

There are many Android Emulators available right now. You can check from the below guide, which suits your needs or test them all for the sake of curiosity.

Top 10 Best Android Emulators.

Bluestacks 4


Bluestacks is the most established of all Android emulators present in the market. It’s compatible with both Windows and Mac. A wide range of userbase and still growing, it makes it reasonably well. Though earlier versions were laggy, bloated and slow, Bluestacks is improving itself by learning it all from its earlier versions. The newest Bluestacks is Bluestacks 4 which came out in 2018. You can play multiple games at once (or the same game multiple times), with its multiple instances support. It’s more feature rich than all its counterparts out there. Its still improving and Recent updates put Bluestacks at Android 7.1.2 (Nougat), one of the most recent of any emulator. Bluestacks 4 is improved with speed which was main cause users started hating it, mostly now it runs well on new as well older computers.

BLUESTACKES Android emulator



It mainly focuses on developers, as it provides some rich features for developers to test their apps. It’s a cloud-based service which means it comes with a cost if you want to use it for enterprises. But, It’s free for single developers. You can easily switch Virtual Devices at your will with PC or over the Cloud.

  • It Provides a smooth interactive access to your app, high streaming performance, low latency.
  • Having a broader virtual device test coverage (from Android 4.1 to  8.0).
  • Full set of hardware sensors (GPS, network, multitouch, etc.).

Genymotion Emulator



Mainly focuses on gaming Koplayer is a new in the market. It is a fast seamless, and provides some nice features for gamers. As talking of its other side, its still feels sometime laggy, but you can still use it for variety of things. Neverthless its good option if you wanna go for a free.

  • Record and download Screen captures and videos.
  • Wide supported apps of play store.
  • Keyboard mapping for gamers.
  • Multiple accounts support.

Ko Player Android Emulator



Memuplay is new in the market , up and running. It supports wide range of apps and games. Mainly for productivity, but is a player on both grounds, For Gamers as well s For Developers. It also having some great features like AMD As well Intel Chipsets Compatible, Running multiple instances.

  • Multiple accounts/Instances.
  • Supports high-end android versions.
  • Keyboard Mapping.
  • Smooth Controls.

MeMuPlayer Emulator android



Droidx been in the market for a long time, however its not releasing any updates for now, its last updated version was on March 2016. It also markets itself towards gamers with its simple and easy to use interface.

Full Android Experience On Pc.

  • Versatile To Touchscreens (If you have touchscreen desktop than it supports that as well).
  • To Play any game, you can also configure it with gamepad or keyboard.
  • Easily record video files of anything happening on the emulator screen or take the screenshot.
  • You can directly download apps to the emulator.
  • Droid4x is free to use the emulator.



Been while in the market it knows the pros and cons of the field, and upgrading itself very frequently. It’s one of the best Emulators which targets and suits gamers. With its focus on gamers, it provides some nice features like actual game controller support, Gesture control etc. Nox Player is fast from some of the other gaming emulators present right now.

  • Keyboard Controller.
  • Game Pad Controllers.
  • Nice User Interface.
  • Multiple instances of accounts for apps and games.

Noxplayer Emulator android



Easy to customise, Easy to install Remix-OS is new but a stable android emulator present right now. Optimized for gamers it runs on Marsmellow, which automatically make suitable for wide range of apps as well games. Though, it doesnot support AMD processors for now but runs most of the time flaweless on IntelChipsets.

  • Latest Marshmellow (Wide Range Of Apps & Games)
  • Free to use
  • Easy to install & customize.

Xamarin Android Player


You may have heard of Xamarin, it’s an IDE (integrated development environment). It’s similar to Android Studio. You can also plug into things like Microsoft Visual Studio. As you may have guessed it, it’s for developers having inbuilt Emulator. It’s not as powerful as some other in the list but you can rely on it for testing and other stuff. It’s free for personal use. Companies and larger teams may have to negotiate a payment plan.

Android Studio


Android Studio is the Google-approved development IDE for Android. As mainly used for developing android apps, It comes with a bunch of tools to help developers. Having a built-in emulator that you can use to test out your apps. Clearly, this is not good for consumer level stuff as you require some knowledge for setting it up. However, those developing apps do already have a powerful (and free) tool at their disposal to help test their apps.



Youwave has been in the market for a long time. Though it is not targetting gamers its main focus is on apps. You can upgrade to the lollipop for a price as its free version comes with Ice Cream Sandwich. Last Updated in 2016 but still a decent emulators to check out the apps how they working on PC.



Last but not the least if you wanted to set up your own customized emulators. You can do it with VirtualBox, you may have heard about VirtualBox as a virtual machine for running multiple OS on your Pre-Installed OS.  So you can use it for installing the Android OS as well. By downloading the image and following some how-to guides you can configure it, as it requires some knowledge which makes it little difficult for setting up.

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